My strange week started with me having a 45 minute discussion with Mommy on the way to school about the compelling case for me staying home for the week and not working through the emotional stuff that going to school brings.

It turned out Mommy still has some negotiation skills left from a few years back, because as she said goodbye and have a good day I just got on with it and did my work for the day.

We use Letterland letters in class and Clever Cat was the letter of the week; can you guess which letter it was?? Go on guess! Mom melted as usual when I walked her to my class and insisted that she check out what we had done for the day.

I made a noodle necklace without help according to Teacher Sasha. I was rather excited to tell Mom about the necklace. What was even more impressive was that I went to the toilet without prompting.

After school Mom had arranged for me to go swimming with Granny. I had so much fun. I forced everyone in the house to give in to my charms. I totally got my way on everything. We lost our car keys at Granny’s place forcing me to miss my speech lesson with Vicky. I was devastated and cried for ages.

After a nap at home I was very weeping and sensory. I didn’t want to be touched or bathed or anything that usually makes me content. Daddy even ran to the store quite late to get me a Bob the Builder egg, to see if that would help. I waited at the window for him to get back. It didn’t help but I soon fell asleep with Mommy singing to me.

I was even more emotional on Tuesday, and while Mommy collected her purse from Granny and did a support visit to another Mommy, Daddy worked from home. After school when Mommy collected me, Teacher Sasha told Mom that I was quite the cad in class. My teacher was thrilled with my self-confidence.

Unfortunately come Wednesday my tomfoolery in class got me a timeout. I was moved to another table to continue my work on my own. Mom arrived slightly later as it was Be Sharp Beetles after school and unfortunately we got the time wrong but when class started I did really well. My teacher Amelia was so impressed, I didn’t instigate any bad behaviour in class, I did all my exercises and I totally thrilled my Mom. Wednesday was a bad work day, but a good fun day. Back home, I continued to be weepy and sensitive and very frustrated.

Teacher Bernadine took our class on Thursday. We met coach Scott after class, and he gave us our Soccer Starz lesson. I had great fun, and we learned to dribble the ball, stop the ball and kick the ball properly. All I was interested in at first was defending the goals, and being the striker. I changed my mind when I saw how much fun everything was. Mom thought I was a bit out of hand and I kept running to her to check I was doing ok, and she kept sending me back. Eventually I was doing headers and anything asked of me. I did notice when doing the headers Mom’s face was covered with her hand. She seemed nervous, I can’t imagine why.

It poured with rain back home and we were drenched as was Daddy when he eventually made it home on his bike. The whole afternoon I sang ‘ The Farmers in the Dell’ Mom sent dad a message and it went along the lines of ‘he is not going to make it to 5 if he keeps singing’.

We went to Shannon to see her new place and took along an apple pie. I saw the kittens and played up a storm. Shannie presented me with a soft Tow Mater toy and a Scooby Doo DVD. I was thrilled. It took a long time for me to calm down. My folks couldn’t get me to sleep and Scooby Doo was definitely not allowed before bedtime. I was in a foul mood. However all would be explained the next day at OT.

I leave school early on a Friday, which is not a good thing regardless of what you feel about school, because Friday is bike day at school. We beetle down the hill in the parking with such speed, that we have to wear our safety helmets. I pounced into the car and left Mom and teacher Sasha to find my bag, shoes, water bottle and school work.

Lauren thought I was progressing nicely and when Mom said we had done no exercises for the week as I had been sensory and brushing or deep pressure was impossible to do. Lauren had had the same idea. The room was set up for making aromatherapy play dough. I made green dough with a caramel smell.

After OT we had to go back to school for my official Soccer lesson, I crashed the lesson the day before. That was not going to happen as I slept well for the first time in the week. I then fell asleep again at about 3 and Mom was concerned. Daddy came home exhausted but relieved on Friday evening after successfully getting placed in his company that is restructuring the entire head office.

Groceries was the order of the day on Saturday and after a nap, we headed to Mogan’s place for a braai. It was awesome! I should mention that Daddy had to do a rescue mission for Roxy who had bolted again because of the thunder. We were so late for Morgan, that we found he had come to look for us and was on his push bike. I drove up to fetch him on my own bike. We then dismantled his room and caused a lot of mayhem in the house. We had a wonderful time but I still wasn’t asleep at 10 after going home at 8. This ended up being quite good for the folks because I slept till 6:30 on Sunday morning. A new long sleep record.

Being all bright and sparkly, my folks did so many chores around the house, including getting the spare microwave from the storage unit. I was quite sad about the fact that my signing Santa and Christmas tree got sent back with the tree but I said ‘oh well’ according to my new life strategy.

I then settled into doing the blog and ended the week watching and pretending to be an American Idol.

This week also saw two worthwhile mentions. The first is the floatation of Facebook as Mark Zuckerberg tries to raise $5billion in capital. Another interesting incident this week was that an asteroid, the size of a bus, passed by Earth at 59 000km, which in astronomical terms is a ‘close shave’.

See you all soon.



Photo 1 Doing some artwork

Photo 2 Concentrating

Photo 3 Putting my elbow into it

Photo 4 Washing my art utensils

Photo 5 Playing Mario Kart on the Wii

Photo 6 Popcorn in the gardens at school

Photo 7 I took this picture of Teacher Sasha and Melissa

Photo 8 Doing Be Sharp Beetles at school

Photo 9 Loving doing music again

Photo 10 Stopping for a quick pose

Photo 11 Clapping

Photo 12 Visiting Shannon and Blacky

Photo 13 Throwing the ball for Sasha

Photo 14 And again

Photo 15 Pushing Morgan on the swing

Photo 16 Trying my hand at standing on the big-boy swing

Photo 17 This is cool!

Photo 18 Swimming with Sasha

Photo 19 Such fun

Photo 20 Getting splashed by Sasha

Photo 21 Playing with my new crane

Photo 22 Engineer Jay-Bee

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  1. Tom & Di says:

    Jarrod, you remain the highlight of my EVERY Monday morning! You and your wonderful parents never cease to amaze us. We definitely will purchase a copy of the book – please let us know where and when. With our very best wishes.

  2. Mike says:

    Hey Lederers, nice read as always Jarrod. Keep up the brilliant work and remember “The farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell hi ho the deery-o the farmer in the dell”

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