It would seem that school has brought with it a kind of insanely mundane approach to the weeks.

Although our school work varies and Teacher Janine is a super star. Its still, Monday Computers, Tuesday Tennis, Thursday Singing and Swimming and Friday, Culture and outdoor gross motor skills.

Friday being Human Rights day, we cleaned the pool and Saturday I went to The Lego Movie with Jaden and his family, it was really nice. Sunday morning Daddy and I played at Mushroom Park and in the afternoon we finally assembled the trampoline and I got washed off with it and then had a really cool bath. Mom has spent days attempting to separate mini lego from Duplo, but it’s not going well because of my interference in it. Granny moved out which was a bit of a shock for us and I am missing her really big time, she used to read to me every night and now she’s not there. Mom is going to have to find my library book and start reading. I’ve been very stressed at night and back in my folk’s bed. Fortunately they have chosen to nurture rather than force me and let me cry as crying is so dangerous for me.

A good thing that has happened is that I have managed to get an afternoon appointment with Lauren, meaning I don’t miss any school. I have double fun on Mondays Nikki my speech therapist and Lauren. I drew a picture of Milo my kitty in heaven or rather in the clouds, our old house, our old oak tree (which has subsequently been cut down by the new owners) and myself.

I seem to have sustained a rather large number of bruises this week, knees, shins and a really strange 2 inch scrape down my spine and a really bad bruise on my calf.

Mom took the precaution of aspirin, due to it looking so deep it could be a clot. We took photos of it, just to monitor it but it hasn’t really gone down.

I had a full panel of bloods done a couple of weeks ago and all was really good, so when the school physio decided my platelets were low, Mom decided that she will definitely have to go through the 17 page document and countless emails that she has sent explaining the difference in my vascular system. However not good news is that my veins are definitely making more of an appearance and this can be very painful. In addition to this the headaches and the pain behind my eyes is just making it more urgent that I get to Paris. We are still selling Acorn Kids products, unfortunately no one has actually purchased. This puts us in such a difficult position. We technically have nowhere to go with this. We are fairly sad.

Lynne, Lisle and Jenny have offered us invaluable advice to raise money by just asking for it. We are presently getting a fund raising number and hope this will assist us in raising funds for my Angiogram and the payment of it. Thanks guys for always being there for us. You rock.

We are firstly going to try and get a South African doctor to do the Angio which will most likely mean travelling to Cape Town. This is if he will take our case, as before he was reluctant.

However Dr Lippert and Winter in Unitas, the people taking over from Prof Fourie, have even asked us to fetch all our scans etc. So we know we are out of there. Next step Cape Town and next step Paris.

Wish us luck.



Photo 1 Climbing

Photo 2 Multi-tasking

Photo 3 Super hero

Photo 4 My first Chima Legos

Photo 5 Under construction

Photo 6 Finished product

Photo 7 Love being around when the sheets are changed

Photo 8 Swimming

Photo 9 Missing some fangs

Photo 10 Dad turned the fridge into a whiteboard

Photo 11 Being busy!

Photo 12 Fireman’s pole at Mushroom Park

Photo 13 Running

Photo 14 Ooooooo, the tethered balloon

Photo 15 A bridge! My favourite