Contagious or not I went off to school on Monday, armed with Nurofen and Calpol. My throat at this point was yellow and gross. I was as grumpy as a kid could be, however, Mom drew a heart on my arm and told me to remember that her heart was always with me, then she put on lipstick and gave me a kiss on my other arm and told me to remember that she always loves me. Then she checked that I knew what time it was on my watch that she was coming to collect me.

I think I felt a little bit better. Teacher Janine had a migraine and Mom reminded me that headaches can be sore and my friends and I should be gentle with teacher today.

This being said, I did all my work and got a star for listening to instructions.

I got homework and Mom and I sat and did it slowly and diligently. Our family mantra is Hardwork, Good Manners, and Good behaviour. Today we added ‘Do It Perfectly’, so now we have a new and improved mantra. I am trying really hard. Mom has spent a good deal of time signing my homework book and helping me do good work. Spare a thought for her, she told Teacher Janine she didn’t like school the first time round and please to take it easy on her.

Mom also had to sign a form for my extramural activities. The folks were going to give me a break while I settled in, but at least 1 extramural is a compulsory event. So tennis it is. As you know this is one of my favourite things to do, so Tuesday I headed to school with my tennis racket over my shoulder (it’s a real one, or as Mom says it’s a good starter Wilson racket). Tuesday also saw Dad walking out the door with us with his travel bag in hand. He headed to Cape Town for a catch up with family but mainly for work during the day.

Back to my day. At 13:00 we all lined up for the big bus. Ms Wheeler our PE coach got us all into the bus and off we went to the tennis courts at Zoo Lake (this is our sports club). There I met the two coaches who were going to coach us. I made my Mom and Gran (who met us there) so proud. I struggled initially trying to run as fast as the other kids as I have deficits as you know. Also at the same time as running around the court we had to learn the baseline, centre line, inside tram line, outside tram line and service line. Included, of course, were the back and side fences and net.

My coach taught me to hold my new tennis racquet properly and he made me focus with a tennis ball in my right hand, to pull my hand back and to hit the ball as he served to us. Amazingly I was the last one out, which means I hit every ball sent to me, this was despite my tooth being extremely loose and wobbly.

I must say I did leave the court at one point, which I was turned straight back around after a drink of water and sent back to the court.

I was one of the few that was allowed to go home with Mom, and not on the bus.

I was exhausted but very happy, drama, tennis, and PE.

Wednesday I saw the new physio, and the great thing about this is that I get to do this all during school hours. I had lots of fun. The SENCO at School, Mrs Homan kindly arranged for a meeting with all the therapists to discuss what I could do and not do, so they all phoned Mom. I had so much fun.

I have to mention, Teacher Janine is a Despicable Me Minion fan. So when we get stars for doing well we get them on a Minion themed chart. I asked Mom to make me one for home. I surprised my folks by getting the most stars for following instruction. Mom and Dad just looked at each other.

Mom bought me a little bed for me to sleep with her, but next to her rather than in bed with her. The start of separation is beginning. Unfortunately it’s quite a difficult process for me and having tonsillitis has made me very sensory.

Mom had a special surprise for us at the end of Wednesday. We travelled on the Gautrain to OR Tambo to fetch Dad from his trip to Cape Town. The first thing I did when I saw him was show him my wobbly front tooth (it was coincidentally also the first tooth I got). We had dinner at the airport and headed home. It was great fun to take the train at night. We agreed next time we go to Paris for surgery, we’ll go via London and via the Eurostar.

I woke up Thursday it find my tooth had come out during the night, and was lying neatly on Mom’s bedside table. I suspect she had something to do with it coming out during the night; Inspector Clouseau is on the case.

