Good evening everyone,

Wow, the time is flying, and with it comes lots of exciting new experiences and discoveries. Tuesday was another really hectic day for me, not that I’m complaining of course. I’ve discovered, like Mom and Dad, I prefer being busy and up and about than doing nothing. So Tuesday morning Mom and I went to see Elmien, my speech therapist. My progress was once again considered quite satisfactory, and more and new exercises were given to me. I’m starting to feel my pearlies pushing through my gums, so I guess this will bring with it a bunch of new exercises and experiences. What I also found quite interesting on Tuesday, and a first on a week day, was that Dad was home for the day. Apparently the electricity in town was out of commission as a result of a fire in a cable tunnel under the city, so Dad’s building was on generator power for essential services only making sense for him to work from home. I was so excited to see Dad when we got home from Elmien, hoping to spend time with him only to discover that his face was buried in his laptop, only occasionally surfacing to take or make calls! My disappointment at not having access to my Dad was soon forgotten when Granny arrived for a visit. Mom, Granny and I retired to the lounge and had some tea.

Granny hadn’t left for more than 10 minutes when Sister Audrey arrived from Perryhill International to deliver additional feeding tubes for my MIC-Key. She also examined my stoma and checked the MIC-Key for wear and tear or damage. I was enjoying the attention I was getting from Audrey so much that I hadn’t realised that Opa had arrived! What an awesome day, filled with visitors, and busy busy busy! Eventually the afternoon’s activities calmed down. By late afternoon Dad bundled me into the car and took me to OT. Both of us were really excited, as this was the first time Dad could take me to one of my appointments. It felt so cool – just the boys on a small outing. Lauren, my OT, was also suitably impressed with my progress, and showed Dad some more exercises for us to do. Dad asked lots of questions, I guess this was so that he could clearly show Mom how to do the exercises and answer a flurry of questions from her! After some craniosacral therapy we were heading home. Not only did the therapy knock me out, but it loosened up my entire neck and back, and I began feeling a lot less tense. By evening I was exhausted from my long day, and I quickly fell asleep.

On Wednesday, Mom and I had a really quiet day and we stayed home, chilling around the house, snoozing, walking in the garden and bonding with the animals. Thursday Mom and I met Bev for tea, and then cocktails, at the Corner Café in Craighall! We chatted and lazed about on the beautiful summer’s day, which sadly ended too quickly. Before heading home Mom and I popped into Cresta and did some shopping.

Mom and I visited Dad’s office on Friday morning, and I met more of Mom and Dad’s colleagues. This time we did a bit of a tour of The Campus, and not only visited the 3rd Floor where Dad’s office is. After seeing Dad’s colleagues on the 3rd Floor, we headed up to the 28th Floor, then the 24th Floor and finally stopped off in Towers North at the Canteen. I really enjoyed seeing where Mom and Dad work, and hang-out most of the time. In the afternoon we popped by at Granny’s for a quick visit.

Friday evening Mom and Dad started bundling me up warmly in my traveller, in the house, and I knew something was up. Normally the traveller is dumped in the boot of one of the cars and I’m snugly belted into the safety seat. But not tonight! Since it looked like it may rain again, even the waterproof cover for my traveller came out. Next we were leaving via the front door, down the driveway and out onto the pavement, straight past the cars! Then I realised we were going to Nina, Jaco and Gene up the road for dinner. What an exciting outing! It felt so different going to visit people on foot (so to speak, as I was still on wheels), for dinner. We arrived to lots of hugs and kisses at Nina’s place, and pretty soon we were all settling down to pizzas and wine. Well, to be precise, I didn’t have pizza nor wine, and Gene only had pizza, but I understand the adults made up for it! It was really late when we headed back home. It was real fun – Dad pushing the traveller, me snug-as-a-bug in the traveller, and Mom lighting the way with a torch. Before long we reached our house, and our little adventure was over. I was bundled off to bed and soon I was in dreamland.

