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After physio with Di on Monday puzzle building was the order of the day. I’ve really taken to building blocks, making towers and trains. In the afternoon as we waited for Dad to come home, Mom and I watched a horror unfold on the CCTV camera – Mom has timed it perfectly that once Dad IM’s Mom to say he’s leaving the office, 20 minutes later she opens the garage door for him. This saves Dad the trouble of removing his bike glove and digging in his heavy armoured jacket to get to the remote for the doors. As Mom and I watched Dad turn left off the road into the driveway, a white car impatiently sped past him on the left! Yes, on the left. The car undoubtedly had to mount the pavement in its impatience to pass Dad; we couldn’t believe how rude the driver was!

Needless to say Dad crashed into the car, but handled the bike beautifully! He brought the bike to a controlled standstill on the driveway and kicked down the stand, got off his bike and gave the Indian woman a screaming at! I’d never seen Dad so angry. Fortunately for her, Dad’s bike only suffered a scratch on the front mudguard, and Dad didn’t get injured. Her car sustained a dent in the door and a long maroon scratch down the side of the car.

Discussing the incident in the evening, every angle we looked at it, Dad was blameless, and the driver was fully at fault. Our road has a solid white line down the centre, prohibiting overtaking, making overtaking on a narrow suburban road completely prohibited. The lady tried to accuse Dad of not having indicators mounted on the bike, yet when Dad showed her he did have indicators on the bike, the left indicator was still flashing! Last but not least Mom reminded Dad that road ordinance requires the driver at the rear to always stop and give way, and not to tear past on the left!

Tuesday I discovered to my absolute delight that Sonic the Cat loves toys on strings on the end of sticks. Subsequently I spent the better part of the morning playing with Sonic in Mom’s BabyGym room (which I think I will make into my bedroom). Later in the afternoon Mom had a BabyGym class so I ‘helped’ her setup. I eventually got the feeling that my ‘helping’ was somewhat superfluous when Mom dumped me on the patio with my favourite toys. During the course of the afternoon some Mommies arrived; I was bursting with pride for my Mom as she expertly taught the Mom’s massage and body movements to build better brains.

My post-traumatic stress syndrome from the hospital causes me to suffer separation anxiety from Mom. So Wednesday morning, while Mom was in the shower, I had a stroke of genius. I slid one of my Geppetto climbing blocks to the shower door. There I climbed onto the block to reach the door handle and opened the door. Viola, I’ve learned to open doors! After my climbing escapades Mom took me to music. There I threw a small tantrum (which is fully age appropriate, apparently) because the teacher required me to play on a different instrument than the one I wanted to play on. Fortunately that passed quickly. Unfortunately, for some reason, all the other kids were picking on me during the class and I felt a little bullied. Mom and teacher Liezel did come to my defence though.

Thursday was Family Breakfast day, as it was the last Thursday of the month. Dad had an appointment immediately after breakfast in Hurlingham Manor, so we breakfasted at a new place, Europa at Canterbury Crossing. Like all the Europa’s, it had a play area, and the inside was really nice – definitely worth more visits in future. Breakfast was really awesome; I love it when I can sneak in additional time with Daddy. In the afternoon Mom bundled me into the car to go see Joy Saffer, my speech therapist. It had been a very long time since I last saw her, and we felt it was time to see her again and make sure all was on track. Again, my speech needs to be closely monitored from my lengthy stay in hospital, the proximity of my AVM to my speech centre in the brain, and the fact that I didn’t suck during the first months of my life, as I was fed through tubes. Dad met us there directly from work, and we all chatted. It seems that all it pretty much in order, but Mom and Dad were given some good tips to communicate better with me to ensure my learning language appropriately. In my opinion, it seems the speech therapy is more for Mom and Dad to speak to me properly, than for me to learn to speak.

