Hi all,

I’m happy to report that my hectic social life continues to keep me occupied and interested, as my Mommy and I find new adventures each day. Thursday morning I was exposed to the wonderfully arty and interesting shops and restaurants of Parkhurst. I was in awe at all the antique shops and diverse eateries along 4th Ave, and made a mental note that I had to visit this place again as it warranted more than a fleeting look. Our objective today was to meet with Bev at Espresso, where we spent a wonderful morning having breakfast, tea and coffee, and caught up on lots of chitchat. Aunty Birgitt also joined us, and it was really nice for her to meet Bev as well. I was on my best behaviour, and before long it was time to bid adieu and we headed off home.

Once home my Mommy decided that after I’d been fed and my cares done that it was time to visit Granny. Aunty Birgitt opted to have some quiet time, so Mom and I headed off to Morningside Manor. En route my Mom discovered that my Cousin Tamsin needed a lift home from school, so we made a small detour to Redhill School. Arriving at school (apparently I was scheduled to spend a few years in a similar place) I was excited to see all the activities and playing and smiling kids everywhere. I figured I would one day enjoy my sentence here! We very quickly found Cousin Tamsin, and she was joined by her little friend Samantha. They chatted excitedly at seeing me in the car, and all the way to Granny’s I was the centre of attention.

Once at Granny’s I was inundated by the animals, whom I’m really fond of. I offered to share my pacifier with the dogs on a return basis – they obliged, but neglected to meet the ‘return basis’ of my offer, so I sadly lost a well worn-in pacifier to them. The remainder of the afternoon was spent chatting and drinking tea and eating cake, and before long we started heading home.

Dad was already home and waiting for us, and pretty soon we were settled in for the evening. Aunty Birgitt had a friend come over, whom I met briefly, and then they went out. I spent a quiet evening with Mommy and Daddy watching TV.

Friday morning Dad had to leave really early to go to a conference in Pretoria. Aunty Birgitt travelled with Dad, as she was going to spend the day with Emma in Pretoria. It had started raining during the night, and by the time I was awake and ready to go out the rain had subsided to a mild drizzle. It was wonderful to feel the cooler air after the rain, as temperatures during the prior few days were sweltering.

Mom and Granny went off to Sandton City for the entire Friday, with me in tow. I was introduced to the concept of shop ’til you drop, as Granny is a pro-shopper – I noticed even Mommy was struggling to keep up, and I’d heard she was a seasoned shopper. Sandton City was wonderful – already the Christmas decorations were beginning to make an appearance. Our hectic shopping adventure was only briefly interrupted when we went to Aunty Kim’s offices in the Sandton City Towers. Sadly I didn’t get to see her, as was in a meeting – personally I’ve never been into a meeting but I’ve heard that hours are wasted in these sessions, but minutes are kept! Go figure? I did however see Cousin Shannon. As always she was really chuffed to see me.

Eventually even Granny had tired from shopping, and we headed off home. Dad and Aunty Birgitt arrived home shortly after six o’clock, and before long I was bathed and fed. The four of us then headed to Benmore Gardens to have dinner at Col’Cacchio. We had a really good evening, and I was treated to small amounts of strawberry daiquiri again. We got home pretty late in the evening, and it wasn’t long before I was in bed.

Early Saturday morning Dad took over my cares and fed me for my early morning feed. As always, I really enjoyed this early morning bonding time with just my Dad. Normally I spend almost the whole Saturday morning with Dad, but this morning he had an appointment with the Dr Sonja, my chiropractor. I snoozed with my Mom for a while, and by the time Dad was home we had prepared breakfast. After a leisurely breakfast we headed off to the ‘Baby Club’, i.e. Tina Otte’s Family and Child Centre. There we chatted with Tina and Ralph, and a bunch of other mommies, daddies and babies, some of whom I’d got to know during Mom and Dad’s ante-natal classes. Some imprints were done, and pretty soon we were on the road again.

