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The exciting news this week is that my blog has been entered for the 2010 South African Blog Awards. The way the awards work is that the blog with the most nominations go forward to the judges who will pick the best blog per category, as well as runners up. This is where you can play a role by nominating my blog for the Best Personal Blog Category (No. 23) by clicking on the Blog Awards logo. Once you’ve done that you’ll be redirected to their WebPages to commence with the nomination process. On SA Blow Awards WebPages you will need to enter your email address (only one nomination per email address is permitted), and enter the Security Code four characters provided in the appropriate space. Once you’ve done all those and submitted your nomination, you will receive an email with a long looking link. Click this link to finalise your nomination. Without clicking on the link the nomination is not counted. Thank you for your nomination!

We are starting to shrug off last week’s depressing news about my ‘lack of progress and development’, as this week I feel I have achieved some progress as you will note in tonight’s blog. More about that later, first back to this week!

Granny arrived unexpectedly at our house early on Monday, but as Mom and I had a physio appointment to go to, and a crisis arising about Tammy needing to go to the doctor too, we left soon after she arrived.  At physio Di is overall happy with my progress, but there are still things to be worked on, but nothing we didn’t know about. After my physio appointment, we all took Tammy to the doctor – nothing serious fortunately, just the usual sore throat and cough that is making the rounds at the moment.

After Tammy’s doctors visit we went to the Wimpy where I played and played, and drank baby-chinos. All too soon we headed off home for the rest of the day. That evening Opa came to visit. I hadn’t seen him for a while so when he arrived I immediately dragged him off to my bedroom to show him how I was playing with my toys and most of all, to play some music for him on my keyboard and guitar. It was such fun! I also showed off my dancing skills; Opa was very impressed.

Tuesday was OT day.  Before leaving we spent some time cleaning the house, as our regular char was off sick. Once Mom had made the house look decent (despite my trying to sabotage the operation on a number of occasions) we left for Lauren’s place. It was a big day at OT as my official test was due.  This test, took on a very different form than last weeks’ test at the neurologist’s offices.  Rather than running around after a ball and putting pennies in a money box I was asked to sit and focus on puzzles, building, writing and ball control, identifying items in books and a few other tests I cannot remember.  Well needless to say we were happy with the outcome which really lifted our spirits. This test was definitely far more thorough and conclusive, and allowed me to show a wide range of my skill-sets. Mommy was so proud of me.

In the afternoon, Mom and Nina needed to see each other for tea in a hurry, so off we went to visit. We got home late, after Dad!

Music was top of the menu on Wednesday, followed by a bit of a play. After my midday snooze, we headed to Delta Park to meet Juane and Cornel to have a picnic and a bit of a play. We got home late again and Dad arrived with us.  Dad and I played in the garden getting sopping wet in the irrigation system that I was helping to ‘fix’; it elicited a bath and my 4th change of clothes for the day.  I played with my blocks for the rest of the evening, it was very exciting finding them all again.  Mom is thrilled that I actually like them again. My block building is going exceptionally well, with my easily stacking 8 blocks one atop the other. Mom and Dad are also pretty impressed with the straightness of the towers I build.

Thursday, Mom and I headed to the zoo for a quick walk, and a juice.  It was good fun. I growled at the lions and clip-clopped for horses and zebras.  We visited the Gorilla Makoko and he came out to see if we were his carers because I think he wanted food. I then found some jungle gyms and played for a good few hours; it was quite late beyond my usual sleep time by the time Mom and I got back to the car.   Once in the car I had a good long sleep and back home I played in the garden for the rest of the afternoon. In the evening sitting on the study floor Mom discovered me building a puzzle, correctly. She was thrilled and immediately Dad came to watch as well.

Mom, attended a PMP® update course on Friday to maintain her qualification for when she returns to the world of work. Consequently Dad stayed home to look after me, however as he is studying to sit the TOGAF certification exam, Granny came to help out.  I had such good fun with Granny initially, and then both Dad and Granny when he decided to take a break.  By the time Mom came back, I was fast asleep for my afternoon nap. We played outside and had dinner on the front patio, and all too soon the day was at an end.

In order to get out of Dad’s hair on Saturday so that he could focus on studying we shopped and shopped in the vicinity of Sandton for the whole day and only got back late.  Dad looked exhausted. In the evening we opted to get some DVD’s and I even watched the first one with Mom and Dad, called Leap Year. It was very sweet.

After a quick family breakfast on Sunday, Mom and I headed off to Delta Park to have a play, and Dad headed back home to study for a while. Once Mom and I were back home it was time for a team snooze.  After I got up, Mom and I went and did some gardening and pool maintenance and Dad took a break to help us build a bird hotel. I hope the birdies will be comfortable there. Dad also got stuck into the herbs that seemed to have dried up in the winter’s cold. After ruthlessly chopping back twigs and branches he found life within the plant. A soaking watering followed, and now we’re keeping fingers crossed that the herbs will take. Dad seems to be quite good with stuff like that – apparently he has ‘green fingers’. I’ve examined them, and they don’t look green to me!

Anyway, that’s all for this week.

Lots of love,

Jay Bee

Video 1 Loving Automatic Doors

Photo 1 Chilling with Opa

Photo 2 Messy breakfast

Photo 3 Juane and Cornel with us at Delta Park

Photo 4 My favourite – sliding

Photo 5 Helping Dad check the irrigation system

Photo 6 Loving getting wet

Photo 7 Getting artistic in the bathroom

Photo 8 Dad reading to me before bedtime

Photo 9 Snoozes with Granny

Photo 10 Playing with AcronKids Angel Beans

Photo 11 Dad may have (invisible) green fingers but I have blue hands!

Photo 12 Playing in the bathroom

Photo 13 And this is the view from inside!

Photo 14 Baby-chino at The Good Food Shoppe

Photo 15 All about playing!

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