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Unbeknown to my Dad, last Sunday evening while we were playing outside, I found, to my delight, blue finger paint in the front garden. Dad thought nothing of it, and before dinner we washed our hands, watching the blue paint swoosh done the drain. Dad thought that was the last of the blue paint, I knew it wasn’t.

Monday morning, as Dad walked to his bike to leave for work, I heard him start giggling! Yes, I had put blue hand prints all over the side of Dad’s motorbike, lest he forget about me during the day. I didn’t stop my antics there, and as Roxy the staffie arrived to say goodbye to Dad, more guffaws of laughter from him. You guessed right, Roxy too had blue paint all over her. So contrary to popular believe this blue Monday started with laughter!

Social networking via Twitter and Facebook are great pastimes for me and my Dad, so it was with great sadness this week that we heard the news of Ivy Bean’s demise. For those of you who have not heard of Ivy Bean she is touted as being the oldest Twitter and Facebook user in the world, aged 104. Twitter and Facebook were abuzz with the sad news that this techno-granny had passed on.

At the time of her demise she had 57 000 followers globally. Her main motive for becoming more active on Twitter than Facebook was that she reached the 5000 friend limit on Facebook two years ago. Her Tweets included happenings at the nursing home where she stayed at, humorous comments about their meals as well as the age-old issue of old-age politics in a nursing home. “It’s been really busy in Hillside this week, the lounges have been decorated and we have got new curtains, it looks lovely,” was a recent tweet. Her last tweet was, “Going to have my lunch now will be back later.”

My week was a quiet week. Monday morning I had a physiotherapy appointment with Di. Despite being satisfied with my overall progress she is gravely concerned over my lack of symmetry. She suspects it may be a neurological issue as opposed to a physical matter. Coincidentally I did have an appointment with my neurologist the next day, so Di agreed to correspond with him on this matter in lieu of our appointment.

Tuesday morning Mom and I headed to Unitas Hospital in Centurion to meet with Dr Lippert, my neurologist. Traffic was a relative breeze, with the super-duper new high infrastructure around the city. Sadly Dad couldn’t join us as he was on a Gartner Enterprise Architecture conference.

The news we received from Lippert was pretty depressing and sad. He is somewhat negative of my progress and feels that I’m behind in just about all aspects of my development. Mom tried to elicit more information out of him to no avail. This left both Mom and I very sombre and down for the rest of the week. Needless to say we gave Dad immediate feedback on the meeting and he too was extremely disappointed.

I had music on Wednesday which I struggled to enjoy as both Mom and I were still extremely down from the rude awakening the previous day. To take our minds off our sombre feelings we opted to go to the drive-in on Wednesday evening to see Shrek Forever After. Being a ‘school night’ the place was extremely quiet, to my advantage, as while we were ordering hotdogs I was invited into the projector room. Wow, what an amazing experience. The circumference of the reels that hold the film are twice as tall as me! And the speed they rotated at was hectic. I was also impressed at the brightness of the projection light – definitely never seen something that bright before.

On Thursday Mom and I stayed home as we did most of Friday. Dad came home really early and took me to Delta Park where we played up a storm. My clothes that day were particularly good at creating static, so each time I slide down the plastic slide I was fully charged at the bottom. Dad would ‘discharge’ me on my toe with his finger and after the loud spark he’d jump about shouting ouch. I giggled until my belly hurt!

A curious thing happened later in the week around my development, which has left us confused and perplexed. You’ll recall that the feedback from Lippert was negative, yet we then received feedback from Di, my physio, saying that Lippert believed that I am not doing that badly, after he had given her feedback from my earlier assessment. This created a great deal of anxiety for us as we feel we are not getting ‘the full story’ from north of the Jukskei.

Saturday morning we chilled out at home. After my midday snooze and some lunch we headed off to Delta Park for some play time. It was buzzing with people; I loved it! Out of the blue walking to the play area, a lady introduced herself to us. It turned it was Leigh whom we’ve sometimes chatted with over email and Facebook. Her little boy, Connor, is also an AVM survivor. Although I was in full-on play mode, it was great to meet with someone close to my age that had been through much of what I had. They were just packing up to leave, but we promised to get together soon again. A little further down to the play area we bumped into Michelle and little Matthew, who also came to the park to play.

After some hard playing and climbing we headed home for dinner and a bath for me. Mom and Dad were taking my doctors, Nicoletta and Enrico and their partners to dinner – something Mom and Dad are doing every year now in honour of my birthday as they are largely responsible for my being here today. I didn’t want to cramp their style so I opted not to go with. Instead Mom and Dad dropped me off with Robin and Di for me to be babysat.

I settled in there nicely, and played with their kitty cats and dogs. I did have a little bit of a throw-up incident, but this was my first ever time out of home to be babysat by someone other than Granny, so I did feel a little stressed. Around midnight Mom and Dad collected me. I had woken up a while before so when it was time to go home I just wanted to party, which I did!

Some shopping ensued on Sunday morning and a mega family team-snoozed followed. Pretty soon the day started drawing to a close and a new week was on the horizon. Fortunately the weather is starting to get much warmer so I can play outside much longer in the evenings with Dad after work.

That’s it for now.



Photo 1 Sonic and I share my bed

Photo 2 Taking a shower

Photo 3 Peek-a-boo bath

Photo 4 Playing at Delta Park

Photo 5 I love to swing

Photo 6 The higher the better

Photo 7 Waking across the bridge

Photo 8 Peeping through the tunnel hole

Photo 9 Close-up

Photo 10 Enjoying the view from high up

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  1. Lientjie says:

    Getting more and more gorgeous! You are in my prayers Jarrod-babe and praying that God will keep you safe at all times.

  2. Anne says:

    Darling Jarrod! It is so exciting to share in your miracle life. I pray that you and mom and dad will celebrate every day as a miracle. I too will pray that the miracle will continue!
    Lots of love from the Prestons

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