Well Hello all,

My first official school term is done. Tennis is over, soccer is over, even though I only started this week. I will continue with this next term. Swimming is definitely over because winter is definitely creeping up on us and the official school term is over.

If I must say it’s been a hard term for me. Even though the school work is easier than Fastrack Kids, it’s been hard to settle. The things I’ve managed to do well are writing and number formation, but I have given the teachers a run for their money as far as the determination I show in not wanting to do things I just don’t want to do.

This week saw Mom desperately trying to book MRI’s and get a letter for sedation, but every neurologist in Johannesburg works on a week to two week turn around, which clearly is not a good time constraint. Mom was offered a lecturing job, but unfortunately couldn’t take it due to it being in the afternoon and there would be no one to look after me.

Mom has been doing exactly as Lauren instructed for my home programme and lots of sensory stuff was planned, we even made a sensory garden with stones, water, grass, glass, sand, pouring cups bubbles and fine motor fishing and all sorts of other things.

Mom took Granny to Greenstone on the proviso that I could go to Jimmy Jungles for my first day of holiday. It was so cool, I went wild.

We played with balloons blown up and hit them up and down and sideways. We found that Mischa loves one of my soft balls from my bedroom, so we took it outside and every day this week we played SupaStrikers. It’s been great fun, some of the other kids and older kids have come out to play as well. Mischa was also a huge hit at school, it seems that everyone has a little dog similar to him, teacher Janine and Mr Rees have got dogs like him and he was so well behaved, that even the children with severe Asperger’s were able to interact with him. We decided he’s a true therapy dog. We even bought him some extra toys, but it seems bouncy balls, marbles and my soft ball are the way to go, as well as the occasional Angry Bird. We did discover he loves to be brushed and now he gets brushed daily. It seems the cats like to be brushed as well so they all smell the same so suddenly they are much more friendly to each other.

My Mom has been so impressed with my Lego skills, yes we went on about it last week but really, the Duplos I had didn’t seem to make a difference, all I did was build tall towers, now I am building cars and equipment and ‘thingamabobs’.

Mom and I went to Passover on Monday night. I was a hit as it was my first time there and I was super well behaved… I did however ask if when the wine came round, what if I was thirsty, could I still not take any. I drew a picture of God, which pleased everyone tenfold.

During the weekend we visited Pappachinos with the girls, Emma, Amy, Chloe and Liya and Me; I came equipped with swords, games, colouring and threading. It was a cool afternoon. We had lots of fun looking for chocolate eggs on Easter morning, and we had a great conference call via Skype to my God Parents in Australia. The irony was that we (the little ones, Jarrod and Matthew) got most of the airtime and it’s the first time we’ve really chatted. We sang and talked, I spoke up a storm and gave little room for anyone else to talk, I lost a little interest when Matt had to go to bed and Mom and Shaz started talking about sales.

After a nice long weekend, Dad will be back to the grindstone tomorrow (although he did spend Sunday afternoon working on a proposal in response to an RFP his company got). Being a long weekend, we also decided to only publish my blog tonight (Monday) instead of the usual Sunday. For next week’s blog we’ll be on holiday!

Love Jay-Bee

Photo 1 Almost every day this week I built a different Lego car!

Photo 2 Looking handsome at church

Photo 3 Showing off all my art from the 1st Term

Photo 4 I even made a keyboard

Photo 5 Artistic bath

Photo 6 Hectic building

Photo 7 Soccer injury #1

Photo 8 At Jimmy Jungles in Greenstone

Photo 9 Soccer in the car park with Mischa

Photo 10 Making pizza

Photo 11 Ice cream

Photo 12 Super climbing

Photo 13 Starting the Easter Egg Hunt

Photo 14 Happiness

Photo 15 Kinderjoy! Yummy

Photo 16 Lightning McQueen chocolates

Photo 17 Thrilled

Photo 18 Chocolate umbrellas

Photo 19 Bugs eggs!

Photo 20 What’s down here?

Photo 21 What a haul!

Photo 22 The Other Dimension Innator that Dad and I built

Photo 23 Soccer injury #2

Photo 24 Being super artistic with green foam

Photo 25 Love my work!

Photo 26 Love maraschino cherries

Photo 27 Skyping with Sharon, Marc and little Matthew in Australia


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  1. Hi Jarrod… Just stopping by to say hello and that we miss you! Looks like you received some delicious treats from the Easter Bunny. Hope your soccer injuries heal soon, ouch! Sending hugs, Love Teacher B and all of us at FasTracKids Sandton xx

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