Saturday morning after dressing and doing my cares, Nina arrived, and Mom, Nina and I headed off to Hartebeespoort Dam (in North West Province) for Nadene’s baby shower, for little Megan that is expected in about three months. Two new firsts for me: one, going to ‘Harties’ Dam, and secondly, being at a baby shower. Well technically, its not my first baby shower, as I was at my Mommy’s baby shower while I was still inside her tummy. I met a whole bunch of new people, and once all the pressies were opened, and the party was over, Mom, Nina and I headed back to Jo’burg. On Saturday afternoon Anne, Gary and little Christopher came to visit us at home. I’d met Anne and Gary at the ante-natal classes that Mommy and Daddy attended. I also met Christopher there, but we were both still inside our Mommies’ tummies – it was really cool to meet Christopher in person, especially as he’s the first person I’ve met in my own age group outside of hospital; little Christopher was born 9 days before me. Mom, Dad, Anne and Gary partook of a cheese platter while Christopher and I had milk. Saturday evening was a chilled affair in front of the TV.

Sunday morning Nina came for a brief visit, and then Brenda also visited. Brenda, who is my God Mommy’s sister (Sharon) was supposed to visit last Sunday, but I was having a really bad day then, and all visits had to be postponed. Robin and Di also visited and we all chilled in the lounge, chatting and sharing stories. Soon Shatzi and Sonic also visited with us, and eventually they put on a show of cat and cat for us – originally known as cat and mouse, but with two cats and no mouse! By mid-afternoon, after all the guests had left, Mom and Dad felt like pizza again (I can’t wait to get teeth, as this pizza thing sounds really awesome). Again I was expecting the whole rigmarole of car seat and strapping me in, but no, Dad simply picked me up and Mom grabbed a wallet and keys and we walked up to the local neighbour pizza place. Although the sun was really bright during the walk it was so awesome being outside again walking. Before I could blink again it was Sunday evening, and another wonderful weekend with my Mommy and Daddy was drawing to an end. Dad fed and bathed me and pretty soon I was popped in front of the laptop (as I am now) to write this week’s blog!

Before I go, the week ahead is once again filled with lots of appointments. Tomorrow I’m going to Baby Club for my weekly weigh-in, then afterward I have an appointment with my heroine Dr Nicoletta Hay for a check up. Tuesday is another OT day with Lauren, and then who knows what the rest of the week holds – but you’ll need to wait until next week’s blog for that news.

The last few things I want to report on are that I’ve begun to discover my feet during the week. I reckon by next weekend I’ll be grabbing onto them, and my major objective is to at least get one of those little piggies into my mouth! Will provide a full report back on my progress next week. During the past week I’ve also come to the conclusion that I like toys that are noisy, and I’m enjoying clutching them and bashing them about to make a din. I’m definitely erring toward musical instruments at the moment, particularly drums!

Well, goodnight for now.

Love, hugs and kisses,


Figure 1 Christopher chilling at our house

Figure 2 Passed out after a hectic afternoon

Figure 3 Me and Di

Figure 4 Sonic popped in for some conversation too

Figure 5 Shatzi keeps a low profile

Figure 6 Stunning Bible Stories Book from Sophia

Figure 7 This cute worm came from Nina

Figure 8 I choose this little toy myself

Figure 9 A singing elephant from Anne, Gary and Christopher

Figure 10 This heated bunny and heated shoes are from Brenda

Figure 11 Here’s me already testing the warming qualities of the little heating bunny

Figure 12 Evelyn (Aunty) dropped off this really cool book for me at Dad’s office

Figure 13 Snug clothes from Robin, Di, Caitlin and Tim

Figure 14 Opa and Oma provided me with this awesome reindeer that counts the days until Christmas


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  1. Bronwyn says:

    Boy, you have really been a busy little boy this week, so many places to go and so many people to see. Busy, busy!!

    Good luck for your weigh in and check up, sure it will all be perfect!!!!

    Love to you all
    Bronwyn, Gary, Brannon, Rhianne

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