To start off the 3rd full week of school, I decided to be bright, fresh and breezy on Monday morning. Mommy discovered this when I rubbed my nose against hers to wake her up. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights i.e. big eyed. I explained that Kanga and Roo rub noses in Pooh’s Hefalump Adventure movie, and then I started questioning on her. Why do they rub noses? Why do they love each other? Why is Kanga Roo’s mommy and why did the Hefalump lose his mommy?

This was intense for Mom. I am still planning to wear her down about taking me to school and I overheard her speaking to a company asking if they did negotiation skills for parents of a three year old.

I howled when Mom tried to leave me at school, but once I found my colouring in exercises, I just couldn’t be bothered. My school uniform (t-shirts) arrived and I insisted on wearing my first one immediately. We all look really good in them. At school we started counting to 15 and 20 with counters. We started with the letter Noisy Nick and this will be my fourth letter as well as this being a special letter as it is Daddy’s initial.

After school I was shattered and had a snooze. Once I had woken up we went to Vicky my speech therapist. We had such fun jumping around on pictures, telling stories about where and what we were doing. Back home Daddy and I played “wassssup” from the Heineken commercials a few years back, while I giggled hysterically. My veins were popping out my neck and head and this mildly concerned Mom.

Our country of study for the week is Turkey so the folks and I sat around the globe finding different countries and Turkey was mentioned a great deal, and Mommy and Daddy showed me how far it was from where I live.

I can literally carry the world on my shoulders now, hee hee!

My trip to school on Tuesday started with the negotiations. I thought perhaps I had worn Mom down finally when she went quiet till I saw how devastated she was about forcing me to do something. We arrived at school and I hung on to all parts of the car. Mom carried me in to the school screaming. Poor teacher Sasha, even she was shocked. My friends helped me settle but Mom knew I wasn’t happy.

When Mom collected me, she was informed that I did really well at school. Anything directed is still difficult for me after first break but I am getting better. I was allowed to go back to my desk at the boys’ table.

Wednesday we had Be Sharp Beetles at school. I loved it! Dad got home pretty grumpy, as the gear selector on his bike snapped off, so he had to limp home in 1st gear, balancing over revving the engine with overheating it. To make him feel better I let him beat me at Mario Kart Wii a number of times during the evening!

Thursday and Friday were write-offs for me as I had a runny nose that resembled toxic nuclear waste and even though it was just a cold, Mommy refused to make anyone at school sick. This didn’t mean that I got away with not doing anything. I still got to do my work at home. On Friday when Dad got home he was completely exhausted. It had been a taxing day at work as many of Dad’s colleagues, one team members and even friends, had been placed on ‘reassignment’ resulting from restructuring. Dad said it was awful watching people being given boxes to put their personal belongings into and having their access cards revoked and having to surrender their laptops. Some people were even led off the premises. What made it so bitter-sweet was that at the same time many of Dad’s colleagues and friends, including Dad himself, were now in different, new and exciting roles. Poor Dad has been through this three times in the past four years; I just showered him in hugs.

I was feeling tonnes better on Saturday so we went to Liya and Emma’s birthday just before noon. We had such a ball that we stayed there until early evening. There was divine food, ice cream cake, plenty of swimming and a jumping castle. I effectively fell asleep one block away and woke again being “topped and tailed” and popped into PJs. I ate some food and turned over to fall asleep. What a cool day.

Mom was feeling sore throated on Sunday, as she’d picked up what I had. Dad and I decided to let her get over it and so we went out to Orangotangos. It was pretty full, but as I knew the ropes I immediately got to the business of solid play. Dad swung me on the swing for a while and he tried to barrel roll me, but that wasn’t for me today. Needless to say bumper car rides were the order of the day too, and we belted around the track. We had two really bad ‘crashes’ but Dad has become a pro at holding me tightly and bracing my head and neck before impact, so we didn’t suffer any injuries. My steering is getting much better – I now can negotiate much of the way around the course on my own, with Dad only occasionally having to correct my course. I played some more and by noon I was exhausted.

At home we discovered Mom fast asleep, fighting her cold. We both snuggled up with her and we all had a team snooze.

In the afternoon, Dad and I experimented with my first science set. Because we learnt about volcanoes at school, Granny bought me a volcano simulation science set. Dad and I put on surgical gloves (Mom has practically an entire hospital stock of these kinds of things at home), Dad put goggles on me and we started. It was such fun measuring out and mixing the chemicals and then watching the reactions. Needless to say, for Dad being Dad, the ‘little’ reactions weren’t satisfactory, so he opted to quadruple the measurements and go big! What fun we had. Mom was heard saying “Boys will be boys!” under her breath when she discovered what we’d done.

Later on I helped Dad repair his bike once again, but sadly for him the part didn’t work, so he’s back to driving the car for a few more days. We stayed industrious and spray painted some furniture and then converted the top of one of our tables into a blackboard. So now when I sit at that table I can simply draw directly onto the table. So cool. We left Mom to rest for the entire day; Dad and I had such a good time together.

Well, that’s it for this week.

Lots of love,


Photo 1 A really cool track

Photo 2 Mickey will only drink running water!

Photo 3 Helping Dad repair his bike

Photo 4 Snug as a bug after a warm shower

Photo 5 Notice the . . .

Photo 6 . . . resemblance

Photo 7 Helping Mom tidy the cupboards

Photo 8 Bubbles in the rain

Photo 9 Chalk board time

Photo 10 The rocket I drew

Photo 11 My ‘S’ for Sammy Snake

Photo 12 Playing with Chloe and Amy

Photo 13 Playing with a shongololo (millipede)

Photo 14 Painting my little dog house

Photo 15 Swinging at Orangotangos

Photo 16 Sliding

Photo 17 Jumping

Photo 18 Ready for some science

Photo 19 Dad and I doing science

Photo 20 The ‘lava’ we made

Photo 21 Now this is more like it! Go big or go home; Dad makes ‘big lava’

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