It was a hard day, I screamed, cried, and couldn’t modulate at all during the morning. This was all except for leaving Mom at the door at school. Mom and I have a little ritual. I get a kiss from Mom with tons of lipstick which allows me to remember her kisses and hugs that I miss when at school. Then she takes a pen and writes me a note on my arm. “I Y U” or “U R my
. I think the other kids feel it’s a bit strange but to me and Mom it means that we’re connected, and Mom thinks of me all day and she will always be there at 13:00 (and I check my watch regularly to see if its 13:00 yet).

Mom walked to the classroom but noticed it was empty, I think she panicked mildly because she was super happy when she saw us all walk out of the library. We had a library session, a whole half hour, I was thrilled to be around all those books. We were all allowed to choose a book to be returned a week later. We were give special zip up covers for our books. Gran is the dedicated reader in the house, so every night I crawl into her bed after my bath and we read my library book and one other book of my choosing. I believe in a slight conspiracy between the adults in the house, because there are always a collection of books waiting for me.

In addition to this, Mom and Dad have been playing Zingo with sight words with me. We had a raucous game after dinner it was awesome.

I saw Lauren on Friday early and had a great time with her. I was lucky enough to get some Cranio after being so sick, but Mom got eye and ear exercises to do. Apparently I was very emotional. It so happens everyone in the house was after the hectic week.

Well that’s it, my first full week at school, I didn’t finish my homework, and now I understand the effect of this is that we have to present our homework at show and tell on Friday. I have done well for all the change and challenges of the week.

Saturday I went to visit Aneesa my friend who had her ear fixed in Paris. What an awesome visit. I tried some samosas but I was very kindly made Salmon as they remembered it was my favourite. I finished that and half my special pizza. Aneesa’s dad “Uncle Anver” was super cool, he’s an art collector, frames for fun, loves trains and entertained me the whole afternoon, with the cute foxy Impy and showed me his secret garden. Eventually when the girls found me after their giggling and story-telling I was on the couch in Uncle Anvers arms watching cartoons on DStv.

Dad made it back successfully from poker, and we arrived home late but we were all asleep very soon.

Sunday, I exchanged my toy which was bought as a duplicate. However I am saving for Bowzer’s Castle with my pocket money, so I’m not buying things anymore. I did however choose a gift for Rachel whose party we were off to later.

We hit the River Café and immediately the boys got down to it. It was awesome to see everyone. After we relaxed at home we went to have a chat with our friends Joseph and Shelli and of course for me Naomi and Noa. We played at Pappachinos, the folks spoke business and bored us, Naomi found another little girl to play with and I entertained Noa, while Mom tried to feed her. She told me she used to do exactly the same for me, but my response went like WHEN?

Me starting school has started making my folks start thinking about getting me to Paris and how to get the finance and when. I am sure it will become apparent as the days go.

Thanks for sharing my first week with me. I am happy and well and very grateful to everyone for their good wishes and to all the doctors, therapists and carers who got me to this place.



Photo 1 Off to school for tennis and pulling Dad’s suitcase

Photo 2 Dad discovered a little something from me that I snuck into his suitcase, to remember me by

Photo 3 Listening to our tennis coach

Photo 4 A mad dash

Photo 5 Here’s me warming up

Photo 6 Taking a swing

Photo 7 Blocking

Photo 8 A quick giggle

Photo 9 Showing Dad my wobbly tooth

Photo 10 Riding home on the Gautrain

Photo 11 Doing homework

Photo 12 Visiting with Aneesa

Photo 13 Chilling with Anver (Aneesa’s Dad)

Photo 14 And giggling

Photo 15 Chilling out

Photo 16 Being silly!

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  1. Aneesa says:

    We lpved having Lynn and Jay-Bee:-) and we’d love to have you all come visit again soon! I just noticed that you can see my new ear in the photo (I thought that was very cool!) I hope all three of you have a better week this week xxx

  2. lilo says:

    Ahhhh Jay-Bee. You look like a Pro tennis player already!! Good stuff Son! @Aneesa, you are Beautiful!

  3. Aneesa says:

    Thanks 🙂

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