We headed off to Parktown North, to have tea and cupcakes at Moemas. Their selection is divine and undoubtedly the most decadent assortment of confectionary, cakes, and cupcakes the four of us had ever set out eyes on. Sometime later, feeling full, rich and very sweet, we headed south to Opa and Oma’s place to drop off Aunty Birgitt. I was exciting to see Opa and Oma again, but we had to leave soon after to get back home.

Once home, Dad took charge of me cares and Mom went out for the afternoon. Again Dad and I did some serious bonding, starting off with an afternoon snooze together and ending off with some intensive chats about science and stuff like that – typical boy talk. Late in the afternoon Opa brought Aunty Birgitt back to the house and I got to see my Opa for a second time that day. Soon afterward Mom arrived home and we all spent a leisurely evening together.

Although Sunday was a sad day, as Aunty Birgitt would be flying back to Cape Town today, we started the day with an indulgent breakfast at Crabtree and Evelyn’s Tea Shop at the Design Quarter. The morning slipped by really quickly, and soon we were back home, and Aunty Birgitt was packing to go back to Cape Town. Opa volunteered to take Aunty Birgitt to the airport, so mid afternoon I visited with Opa before having to say good bye to my Aunty Birgitt.

The week ahead is looking to be busy again. Tomorrow morning I’m back to the Baby Club to be weighed, which is always an exciting measure of my progress. Later in the morning I’m having some OT done again with Lauren. Tuesday will be another frenzied day as I undergo yet another procedure (my 6th in total), to have my bilateral inguinal hernia repaired. It is an outpatient procedure, so I’ll be going home the same day. Nevertheless I expect the night following this procedure to be somewhat uncomfortable, as I anticipate there will be a degree of pain and discomfort. If I’m feeling up to it, I’ll definitely report back on Tuesday or Wednesday evening to update you all the procedure.

Hugs, and lots of love and kisses,


Figure 1 Bath time!

Figure 2 Sonic & I having a stretch

Figure 3 Ready to go out

Figure 4 Bonding with Opa

Figure 5 Tummy-time on the Activity Mat from Bev, Claire and Matt

Figure 6 More exercise time

Figure 7 Passed out in Dad’s lap after breakfast

Figure 8 Smiles!

Figure 9 The evening in Johannesburg got really cold, so I donned my spacesuit

6 Comments on Out On The Town

  1. Gillian Lederer says:

    Dear Sweet Jarrod

    Good luck with your procedure this week. I am sure it is just “routine” and we hope that it won’t be uncomfortable for too long.

    Best wishes to your Mom and Dad and don’t forget that it is mommy’s birthday on Monday.

    Love always

    Gillian, Oliver, Ryan and Kirsten

  2. Bronwyn says:

    Good morning cuddlebunny

    Happy Birthday to your mommy today, hope she is going to have an awesome day!!!!

    We will be thinking of you tomorrow, and really hope that all goes well with your procedure.

    Love to you all

    Bronwyn, Gary, Brannon, Rhianne

  3. Micheline says:

    Hey Big Boy!
    Glad to see you’re out and about and having fun and experiecing new and exciting advetures!
    Good luck for tomorrow, will think of you….
    Lots of love & kisses
    Micheline & Ronan
    PS. Please give your mommy a BIG birtday hug and kiss from us…. 😉

  4. Claire says:

    Hey Jarrod. You’re making up for all the days you couldn’t go out, it seems. You have the world’s best social director in your mom. Please give her a birthday hug and a kiss from me.

  5. Rod says:

    Hey Dude,

    Don’t be concerned about hurting your dad’s feelings by not ommitting it from your blog – I know you were as concerned as I was prior to the match, about the suitability of our front row and our captain moving to tighthead. However they stood up well to the challenge. On a similar note good to see Smithy’s elbow on the mend and a good knock yesterday first time back.

    I’m trying to get your old man to Wanderers some time this season to “initiate” him. Between the two of us, we can convert him still!


  6. Lisle says:

    Wow, what a social life!!! you are so cool!. Happy Birthday Lynn. Good Luck for your hernia op tomorrow Jarrod (with 5 procedures under the belt, you are a veteran already)

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