It has been an interesting week. Winter has arrived, and we occasionally need to heat the bedroom. With Mom’s work coming to an end I was collected from school each day after school ended. We do think it may be worthwhile for me to go to aftercare a couple of days a week though.

Dad has had an exceptionally busy week and has to rush out early every day this week. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday he trained consulting skills to the young-ones as he calls them, and to those in the company wishing to change careers, industries, etc. He loves doing this and it’s one of his job perks! Also he gets to train with some of his best friends so I can imagine it’s a great deal of fun!

On Monday Mommy took a huge tumble on her bad knee that was reconstructed a couple of decades ago, so she has been in huge pain. As a result, we’ve just chilled out a lot to let her rest.

Tuesday Mischka arrived to become ours. I took him on a tour of his forever home and he loved it. He stayed with us previously and I think he wanted to come back, so he’s ours now! I am thrilled! The sad news was that someone (and I’m exercising my rights to a bunch of amendments here) left Rhino’s cage door open – so we lost poor little Rhino. We were very distraught. All of us had become extremely close to him. Mom immediately put out care packages for him should he get hungry. All around the house little troops were flying in, deployed by parachute, placing Rhino care parcels in strategic locations. In the evening Daddy had a trustees’ meeting but I opted to wait up for him.

During the rest of the week I had interesting discussions with Mom. One was about cloud computing – I’ve noticed across the three iPads and Mom and Dad’s iPhone things ‘match’ (sync is the techno jargon for that apparently). So I asked Mom, if a game is downloaded onto Daddy’s iPad, can I have it on mine too. Mom said, yes, as it was in the cloud. I then went on to say “So what you’re saying is that I can go to any iPad in the world and get my games on it?” Mom, “Yes, Jarrod that is the quintessential principle of cloud. Welcome to the next web!”

I got spoilt with a couple of Lego toys during the week. One was Teenage Ninja Turtle Legos, that came with a pizza eating Donatello. To toughen him up even more than the Sensei could, I attached him to Dad’s drill and spun him around at high speed. You’ll be happy to know he passed the training.

Thursday Christian and his Mom Di came to visit. I’m so chuffed at how well he is doing. Like me his chances of doing anything such as walking, talking, eating on our own, was zero, and he too has ‘showed them all’ with his ‘can live attitude’!

On Friday I was supposed to see a play therapist called Braam, so I stay home from school. Unfortunately he was dealing with a nasty court case where he to give testimony so my session got cancelled, and I got a free day! I snuggled in the study with videos while Mom worked. In the afternoon Jenny, Matt and little Michael came for a visit. What a blast! We played trains, climbing blocks, shared piazza and watched TV together. What a rave. We were both allowed to be up really late, and before it was time for Jenny and Matt to leave, Michael and I had an awesome bath together, with all my bath toys. It was such a rave.

Saturday morning Daddy woke up very achy, and had a really bad night. He’s actually been having dizzy spell and minor blackouts for a week now. Mom made an appointment for him, and to comfort Dad I went with, under the proviso “I’m not going to Doctor Anthony for brain surgery, only for a sweetie!” En route we stopped at our old PO Box which we still maintain but never seldom empty! It was packed full of stuff!!!!! More about that later.

At Doctor Anthony Dad was diagnosed with hectic sinusitis infection which is constricting veins and stuff, hence the blackouts, and a vicious fever! BP, which I helped with, was 120/80, so perfect, and cholesterol seems ok too. I also got examined, as I have a runny nose, but it’s just a cold. Dad left with fistfuls of scripts for meds!

Back home, after McDonalds, we all chilled. Daddy needed a break so I played while he rested.

Sunday morning was a disaster for Daddy. He joints all froze up (something he’s body does when fighting a fever) and with old untreated rugby injuries he actually couldn’t get out of bed! Mom brought him water and Dad gulped down one of EACH of the tablets he found in his bedside table, including his new scripts. Mom and I decided it would be safer to leave, so we took Granny to church. Dad wandered around in a very pleasant daze, but free from pain!

Mid-morning we headed out to the Lonehill Fire Station to have Daddy’s tummy pumped for Luke’s birthday. It was awesome-sauce! We rode on the fire truck, sirens blaring. Dad and I slid down the fireman’s pole together. And I got sprayed by the fire hoses! What a ball. Dad took a bunch of photos and videos – one video he left his camera under the fire truck to drive over; it looks really cool!

All too soon the party was over and it was back home! We were supposed to go to a second party in the afternoon, but it was too much for me and Dad, who was still high from the mix of meds sick from fighting his fever.

The BEST news of the week was that Mommy found Rhino. He was extremely dehydrated, had a runny tummy, and he’s eyes wouldn’t open. Mommy nursed him back to health, and while he’s a little thinner, he’s well again and happy to see us!

‘Til next week!

Love Jarrod!

Video 1 Taking the Simon Snorkel for a Spin (click here)

Video 2 Fire truck drop over Dad’s camera (click here)

Video 3 Fire truck pulls out of fire station – all on board (click here)

Photo 1 Rhino, before his great escape

Photo 2 Mickey our handsome boy

Photo 3 Welcome to your forever-home Mischka

Photo 4 I’ve taken to climbing. Everywhere!

Photo 5 The plan gains momentum

Photo 6 Christian playing in my room

Photo 7 My Teenage Ninja Turtle Lego bike

Photo 8 Yes, I am a foodie

Photo 9 High G-Force training for Donatello

Photo 10 He’s doing well!

Photo 11 Chilling in the study

Photo 12 Push-ups

Photo 13 Mickey doing some feline-mails

Photo 14 Hard at work.

Photo 15 The quintessential digital native – multi-devicing

Photo 16 Being a star patient

Photo 17 Mischka time!

Photo 18 Run Mischka

Photo 19 (Not) One of my better plans

Photo 20 My (very embarrassing) Dad programming his toe to use Touch ID on his iPhone

Photo 21 I love my Mommy

Photo 22 Getting to ‘grips’ with the fire pole

Photo 23 Dad makes a good descent

Photo 24 He lands!

Photo 25 Dad takes me down!

Photo 26 We land

Photo 27 Hanging out front of Ladder 16

Photo 28 Water from the high-pressure hose

Photo 29 Hectic!

Photo 30 Off to ‘shower’

Photo 31 I’m going in!

Photo 32 Making rain!

Photo 33 Straight at Dad

Photo 34 Loving it

Photo 35 Bring it on!

Photo 36 Yay!

Photo 37 Need to make like rain and hail out of here

Photo 38 Super fun

Photo 39 But I can’t get enough

Photo 40 Gonna make like Tom and Cruise

Photo 41 Making an escape

Photo 42 Fire hose wetting the sky

Photo 43 Luke making a birthday wish

Photo 44 Having a good ole climb

Photo 45 Sliding

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  1. Moloko says:

    Good to hear that you are still doing well JB! Keep well. Awesome pictures as always

  2. Sandra Andrade says:

    Hi, my name is Sandra, and I came across this blog searching all about AVM’s. My son who is the same age as Jarrod, suffered a major bleed from a AVM last year September. A AVM of which we were not aware that he had. We came very close to loosing him but he is fine and is doing so well. It is awesome to see your little one doing so well too. Dr Lippert’s is also our boy’s Neurologist. This AVM condition is a long and scary one, especially for our babies, small little children to go through so much. But from experience, you are with the right Doctor, who is in touch with right specialists. Our son is a little miracle and we are so thankful to God and to Dr Lipperts, Dr Van Rensburg and Unitas.

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