Monday it was a public holiday and our last day at Sun City. After packing up we headed down to the Cabana’s for breakfast. Sandy, Brad and their girls Katherine and Madison joined us for breakfast. Chef Andrew came to say hello to me while I was playing on the jungle gym – I practically burst with joy! He even joined us after breakfast and we all had a nice long chat. By midday it was time to head home so we hit the road back to Jo’burg. I snoozed most of the way but occasionally did open my eyes. At the Bronkhorstspruit four-way stop there was a 45 min gridlock but after that it was clear sailing home.

Once we were at home I was really well rested from my long snooze to I got the old folk to play outside with me. I was thrilled to see Mickey again as well as Roxy and Lucy. They seemed chuffed to see us too. In the evening Mommy had to pop in to work as more cars were being moved into Sandton City for the motor show. She got to drive in some awesome cars, including a Rolls Royce! Daddy by evening started getting a really bad migraine and with only the two of us at home I snuggled up to him in bed and soon we were both fast asleep.

I was happy that it was a short week of only four days of school, so I only had a little cry on Tuesday morning when Mommy dropped me off. In the afternoon I joined Mommy at the office and I got spoilt with a Spongebob Squarepants pirate ship as well as a McColls Farm Track Master to add to my other Thomas toot-toots. Did I mention I LOVE trains! In the afternoon Daddy took me to Vicky for my speech therapy.

Vicky and I made Dad sit in the courtyard where occasionally I’d peek through the window at him to make sure he wasn’t catching some zzzz’s in the warm afternoon sun. Speaking of zzzzz’s, that evening Daddy fell asleep in his work clothes! I thought it was hilarious but I also felt bad for him as it was the after effects of the previous day’s migraine.

I had a bit of a cry at school on Wednesday when I was dropped off, but I’m started to be a lot more brave. I spent the afternoon with Mommy at work and saw the Rolls Royce’s – they are really beautiful. Back home Dad built an intricate train track for me, complete with my new McColl’s Farm. Daddy took care of me for the evening as Mommy was back at the centre parking cars – actually a boat this time – that was so big that they had to get really creative about rolling it into the centre. Mommy did tell me but I’ve been sworn to secrecy.

Thursday I was chuffed to learn that Google was 14 years old. It is by far my most favourite search engine, and I regularly ask Dad to Google stuff for me, and more recently, to Google Goggle things we don’t know the names of (such as my Cars 2 characters or Thomas’ friends). The day was pretty uneventful, and I only briefly saw Daddy in the late afternoon as he was home to change for a company dinner.

We started our morning at Lauren’s place for the second part of my assessment on Friday. It took two long hours, and Lauren didn’t hold back, throwing really tough demands at me, some well above my age bracket. Overall she is thrilled! I achieved flying colours. One of the areas that is impaired however is my speech, owing the work done in my cerebellum relating to the speech-centre. After seeing Lauren I popped into school for a while and to take part in bike-Friday. I spent the afternoon at home where I chilled with Daddy.

Saturday morning we were up early and at Sandton City. Mommy had to ‘walk the floor’ and also distribute the keys to all the cars that were on display. I was shocked to hear that she hadn’t shared this with us earlier; if we’d known that Dad and I could’ve taken a Rolls, a McLaren or a Lamborghini for a spin the night before! While Mommy worked, Dad and I took pictures of the cars. We meet up with Dad’s friend Anthony and together they took pictures of cars. I stormed around the centre until it was time to leave.

In the afternoon we went to the River Café at the Field and Study Centre for Ryan’s Spiderman birthday party. It was an amazing party – just about all the kids were in Spiderman outfits. I too had a Spiderman outfit but at the last moment I opted to go as a fireman – they are also heroes! The afternoon was awesome. We played in the huge sandpit, clambered all over the stunning jungle gyms, and Paul even organised an inflatable crocodile jumping castle which we bounced around on. It was an amazing afternoon and despite the cold start to the day it was sweltering hot – we were all overheating in our outfits.

Sunday was Mommy and Daddy’s turquoise anniversary (which is 17 years) – so we all chilled together for the morning just enjoying family time. In the afternoon we had a show house, so we had to be out of the house for the afternoon. It was a perfect coincidence, as we spent the afternoon with Paul, Claudi and Ryan at Moyo’s Zoo Lake celebrating their anniversary. We even got a special treat from Moyo’s as well as a special song for their anniversary. One little mishap during the afternoon however was that Ryan and I crashed into each other at full tilt and we both grazed our knees really badly. After a while it was actually sore for us both to move our legs but it did hold us back too much with our play.

After Moyo’s we even popped into the bike park on the way home where Ryan and I stormed around burning up the last bit of energy we had. As the sun started setting so we started to shut down and it was time to say goodbye to my best friend and head home. My evening shower was excruciatingly painful – the water on my grazes burned and I howled through it. But it wasn’t so sore that I couldn’t blog!

‘Til next week.



Photo 1 I picked this for Mommy

Photo 2 Making dinner

Photo 3 Been shopping!

Photo 4 Guess who got in the way of this photo?

Photo 5 Spiderman convention

Photo 6 Hereos giving each other a fisty-bump

Photo 7 Birthday boy

Photo 8 Cheering on the heroes

Photo 9 Kiddie heaven

Photo 10 Rolling about in the sandpit

Photo 11 Sand races

Photo 12 Ryan’s super-hero talents failed him. Slightly.

Photo 13 All on board

Photo 14 How do I get myself into these predicaments?

Photo 15 Fear? Me? No way!

Photo 16 Clowning about

Photo 17 On the edge

Photo 18 Drinking sand

Photo 19 NOT!

Photo 20 Cake time

Photo 21 Yum

Photo 22 Sherriff Woody taking a break

Photo 23 Its goooood

Photo 24 Hero mayhem

Photo 25 Giggles

Photo 26 Tree climbing

Photo 27 Late afternoon high-sky

Photo 28 My beautiful pencil grip

Photo 29 Look at what I chose from the Moyo buffet!

Photo 30 Ryan and I building

Photo 31 Checking out the air balls

Photo 32 Peek-a-boo

Photo 33 Examining a tree

Photo 34 Strawberry milkshakes

Photo 35 Being cute

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