Since Mom has been working for most of the week I stayed at after-care at school. It was actually really great despite being a little nervous at first. In the afternoons when Mom collected me I’d be covered from head to toe in dust from playing soccer with the older boys. It was a lot of fun.

Monday Dad came home with a white car that wasn’t his. He told me it was a “rental” as his car has a dent in it that’s being fixed – something to do with an unruly tree that jumped at him while he was reversing. Adults!

Before school and work on Wednesday morning, I was playing Angry Birds with Dad, and I managed to, not once, but twice splash my Angry Birds off Dad’s face into his coffee. It was a real hoot. We all giggled and giggled even though we knew we were starting to run late.

Thursday evening Dad and I went to the construction site next door to have a site meeting. For me it was great fun playing with the bricks and climbing in the unfinished building. It was dark by the time we left so I used Dad’s phone as a torch to light the way for everyone.

The weekend start off really hectic. First we headed off to Morningside Shopping Centre to buy some things and we had breakfast. We weren’t home long and then we headed off to Brad and Sandy for a raclette. I played with Madison and Katherine while the adults had their raclette. It looked like a lot of fun – they had little pans for cheese and a grill for sausages, mushrooms, etc. It smelled really good and the adults had a lot of fun. For dessert Mommy made a chocolate fondue. This was more my and the girls’ scene and we had lots of chocolate dipped marshmallows. During the course of the afternoon, the girls and I managed to ‘hid’ Sandy and Brad’s security gate key. No amount of tortuous tickling would make us give up our secret.

Sunday morning we all slept late and Mommy ended up not being able to take Granny to church. Instead Mom and I made apple pie and for lunch we went to Jen and Matt’s place for a braai. Little Michael and I played up a storm and had a really good time. The adults chatted and drank red wine and ‘blue’ whiskey. They were having a really awesome time. It started getting late so it was time to leave, but plans were made for play dates.

Well tomorrow it’s back to the grindstone after an awesome and amazing weekend.

Til next week!



Photo 1 We spotted this heron from my balcony

Photo 2 Being Ninja Turtle Raphael

Photo 3 Hiya!

Photo 4 Missy ‘looking after’ Rhino the hamster

Photo 5 Playing in Dad’s study

Photo 6 Rhino the hamster being a laptop mouse!

Photo 7 Builder Jay-Bee

Photo 8 Missy and Mickey

Photo 9 I drew a dinosaur at breakfast

Photo 10 Loving the salmon

Photo 11 Helping Mom prep for the chocolate fondue

Photo 12 With Brad and Madi

Photo 13 Madi and I on the trampoline with Molly the cat

Photo 14 Molly is so chilled with being on the trampoline with us

Photo 15 Me and Donatello

Photo 16 Michael and I having lunch

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  1. Oliver says:

    Happy 6th Birthday Jarrod. Hope you have a fantastic day. Lots of love from the USA.

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