Hi everyone!

A quick blog for tonight!

On Tuesday evening Mom and I visited Granny to have burgers at her place as Daddy was at a business dinner.

Mom and I also spent some time at Yeesh during the week. Mom took me to the dentist and I was really brave! Thursday Shelli, Joseph, Naomi and Noa came home from their holiday, so Mishca went back to stay with them. The end of the week was spent preparing for our holiday!

Saturday morning after locking up the house we hit the road! Not long into the journey I started with “Are we there yet?” I spent the next six hours driving Mom, Dad and Granny insane with this question! Although I did watch some videos, played Nintendo, played on the iPad and chatted.

We stopped off at Bergview for a break and I jumped on the trampolines. As we headed closer to the coast we started competing as to who would see the sea first. Driver Daddy spotted it first, and owes us all coffees (we’re still waiting for our winnings).

Shortly after arriving Granny and I headed down to the beach and Mom and Dad went to the airport to collect Tammy as she was spending the week with us.

I was thrilled to see Tammy after coming back from the beach and we played up a storm! For dinner we headed down to the Spur where we had a great dinner and I played in the play area.

Sunday morning we walked to Cabana Beach Resort where we discovered there was now a Wimpy. Breakfast was sorted! Walking back to our hotel Granny bought me an all important bucket and spade for the beach.

As it was a little overcast and windy, we spent a little time our room. In the afternoon Dad and I went for a swim at the pool and then we took part in the Poolside Quiz. I even knew the answer to ‘what factory did Willy Wonka run?’ – chocolate of course was the answer. We didn’t come first, but we suspect the family that did come first were Googling the answers.

The afternoon was spent playing some more and then on our way to dinner we bumped into Jenny, Matthew and little Michael. We all decided to go to the Spur together for dinner. It was a lot of fun and I brought Michael a bunch of my trains to play with. It was so much fun.

Well, that’s it for this week.

Love Jarrod













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  1. lilonurse says:

    It makes me so happy to see you all having a break!

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