Yes, you guessed right! Tonight is my 300th blog! I’m really chuffed with myself.

To start the week I got Daddy up at 5am on Monday to play with my trains! After a good play, I got ready for school; before leaving I grabbed the camera and took pics of my morning. What fun. Sadly Mommy was having a rough day at work so after school she collected me and I went with her straight back to the office.

Tuesday morning before school I played Mario Kart Wii. Again, a really cool way to start the day. In the afternoon I had speech therapy with Vicky. I figured since I was besotted with trains I’d take them with to show Vicky – so in the afternoon I packed a huge box of my Take-And-Pay Thomas set. I think she really liked them. In the evening Dad and I watched Megamind – my new DVD. We were both mesmerised by the movie.

I missed (read “bunked”) music on Wednesday. The adults have cottoned on to my tactic now – I excuse myself to go to the bathroom but instead I go play on the jungle gym in the playground.

On Thursday Daddy took leave, as Mommy was speaking at a Project Management conference, so she couldn’t take me to school nor fetch me again. It was really fun that Daddy took me. We chatted all the way to school. In the afternoon, after SEMAS maths when he collected me, we chatted the whole way home again. At home we played and painted. I made a painting for Mommy as I was missing her.

Friday was bike Friday. I left school early to see Lauren for OT and afterward Mom and I spent a really long time at McDonald’s Rivonia – my usual Friday treat. I played up a storm. In the afternoon I had a nice long snooze, and sadly Mommy had developed a migraine, so Daddy stayed up with me. Since I slept so late and long in the afternoon, Dad finally got me to fall asleep at midnight, but not before we had a party of snacks and videos.

Mommy was back at work on Saturday morning. Dad and I decided to capitalise on the stunning weather so we took Lucy and Roxy for a nice long walk. I held Daddy’s hand throughout the walk, and along the way I read out all the house numbers to Dad and where there were any street signs or road markings I read those out to Dad too. He was really impressed. After our walk Daddy took me to lunch – I really enjoy sitting with Daddy at an eatery and just chatting.

I had a snooze in the afternoon and when I woke up Granny had arrived to spend the evening. I immediately got Granny immersed in my trains. Later in the afternoon I helped Daddy disassemble some garden furniture on the patio, and in the available space Daddy built me a huge racetrack where I raced Lightning McQueen.

Sunday we got off to a late start; Mommy had to pop into work so Dad and I headed off to the River Café at the Field and Study Centre. I played up a storm. The water slide was turned into a foam-slide and I had a whale of time bouncing on the bubbles and smearing them on Daddy. Granny and Mommy joined us later in the afternoon, but I needed a snooze, so we headed home. In the evening we went to Ryan’s place for a braai. While the adults chatted Ryan and I screamed up a storm – literally. Every so often one of the adults tried to scare us in Ryan’s wigwam, but we soon wised up to them.

Well, that’s it for this week – hope you enjoyed my first 300 postings, and hope you look forward to my next 300! I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.



Photo 1 Lucy on my bed

Photo 2 Dad and I mesmerised watching Megamind

Photo 3 Painting

Photo 4 Final touches

Photo 5 Tada

Photo 6 Up close!

Photo 7 Loving summer

Photo 8 Foam Party!

Photo 9 Loving it

Photo 10 Going in

Photo 11 Splash

Photo 12 Flying foam

Photo 13 Diving

Photo 14 Happiness

Photo 15 Smiles

Photo 16 Clowning about with Ryan

Photo 17 Being funny

Photo 18 Time to say goodbye

Photo 19 To the next 300!

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