It’s been a really exciting week. I turned six years old this week. Although it’s been six amazing years with my Mommy and Daddy they’ve also been six very tough years for all three of us. We’ve spent the last few days celebrating hard.

The week started with Monday being a Public Holiday, and although it was a really cold morning we opted to walk around Zoo Lake. Granny joined us as did Mischka. It was really fun and we fed the ducks. Since Mommy walks there often she showed us where all the ducklings were and how many there were in each family. One pair of ducks had nine little ducklings.

Some tea and coffee followed at Happy.Me in Greenside and then on the way home we ran some errands. Dad did a little DIY in the afternoon and I ‘helped’.

I woke up with a temperature on Tuesday so Mom opted to keep me at home. She set up a bed for me in the study so that I could be close to her while she did some admin.

Wednesday I was back at school and in the afternoon I went to see Braam for some play therapy. When I arrived home a gift had arrived for me from Australia. I was thrilled to see it but sad I had to wait another day to open it. The tension was too much for me!

Thursday was the big day! Mom and Dad were up early and all three of us went downstairs where the kitchen island was covered in gifts for me! I was thrilled. There was a chocolate cake with candles which I blew out. I then got to opening my gifts and felt really spoilt at all the things I got.

Mom had made goodie bags and balloons for my friends at school, complete with cupcake decorating kits. I could see no school work would be done today! My school friends and I had an awesome morning together. Dad managed to come home a little earlier and we all chilled around the house. I chatted to Uncle Wayne and Aunty Birgitt on the phone and told them all about my day, thanked them for the spending money they’d sent and I asked them to come visit. I even gave them directions on the phone how to get to my home!

I decided I wanted McDonalds for dinner, so while Dad and I were in the car, Matt, Jenny and Micheal phoned and sang happy birthday to me. I was so thrilled.

Friday was pretty quiet and I spent the afternoon playing with all my new toys.

On Saturday we went to Aneesa’s The Big Bang Theory birthday party. Although it was her birthday a while back, she only managed to have her party now. I went as Sheldon, Dad as Leonard and Mom as Amy. We all looked really funny. It was also the Winter Solstice, so days will start getting longer and hopefully warmer!

Sunday was Mark and Lisle’s farewell – they’re off to Australia. They had their farewell at The Barnyard where the show Thank You For The Music was on. Although it was really loud for me I still enjoyed it and bopped along to the songs. It was an amazing afternoon and when we finally got home it was just in time for my bedtime!

Before I go, a BIG thank you to everyone that sent my messages, either direct or via Facebook and Twitter via Mom and Dad. I really really appreciate it!

Til next week!

Love Jarrod

Photo 1 Mischka and I ready for our walk

Photo 2 Mischka runs off with his leash

Photo 3 Zipping up against the cold

Photo 4 Eight of the nine ducklings!

Photo 5 Photo bomb!

Photo 6 My balance is becoming perfect!

Photo 7 Doing well!

Photo 8 Even doing a balance jump

Photo 9 And again

Photo 10 Super strong! Suspending myself

Photo 11 Happy Jay-Bee

Photo 12 Reading in the car

Photo 13 Number of Tweets globally during the Germany Portugal game

Photo 14 Sick bunny…….

Photo 15 This arrived for me from Sharon and Marc – had to wait a whole night to open it!

Photo 16 Emmet and I making party packs

Photo 17 Filling my party packs

Photo 18 Making cupcakes for my friends

Photo 19 Taste test

Photo 20 Its gooooooood

Photo 21 All ready to go

Photo 22 It my birthday!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!

Photo 23 Candle time

Photo 24 Happy Jay-Bee

Photo 25 Thrilled!

Photo 26 Exciting!

Photo 27 Absolute joy

Photo 28 Check the hands Shazza

Photo 29 Lots of TMNT

Photo 30 Happy bunny

Photo 31 Maxed out happiness

Photo 32 Yay-ness!

Photo 33 Class party

Photo 34 Let the fun begin (no work today!)

Photo 35 Teacher Janine made me a TMNT hat and face

Photo 36 Cupcake time

Photo 37 All hands on deck to decorate

Photo 38 My cupcake

Photo 39 Fun had by all

Photo 40 Yum

Photo 41 Tastes gooooooood

Photo 42 Loving it

Photo 43 Partying

Photo 44 Now this school work I love

Photo 45 Teacher Janine helps out

Photo 46 Happy Jay-Bee

Photo 47 Candle time……

Photo 48 Making wishes

Photo 49 Everyone helping (candles seem to keep going on again)

Photo 50 Now this is carpet time!

Photo 51 Daddy’s Tweet

Photo 52 FaceTime with Aneesa

Photo 53 Chatting to Aunty Birgitt and Uncle Wayne

Photo 54 Aneesa’s 21st that I slept through – was feeling under the weather

Photo 55 Some play before the show

Photo 56 Ready to party

Photo 57 Loving the show at The Barnyard

Photo 58 Loving the show

Photo 59 Helping out the lights engineer

Photo 60 From this…….

Photo 61 To this six years later

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  1. Diane Rott says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Hugs and Kisses to Jarrod! We can see he had a wonderful day celebrating. Love Ray, Di, Adam & Emma.

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