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Tonight’s blog is a very auspicious blog, as it the 100th posting to my WebPages since its launch on 07.01.2008. Needless to say Mom and Dad did the postings until my arrival in June 2008, but it didn’t take me long to familiarise myself with the technology and take over the task of posting to my blog. Some other stats about my blog that are noteworthy are that I have in excess of two hundred regular subscribers and during May 2009 there were 53 626 hits on my webpage, which is more than double what it was in the month of my birth, at 21 945. The most popular month of hits on my webpage was in September 2008 when 61 131 hits were registered on my site. Most of you will recall that during that month I underwent some hectic procedures (15 hours of surgery in one day) and I almost ‘checked out‘ afterward (i.e. I almost didn’t make it through the night).

You may be wondering why tonight’s blog is titled ‘Yet Another Century’. Well, the readers who’ve been following my blog for sometime will recall that on 19.08.2008, my newsletter subscriber base reached 100, and then on 31.08.2008 Lisle posted the 100th
comment on my blog. Also, since my blog has been up and running, I’ve reach the age of 100 days, 200 days, and 300 days, and 100 and 200 days at home.

So, after all that excitement, let’s slow things down a little and get back to this week’s activities. Monday only comprised a visit to Di the physio. We did some new hammock (towel) type exercises which involved me simulating walking and crawling. The hammock seems to make it a little easier as it offers good support, but also swaying to keep me on my toes as it were! Tuesday morning I headed off to Mom’s group, with my Mommy! In the afternoon Mom had an appointment and since Granny and Tamsin were at our house I was left in their care. I spent the next two hours with Tammy doing some serious laughing! Wednesday my MIC-Key was taken out, which you will have already read about in my midweek blog posting. The afternoon was then spent with my other Mom’s group – yes I know, I’ve a hectic social agenda!

The other interesting thing that happened on Wednesday was that Dad started brushing my teeth using toothpaste. To date Dad would simply brush my teeth with a dry toothbrush just before dressing me. Now, as I finish my bath, he places a tiny dollop of sparkly blue Colgate toothpaste on my Pigeon branded Mickey Mouse toothbrush and brushes my teeth. I don’t mind too much, as long he rinses out all the frothy bits from my mouth when he’s done. I’m really looking forward to starting to use more toothpaste, as apparently if you squeeze a nice big one inch worm from the sparkly toothpaste tube it comes out in the shape of a star. Awesome!

Thursday Mom took me to see Lauren my OT. Lo and behold, I was placed in a hammock for the second time this week! This time it was used to awaken my vestibular system by placing me facedown in the hammock and then being swung backward and forward. I loved it and giggled through it all! It was such an awesome feeling flying through the air. What was even more funny was the trail of drool that swung backward and forward with me! After OT Mom and I headed back to Di for some more physio. I’ve been put onto a really hectic training programme (feels a lot like bootcamp) – apparently Mom more wants more of everything, more physio, more OT, more music and more playing! Mind you, I’m not complaining, as it can be really boring hanging out at home the whole day!

As a result of my bootcamp-like routine, I had a marathon sleep during the middle of the day. After waking up, Mom and I were off again, this time to the Secret Garden at Norscot Manor where we met up with Nadene and little Megan and Michelle and little Chloe. Please don’t tell anyone, but I’ve really started taking a shine to little Chloe, to the point that I shared a plate of chips with her and I let her play with all my toys. While at the Secret Garden I was also introduced to munching on ice cubes – a very cool experience. In all the excitement and action of the afternoon I sadly bumped my head (not for the first time) and felt really headachy afterward. On the way home from Norscot Manor Mom and I popped in to see Sarah and her new baby Emma, and to drop off some food. The Mommies and Mommies-to-be in the group have a food rooster for any Mommy that has just come home with her newborn; in this way the new Mommy doesn’t have to worry about cooking for the first two weeks. I think it’s a really cool tradition!

