Monday I woke up to find that Daddy had already left for a business trip for Cape Town. I didn’t see him at all as he arrived home late in the evening.

There was still no reprieve in the rain on Tuesday so we didn’t manage to play tennis after school. Dad and I had a swim in the afternoon before dinner. It was fun, but the water is starting to get cooler.

Daddy took me to school on Wednesday and he collected me again, which was a nice change in my usual routine of Mom collecting.

The rain took its toll on Thursday, causing nationwide Stage 3 Load Shedding (i.e. Eskom systematically shuts down the power for a number of hours to conserve energy). The reason the power utility was battling to meet demand was that a week’s rain had caused the coal to become so damp its effectiveness in the power stations was compromised.

I asked if they couldn’t put a big tent over the coal – Daddy then explained the coal is treated with damp retardant, but with the massive volume of rain that didn’t even help. Also, the flooding on many roads made it hard for more coal to be delivered. We went to bed just as the lights went out, and the next morning everything was back to normal.

Friday proved to be a stressful day, as during my OT session with Lauren she noticed my one temple was recessed significantly compared to the other. Mom and Lauren immediately spoke to all my doctors and we waited for the rest of the day for feedback. We got very little feedback which didn’t help stress levels very much. Prof Taylor in Cape Town did ask for photos which we’ve emailed to him – Monday we should be getting feedback.

At school later it was a super exciting day – teacher Janine had arranged a market day at the Minion Mall for us to sell our crafts to our parents. The proceeds will go to paying for theatre tickets to see Alice In Wonderland. I sold a picture of a purple Minion from Despicable Me 2, a pencil holder, a string of beads and an airplane paper clamp. Daddy said I was really good at playing shop, and was excellent with the clients!

On Saturday morning we headed to Kyalami for Maddison’s fourth birthday party. It was a really nice party, and thankfully the weather held out so we got to jump on the jumping castle and play on the trampoline. We even made some heart crafts.

In the afternoon at home I played trains and watched more rain coming down. By now our pool had gone brown from mud and sand being washed into it for 7 consecutive days.

Sunday morning Dad and I chilled at home; my cold from the previous few days wasn’t getting much better, so I took it easy. Late in the afternoon we popped around the corner to a nearby complex where Granny was going to move pretty soon. I feel very sad that she’s moving out, but she’s so excited about getting her own place that I put on a brave face.

After looking at her flat we all decided we needed genuine greasy ‘slap chips’ – the only place that had them is The Texan Biltong café in Parkhurst. Yes we schlepped to the other side of town for our end of weekend chips fix!

Til next week.



Photo 1 The man I made

Photo 2 Ready to swim

Photo 3 Beating the rain

Photo 4 Running to class

Photo 5 Constructing in class

Photo 6 High sky at school

Photo 7 The Minion Mall!

Photo 8 Cutting a deal with Dad

Photo 9 Minion Art

Photo 10 Doing some crafts at Madi’s party

Photo 11 Bling bling on my ears

Photo 12 Hammock time

Photo 13 Icing on my face

Photo 14 Cake time!

Photo 15 Mommy time

Photo 16 Loving the cake!

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