It’s been another sickly week for me, as I’m still battling the cold or flu or whatever this bug is that I’ve got. Mom and Dad have also been coughing and fluey on and off. Between them they’ve been alternating to take turns to look after me, as my nuclear fallout green nose would not be welcome at school. When I finally was well enough to go to school it turned out there was a bug making the rounds there too, so Mom opted to keep me out of school for the entire week. Needless to say I loved that, as I still have major issues with separation anxiety – spending the first six months of one’s life in hospital will do that you.

I’ve had fun regardless, and the days I went with Mommy to her office at Sandton City I was spoilt rotten. Shannon got me a whole Toy Story train that I’ve played with endlessly. My Avengers action men are now also practically complete; Granny had a hand in that. Over and above being spoilt so much I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve had bonding with Mommy and Daddy and my family, spending the extra time with them. I also enjoyed watching Mommy working and whipping her exhibitors at Sandton City into shape in readiness for a hectic weekend – SA Fashion Week started at the centre so things had to be shipshape. Mom worked with the exhibitors on Monday night to make sure all was going smoothly.

Thursday it got really busy so Mommy sent me home with Granny where I chilled at Granny’s house for the rest of the afternoon. Friday Daddy took care of me, and in the afternoon I helped him do a property inspection in Lonehill where a tenant was moving out. I loved it. Afterward Daddy took me to Smudge where Mommy joined us. We stayed until it got so late that we had to leave as they were locking up. Secretly I don’t think the folk at Smudge mind, as I am a local celebrity there, but to keep up appearances to the other customers the doors were closed.

Saturday Daddy and I accompanied Mommy to ‘work’ – she was checking with all her exhibitors and making sure things were running smoothly. It was Spring Day and the start of SA Fashion Week, so Sandton City was chaotic, but I loved it, as it’s become my playground. Dad and I had breakfast at the Wimpy where Granny joined us. Mom popped in for a while too, and afterward we even all got the chance to visit Toys-R-Us. This time Daddy spoiled me with some Thomas train additions – I finally got a Lego Emily.

We again went with Mommy to work on Sunday morning. This time Dad and I hung out at Häagen-Dazs. When I got bored with Dad’s company I joined Mom and I trashed some of her exhibitors’ stands. They didn’t seem to mind too much. During the afternoon I ‘walked the centre’ with camera in hand taking pics of things that interested me. It was such fun. I’ve added my whole repertoire of photos below for your viewing pleasure. This is life as seen from just under a metre high.

In the afternoon Mom and I went to Brenda’s spring tea. Dad was still fast asleep (and grumpy) from his afternoon snooze so we left him behind. In true Spring tradition I had a swim.

Some confusing news we received during the week was that Dr Winter returned from his conference in Zurich where he met and discussed my case with Dr George Rodesch, who is the world’s foremost expert on Vein of Galen AVMs. He’s feedback to us is that we should go in to embolise the remaining fistulas in my brain. Dr Winter in Unitas, who took over from Prof Fourie, admitted this was beyond his field of experience. This weekend Dr Winter and Dr Talyor are meeting in Cape Town, and will discuss my case again. The challenge is that we really don’t know what to do, as there are so many unknowns. Aunty Kim has gracefully offered to help pay for us to go to Paris, for which we’re really thankful. We are also running out of time, as any procedures after age five would be worthless, and as my brain damage would then be concrete. However, before five years of age, my brain is plastic enough to learn to accommodate any deficiencies lost in surgery. However, the extent of those deficiencies remain unclear, and can be as severe as blindness and paralysis from the waist down. So I guess the challenge we are struggling with is will more surgery be beneficial at this juncture, or will it make things dramatically worse, or would there be a chance I lead a normal and long life. Each day we change our minds, as there are so many unknowns.

Til next week.



Photo 1 Ready for my doctor’s appointment

Photo 2 Being checked out

Photo 3 Loving the Kaleidofoam

Photo 4 Surrounded in foam

Photo 5 Gone in 60 seconds

Photo 6 Getting the mail; old school

Photo 7 Stair climbing

Photo 8 Doing an inspection

Photo 9 Thomas time with Mickey

Photo 10 Painting at Smudge

Photo 11 Smudge’s red velvet cake rocks!

Photo 12 Pirate Jay-Bee

Photo 13 Brain-freeze on a really big milkshake

Photo 14 The Fantasy Crytals we grew

These next photos I took at Sandton City! Life as seen from under a metre tall!

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  1. stacey says:

    Good luck JB – you Mom and Dad will instinctively make the right decision and I believe I will be reading these blogs for many years to come !

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