Friday was a quiet day with no major visits or social calls. Mom and I spent some time at Sandton City in the morning and then chilled at home for the rest of the day. Saturday morning was my Daddy-time again; it is always so awesome that he doesn’t have to go to work on a Saturday and Sunday. After my Daddy did my morning cares and I had my morning snooze, Mom, Dad and I headed off to Sandton Library at the Nelson Mandela Square. You may recall that a few weeks ago we all become members there, and now I wanted to take out some books. It was inspiring being surrounded by so many books. After looking through a lot of options I settled on three books which we took downstairs and checked out. Afterward we headed off to CTM in Lonehill where we needed to swap out some purchases. En route I started getting a little grumpy at the food situation, and I was also a little tired. We therefore stopped in at The Wedge shopping centre where Mom got me some Woolies food. Dad and I stayed in the car and watched the chaos of the traffic at this ridiculously planned shopping centre. Although the chaos was riveting to observe, with cars entering the complex having to cross through cars leaving the complex, I started to drift off to sleep. When I awoke next we were in Lonehill. Dad was already in the store, so Mom popped me in the driver’s seat next to her and fed me. When Dad returned to the car he was really surprised to find me in his seat! I offered to drive home as well, but the two boring adults wouldn’t hear of it.

Back home cousin Lisa and Jason came to visit. They were in Jo’burg on a short business trip and managed to spend the Saturday afternoon with us. Granny also popped in to see her great-niece. We all chatted and caught up on what’s been happening over the past while. Lisa was thrilled to hear that my Linus Blanket was in fact a Lily ‘n Jack blanket that comes from her shop in Cape Town. My other favourite bedfellow is the bunny from Lily ‘n Jack confirming that the goodies Lisa’s shop makes are an absolute hit. During the afternoon Jason took Dad’s bike for a ride, as he too is an avid biker. I really wanted to be outside with the boys, but I guess my time will come.

Sunday morning Dad seemed to be taking a little longer than usual to prepare my breakfast and morning drink, so I decided to attend to matters myself. I was sitting in the study watching TV only to discover that there were some lamingtons in a plate nearby. I figured that they looked really yummy, and by the time Dad returned from the kitchen I was munching on a lamington, covered in shredded coconut. At the site of me Dad let out a roar of laugher and snapped a few pictures before settling me into my usual breakfast. Later on Mom and Dad breakfasted at Doppio-Zero in Greenside. Next we headed off to visit Dr Nicoletta Hay’s parents, Barry and Natalia, but not before we popped into MacDoggies (vet) in Emmarentia for some Rimadyl for Jake’s arthritis. It was really incredible to meet Dr Nicoletta’s parents, and we visited and chatted non-stop. Back home we spent the afternoon doing some chores; well I sat in my seat in the kitchen while I supervised Dad defrosting the fridge! Whoever claims there is such a thing as a self defrosting fridge is dreaming!

During Sunday afternoon Dad popped out to Woolies to buy some basics, and return the two DVD’s that were hired the night before. On the way home he collected the mail at the post office and arriving home was smiling like a Cheshire cat – in the mail was an invite addressed to me for Kyle’s first birthday party. Not only was I excited about Kyle’s party, but this was also the first invite I’d received in the mail. For those of you that don’t remember, Kyle (or The Professor as he was nicknamed), was in the crib next to mine during all those months in neo-natal ICU.

Well, that’s it for tonight. Once again, it has been great sharing with you all, and to all of you, thank you for reading my blog so avidly and sharing in my life. I hope to meet or at least make contact with all of you one day.

Lots of love and sparkly kisses,


Figure 1 Ready to head into the winter chill

Figure 2 Not even the cold of winter gets my spirits down

Figure 3 Bath time!

Figure 4 Dad blowing soap bubbles for me in the bath

Figure 5 Getting a taste of the soap bubbles

Figure 6 Playtime

Figure 7 Sharing a laugh with Cousin Tammy

Figure 8 Tugging on Mr Giraffe

Figure 9 Chloe, or The Chloester!

Figure 10 Me and Chloe

Figure 11 Chilling with Granny

Figure 12 With Cousins Lisa and Jason, showing off my Lily ‘n Jack blankie

Figure 13 Getting into some fruit for breakfast

Figure 14 Caught red-handed with a stolen lamingtons

Figure 15 My invite from Kyle

Figure 16 Stats for my webpage

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  1. Claire says:

    Hey JayBee!
    Do these people not realise that you’ve just had the Mickey taken out of you? It takes a person a while to recover from something like that! I would also not be crawling just yet – you do it in your own sweet time. As soon as you get mobile its a slippery slope and before you know it you’ll be off to make tea, fetching the newspaper, walking up to the pizza place…. it won’t stop – you mark my words.
    Have an awesome week and keep your people on the hop.

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