Before school on Monday morning I went for an assessment with Di my physiotherapist. She made it fun even though it was an assessment; it turns out I’m doing well.
After the assessment I went to school for the latter part of the morning. I made a butterfly for Daddy. Then after school Mommy took me to see Dr Jeanine Mears, my cardiologist, to have a checkup of my heart. She says my heart is doing really well and it is strong, however I still have a hole in my heart of approximately 3mm. It is no longer classified as an ASD but rather as a PFO now.
Self inflicted mayhem followed. While Mommy was finishing off with Dr Jeanine I escaped. One of my skills is my speed, and before anyone could blink is was off on a walk-about. Unbeknown to me, security was immediately alerted and the hospital was locked down. Apparently Mommy and Dr Jeanine went sprinting up and down the passages looking for me. Eventually Mommy found me on the next floor. Boy was I in trouble!
On the drive home I phoned Daddy to tell him what I did and that I was in big trouble, but that I was safe. In the afternoon I played in my sandpit carting sand about with my CAT truck. Such fun. In the evening, as we were about to have dinner, Mickey brought us a dead bird, an olive thrush. He was really proud of himself, and Mommy praised and thanked him (apparently this is the thing to do when a cat brings you a ‘gift’) while Daddy disposed of the little fellow. When Mommy explained the whole cat-gifting thing to me I turned to Mickey and said ‘Gimme five’!
Tuesday I got into a tiny bit of trouble at school – I decided to strip down naked and run through the whole school in the nick. Mommy thought it was hilarious and told me not to worry, as Daddy has done the odd naked running under suspicious circumstances.
The school is laying new turf for us to play on so we all went and played in the Grade 000 section on the their tiny jungle gym. Needless to say us kids decided to all climb on the little jungle gym at the same time, just as Mom arrived to collect me. She said it looked like ants were swarming all over the little jungle gym.
In the afternoon I had speech with Vicky, a snooze and then a nice long bath before bedtime.
On Wednesday I had an early morning shower with Daddy and then he not only got me ready for school, but he also took me to school. It was really nice to have him do that and a nice change for me. I finished off school with Be Sharp Beetles and Daddy had a parent-teacher meeting with Teacher B. I kept popping in to make sure I was getting a sterling report, which it turned out I did. Mommy and Daddy were very proud of me.
In the afternoon I had a play date with Ryan at his house. It was such fun. Driving home in the late afternoon I fell asleep and only woke up the next morning!
Because I went to sleep so early the previous evening, I was awake really early on Thursday morning. I dragged Dad out of bed too which he said was fortuitous as together we download and installed iOS 6 on his iPad which had been released a few hours earlier.
Traffic to school was horrific so I arrived really late. In the afternoon I had a play date with Morgan at his house and met his brand new little sister Shayne. She’s beautiful!
Friday morning I had another assessment, this time with Lauren my OT. It too was fun, and yielded a good result. I do have some concentration issues (when stuff doesn’t interest me) but Mom and Dad aren’t too worried about that. Mom says Dad has the same problem!
After Lauren Mommy dropped me off at school for a short time and then back home we packed for a mini-holiday at Sun City. I was soooooo excited. Once Granny had arrived and the car was packed we hit the road. Traffic was quite heavy until we got out of the city. I was starting to get the munches so at Brits we stopped for some padkos.
The last part of the journey was really tough as it was dark and raining really hard. To make matters worse there had been a huge veld fire which was now smoldering and making steam. Although it looked really impressive, with fire red steam rising up into the rain it made driving difficult.
The Vacation Club, where we were staying, was really full but we got a great unit in front of the pool and jungle gym, so a perfect location.
Saturday morning we hopped on the bus to the Entertainment Centre and I spent a good deal of time playing the games. I was a little fluey so by midday I was starting to drift off to sleep so we headed home for a snooze. In the afternoon we played miniature golf and played on the jungle gym at the Vacation Club. I had a whale of a time. While playing we serendipitously bumped into Sandy, one of Dad’s Twitter friends, and her family.
The Valley of the Waves was on the cards for Sunday morning. It was still morning and already hot. We took the bus to the Entertainment Centre and then made our way to the Valley of the Waves. As we were guests we didn’t have to wait in the queues, but I had other plans. I decided to play around the entrances with Granny and Mom and to hide from them I ran back to the Entertainment Centre. Little did I know that because Mom, Dad and Granny couldn’t find me the staff were all alerted and everyone was looking for me. Mommy found me at the escalators inside the centre where I announced ‘Mom, I’ve been on such an adventure to find treasure!’ Although Mom and Dad thought that was very sweet they were very upset with me for having run away. Fortunately nothing untoward happened and we headed down to the beach.
The water was a lot warmer than the last time we were here, and immediately I started playing ball and splashing about. Ice creams were eaten on the beach and then Mom, Granny and I went to giggle at the people rushing down the tubes. Afterward I played up a storm in the kiddies swim area where I must’ve gone through the waterfall at least seven times.
We asked Sandy and her family to join us, but little Katherine is too afraid to cross the Bridge of Time. Not a problem, through Chef Andrew it was arranged that a car collect them and bring them through the back entrance – no crossing of bridges needed. Unfortunately I didn’t see them as I’d already been there for over three hours and I needed to get out the sun. Dad stayed behind to save the shade for them and greet them.
Walking back to the bus I spotted a Billabong t-shirt that I liked. Mom succumbed to my good taste and bought it for me.
Back at home we all had a very late afternoon snooze and then Dad and I walked to the shop to buy wood for the braai. Dad’s really getting into the braai thing. I helped Dad stack the wood and before long we had a roaring fire going.
Well, that’s all for this week; just to make you a tiny but jealous I’m sitting on the evening patio looking out over the Pilansberg listening the to the bird life which is dominated by the ultra tame peacocks that wander past our door regularly.











































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