Hello all!

After an uneventful trip by ambulance I arrived at Unitas mid-morning today. Once again the ever inspiring Dr Nicoletta Hay really out did herself by travelling with me in the ambulance all the way to Centurion. Mom and Dad followed by car (secretly I think Dad loved the thrill of having a dedicated ambulance clear a path through him in the traffic this morning). My Dad, the ceaseless gentleman, offered his seat in the ambulance up for Dr Hay to be on standby during my journey should I hit a wobbly again. I tried telling everyone I’d be ok, but its kinda difficult to communicate with tubes in my mouth and nose, and tape over most of my face.

The two paramedics from Netcare911, Ryan and Carel, were absolutely awesome. They were so calm and perfectly in control of the situation. I felt so at ease being disconnected from my little machines by them and reconnected to the super-duper mobile battery operated go anywhere equipment they brought with. Ryan and Dr Hay stayed in the back of the ambulance with me and kept and eye on my vitals while Carel skilfully negotiated the morning traffic down the N1.

While being transferred from my little crib in the neonatal unit at Morningside into a mobile incubator on a gurney I was told that the EVAC helicopter was undergoing routine maintenance, which is why I was going by road. Just my luck to miss out on a helicopter flip at age 7 days! I’ve already outdone my Dad on so many things, such as being in ICU (it took him 36 years to get to this place of unadulterated 24/7 service of on tap drugs), and I was hoping to get to go on a helicopter long before him – but alas, that’ll now have to wait a few more years. Of course the other option is that I get flown back by helicopter to Morningside over the weekend.

My room at Unitas is awesome! Yes, room. I actually have an entire room where my infant bed is located. The room has an armchair for Mom and an occasional chair for Dad. Best of all, there is a nice big window that lets in lots of natural healing rays, together with easy access for all my little angels and guardians to zip in and out.

This afternoon was really exciting as the entire surgical team arrived to introduce themselves to my Mom and Dad; but their real interest was in meeting me. I think my Dad was getting quite jealous of all the attention I was getting considering he’s usually the one getting most the attention. Lots of technical terms were bandied about and there was much discussion about drugs, quantities and timing thereof.

The decision was made that I would go into surgery at 7:00 tomorrow morning to be prepped, with the actual surgery commencing at 7:30. Mom and Dad have decided to travel home tonight, as it would be better for them to get a good nights’ rest in their own bed. They promised to be here at 6:00am tomorrow; but I’ve yet to see how my Mom, the not-so-morning-person, will manage that!

Anyhow, that’s about it for now. The next time I write to you will be after the operation with news of the successful embolisation of my vein of Galen. Please keep me in your prayers, thoughts and good wishes tomorrow morning. Please maintain the positive flow of energy into my little room from across the globe that I can constantly feel all around me, and continue dispatching the wonderful little angels and guardians that grace my presence.


Jarrod 🙂

Figure 1 Getting prepped to move onto the mobile incubator

Figure 2 And more prep work

Figure 3 Ryan moves me into the mobile . . .

Figure 4 My crib for the next hour or so

Figure 5 Once last check of the equipment

Figure 6 Carel does a quick check to see all is secure

Figure 7 Dad stalking the ambulance

Figure 8 My new spot

Figure 9 A room with a view

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  1. Oliver says:

    Good luck Jarrod. You are so fortunate to have so many skilled and caring professionals around you. Add to that the well-wishes and prayers from everyone and you must be positively cocooned in an envelope of love and blessing.
    We’ll be thinking of you all day. By the time we get up in the morning on the other side of the world the sun’s energy will already have passed over Africa and have given you the strength for your day. We will be waiting for that same sun to rise and bring us the good news that you so deserve.
    Our love and prayers will be with you.
    Oliver, Gillian, Ryan and Kirsten
    p.s. Pity about that chopper ride. Having flown over Ovamboland I know what a thrill that can be, but hey, what the heck, you have a whole life ahead of you to enjoy the things that you want to do.

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