On the way home from school on Monday we popped into Fastrack Kids to visit some of my old friends. It was so great to see them, and we all had a little play.

Both Mom and Dad surprised me with a visit at the tennis courts on Tuesday after school to watch me play. It was so great to feel their support for me while I played. I managed to hut a good few balls again. At home we invited Naomi over and she and I made a Sophia the First cake – just for fun. It came out really awesome.

On Thursday morning Dad took Missy to the vet to ‘have her fixed’ – I’m not really too sure what that’s all about, because she didn’t seem broken, but I eventually got the picture that it had something to do with her not getting more kitties. Mom and Dad’s timing on the first round had been out by about a month, and with the neighbour’s tomcat wondering around that ‘hasn’t been fixed’ we didn’t want to have kittens again.

In the afternoon we collected her from the vet. She was pretty drowsy but soon she was back to her old self.

In the evening Mom and Dad had a cocktail evening at Japari, my school. I was dropped off at Michelle and Daneel’s place to play with Emma and Leyia. Plans were made for us all to go to our ‘old’ Spur at Victory Park, so I was over the moon. Mom and Dad were a little slow to leave me, so eventually I had to shoo them off. I actually wanted to spend the night but because it was a ‘school night’ it was out of the question.

We settled in at the Spur and pretty soon we were all playing up a storm. Mom and Dad met up with us at the Spur and we all chatted up a storm. Dad had been doing a strategy piece for Transnet, and because Daneel and Etienne (his friend) both studied engineering the three of them pretty quickly got immersed in discussions about how big and long our trains are. I was pretty impressed too!

Friday morning the clouds finally opened up and dumped bucket loads of water on us. It was a relief from the extreme heat, but at the same time many people had their homes folded and cars damaged. I had an early morning appointment with Lauren, and afterward Mom took me to school. Because of the rain we couldn’t go to the Zoo Lake version of the Haahoo Park (similar to the one at Delta Park). But, weather permitting, next Friday we’ll be going.

For lunch on Saturday we were invited to Shelli’s folks place; they live in the Raphael Suites overlooking Nelson Mandela Square. It was so awesome to watch the people in the square below and then to also be able to see all the way to the airport. For lunch, Dad and I had to don ‘special hats’. Admittedly mine didn’t stay on too long! The food was awesome and we spent the rest of the afternoon chillaxing, visiting and chatting. I even had a swim with Naomi in the outdoor spa – it was so nice and warm.

On Sunday Sandy and Brad visited us for a braai with their two girls Katherine and Maddison. It was an awesome afternoon. We played, watched TV and then spent a good deal of the afternoon swimming. Just before they left we raced up and down the walkways on my bike, quad and beetle bug! It was so much fun. Pretty soon Shelli and Joseph joined us with Naomi and Noa. Mischka, Joseph’s Shih Tzu, was an immediate hit with the girls, and pretty soon we were bolting up and down the walkways chasing Mischka. It was quite a sight – first Mischka, then Katherine and normally Maddison, and Naomi and I swapping every now and then for last place. Eventually Mischka was so tired she hid under our dining room table, but not before munching down the cats’ food!

Sadly the day was coming to an end, and Sandy and Brad had to get Katherine and Maddison home and Shelli and Joseph also had to get Naomi and Noa ready for bed.

I was settling down for the evening when Sandy phoned to say thanks for an awesome afternoon, and to let me know that there was a new Sophia the First programme starting on DStv – what a perfect way to end a perfect weekend.

‘Til next week!



Photo 1 Spotting my parents before tennis

Photo 2 Right, let’s get this game going

Photo 3 Spinning my racquet

Photo 4 Listening to coach

Photo 5 Quick personal instruction on how to hold my racquet

Photo 6 I can do this!

Photo 7 Racquet park for our warm-up

Photo 8 Yay! Front of the line

Photo 9 We’re off!

Photo 10 Dodge ball!

Photo 11 Another dash

Photo 12 A little distracted

Photo 13 Getting ushered back in line

Photo 14 My turn to step up to the net

Photo 15 Lining up for the shot

Photo 16 Swing!

Photo 17 Second shot!

Photo 18 Got my eye on the ball

Photo 19 Yay

Photo 20 Not where I wanted it to go

Photo 21 Naomi and I baking

Photo 22 Icing

Photo 23 Being a clown

Photo 24 Naomi adds final touch

Photo 25 Being the mad thing I am, I got into Missy’s cage!

Photo 26 At the Spur

Photo 27 Cloudburst!

Photo 28 Relaxing in the spa

Photo 29 Looking down to the Square

Photo 30 Missy being silly on my bunk bed

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    I so love my weekly update on your goings on! Keep it up, lots of love The Prestons!

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