In the evening Opa popped by for a visit. The traffic was quite heavy going home, so by the time we were home from speech therapy Opa was already there. As Dad was on his bike he pressed ahead to meet Opa at home. We had a nice long chat followed by a scrumptious dinner. My bunzy run ensued and Opa stayed for my bath time. All too soon the evening was drawing to a close and Opa headed home. Poor Dad was feeling really ill and ended up not sleeping much that night and ‘dialling long distance’!

Friday Mom had the same bug as Dad had, so we didn’t go out during the morning. Dad came home early from work, as he was still somewhat under the weather, and we all went to see Doctor Anthony together. After the Doctor we popped into Sportsman’s Warehouse where Mom got some exercise balls. In the evening, back at home, Mom started setting up her BabyGym room for the class the next day. Needless to say, I ‘helped’ again. I even rocked one of the baby dolls and gave it a vestibular workout under Mom’s directions. Afterwards I helped Dad braai some meat for dinner, as the weather is stunning at the moment and the evenings are already very warm.

As Mom was hosting a BabyGym class on Saturday, Dad and I went out to Delta Park, where I had a nice long play. Later in the morning we headed home and Mom was still visiting with some of her Moms. We chatted with them for a while. After my snooze, I spent a good deal of time building blocks again – my absolute favourite activity at the moment.

On Sunday morning we were up and on the road very early. We were heading to the Zoo, not to see animals, but to take part in the Angels Walking™ for Cancer. It was a great turnout, almost 5000 people attended, despite the Zoo not really being able to cope with that volume of walkers. We all donned our wings, supplied by Nina. I was incredibly impressed at how many people were wearing their wings too. After a brief speech by the First Lady, we set off.

It was tough going, simply because of the volumes of people, but was all-in-all very enjoyable. A stop at Cafe Fino in the Zoo made for a nice rest stop and snacks. Spinning in the shells at the entertainment area was a must do, so Mom and I, together with, Nina, Gene and Emma, all climbed into a spinning shell and we were spun back and forth, all of us giggling. After the Zoo, Nina treated us to lunch at her place. Jaco braai’ed an amazing fillet. We all tucked in, ravenous from the morning.

Back home in the afternoon a team snooze ensued, where after Mom and I spent some time in the back garden. There I got busy helping Mom to fill the water features and water the garden. Despite everything going green we’ve not yet had any rain, so some watering will help matters along. Mom showed me the cat-mint plant from which I picked some leaves for Sonic. She came running from nowhere and relished the herb. I also spent some time exploring the very very top part of the garden, which is an area I’ve not really been into before as it is really dense with undergrowth and trees. I was quite pleased with my little adventure.

Well, that’s it for this week.

Lots of love,



Photo 1 I built this!

Photo 2 Puzzling

Photo 3 Yippee!!! Got it

Photo 4 Playing with Sonic

Photo 5 More Sonic play

Photo 6 More fun with Sonic

Photo 7 Being a cute bunny

Photo 8 Learning to open doors, on my own

Photo 9 Yummy naartjie

Photo 10 Family Breakfast, and yes, I eat parsley

Photo 11 Swinging on a ‘big boy’ swing

Photo 12 ‘Helping’ Mom setup for BabyGym

Photo 13 Rocking a baby doll to give it a vestibular workout

Photo 14 Baby bootcamp at Delta Park

Photo 15 Gymnastics time

Photo 16 Sneaking up

Photo 17 A naked bunzy run, with wingzzz; practicing for the Angels Walking™

Photo 18 At Johannesburg Zoo, all ready for Angels Walking™

Photo 19 Giggles with wingzzzz

Photo 20 Some angels with loooong legs

Photo 21 Lots and lots of walkers

Photo 22 Taking a break from walking, to do some gardening

Photo 23 Sitting on the memorial to Max the Gorilla

Photo 24 Stopping for some munchies

Photo 25 More bootcamp, this time at the Zoo

Photo 26 Getting ready to go on the spinning shells with Mom and Aunty Nina

Photo 27 Gene and Emma joined us! What fun

Photo 28 Dad shows us how to pogo-stick

Photo 29 Giggles on the trampoline

Photo 30 Having a quiet moment to myself

Photo 31 Til next week . . .

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