Mommy collected me from school on Monday sporting a stunning new hairstyle. She looked amazing. Her work has really become hectic, so I went home with Granny in the afternoon. By the time Mommy collected me from Granny’s it was already quite late, and I was asleep in the car before we arrived at home. I was so tired that I retired for the evening and woke up again on Tuesday morning.

Daddy had a really early appointment in Lonehill to let the cleaning crew into one of the rentals, so I didn’t see him in the morning. In the afternoon I built a toot-toot (train) track in my bedroom without any help. I was thrilled with my achievement. In the evening Mommy headed off back to Sandton City to deal with a crisis with one of her exhibitors. Dad and I had a nice evening together – we had pizza for dinner and we chilled together in bed watching TV. I was fast asleep by the time Mommy got home.

The highlight of my day on Wednesday was that Mom and I had a candlelight lunch together in the dinning room. It was such fun. We repeated it for dinner for Dad’s benefit.

At about 5am on Thursday morning our first summer storms arrived complete with lightning, thunder and hail. I stayed in bed while Mom and Dad got the dogs inside. Mickey was out for a wee and came storming through the hail and dove into the house without stopping. Mom grabbed him and wrapped him in a towel to dry, but he’d sprinted so fast he hardly got wet. I guess that’s a special talent cats have. By the time we left for school and work, there were still patches of hail in the garden and on my trampoline, which looked curious. It reminded me of the snow from a few weeks before.

Mommy had another hectic work day, so I went to Granny in the afternoon. It was really late by the time Mommy got to me as the rain was causing havoc on the roads. Robin IM’ed to say we’d had 30mm for the day (26mm during the storm at dawn).

As I was eating breakfast on the way to school on Friday morning I asked Mom if she wanted my muffin. Mom said no, as she preferred savoury muffins and would be getting one at Café e Vida later. I felt sad for her, as I really thought she needed a muffin, so I dug through my lunch box where I found a Kiri cheese and some slices of ham. Using these I transformed my sweet muffin into a savoury muffin (after Mommy explained what the difference was between sweet and savoury). It took less than two minutes for me to spilt open the muffin, put the cheese inside and wrap the ham around the outside. I proudly presented the now savoury muffin to Mom, and she was really thrilled. From the back of the car I couldn’t really see the delight in her face as she relished my savoury muffin, but I’m convinced she loved it, and ate it all!

Ryan, who was still at playgroup with me, was devastated that I had to leave early on Friday to see Lauren for OT. I told him it would be ok, as Claudi would be there pretty soon to collect him too. Also, I reminded him we’d be seeing each other on Sunday again, which seemed to make him feel a little better. On the way home we passed the Post Office where Dad and I collected my AppMates. I finally came to the realisation that Daddy didn’t buy them there, but only collected them there. So I asked Mom what a Post Office did, and she explained it all to me. I was still not fully convinced, as why is it needed since we have email?

Dad and I spent the afternoon together at home to give Mom a bit of quiet time.

Early Saturday morning Dad and a worker busied themselves with a chainsaw to lift the canopy of the oak tree in the back garden. It looked really hectic so instead of being outside with them I shouted instructions from the kitchen window. Pretty soon there were lots of branches on the ground and the garden started looking lighter as more sunlight filtered through the tree.

Mommy had to go to Sandton City for the morning to check that things for SA Fashion Week was running ok, so Dad and I spent the morning together at home. We decided to try out the Post Office, so I wrote Mom a letter. Dad prepared an envelope for me, and I stuck the stamps on it, as well as stamped the back with our return address. When Dad sealed the envelope I immediately said it looked like an email. He said I was correct, as the symbol for email is the original snail mail envelope. At the Post Office I posted the letter to Mom and was told it would arrive a few days later. So last century compared to what I’m used to.

After a team snooze, Mom, Dad and I headed off to OrangoTangos where we met up with Diane, Jacques and little Christian, who also has had a rough start to life, suffering from hydrocephalous. I played up a storm, played soccer with Dad and rode bumper cars and Mom and I stormed around the jungle gym together. I challenged Mommy to follow me throughout my ventures and she did. I was so thrilled.

Sunday morning was a little hectic around the house. First Mom and I made an apple pie to take with to Ryan’s place in the afternoon. I broke the eggs into the mixing bowl so dexterously that I didn’t even get any egg shell into the mix. I also stirred the batter and practically made the whole thing myself. Then, as we were having a show house again, Mom and Dad were rushing around trying to neaten things up a little. As we couldn’t be in the house we spent the day at Paul and Claudi’s place where Ryan and I played up a storm. It was huge fun, although admittedly I wasn’t feeling in top form so I had a few melt-downs; but that’s all part of play.



Photo 1 Passed on the drive home after a long day

Photo 2 This is the track I built all on my own

Photo 3 Driving my toot-toots

Photo 4 Lending a helping hand on Sodor

Photo 5 Agent P! “Hey, where’s Perry?”

Photo 6 Thursday morning’s hail

Photo 7 Old school – sending mail

Photo 8 Snacking at OrangoTango’s

Photo 9 Peekaboo

Photo 10 Adding essence to the mix

Photo 11 Measuring out the exact amount

Photo 12 Stirring it in

Photo 13 And mix!

Photo 14 Climbing with Ryan

Photo 15 Hanging on with our teeth (don’t tell our Moms)

Photo 16 Being trains

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