I was very sensory on Monday, so after school we just took things slowly. In the evening, as promised, Daddy built me a new train track on the dining room table. It was a very complex track with many switches and junctions and allowed for lots of trains to run simultaneously without crashing. For extra effect I added a bunch of farm animals and trees as well as “grass” and “dessert”.

On Tuesday Mommy and I went for a hunt at the toy stores for Annie and Clarabelle (Thomas’ favourite coaches). Sadly they were sold out everywhere. In the late afternoon I was quite sensory again so Mommy cancelled speech, as the session doesn’t go well if I’m not up to it. Needless to say we avoid the extra stress and any screaming because of my condition.

I had music after school on Wednesday and then Ryan and I spent the afternoon playing at Yeesh.

Daddy was up and ready for work at the crack of dawn on Thursday. He had early meetings that would last throughout the day. I heard him muttering about budgets, budgets, budgets under his breath. Once he arrived at work, Dad and I video Skyped for a short while before he had to pop into his meetings. It was such fun. I had SEMAS maths after school and then at home I convinced Mommy it was time to play toot toots! She obliged. Ryan had had his tonsils out during the morning, so I wasn’t going to see my little friend for the next couple of days. I sent him lots of good energy throughout the day. By evening he was home and already having dinner.

Bike Friday ended my week at school. Mommy collected me early to go to Lauren for OT. In the afternoon Mommy and I stayed home and played games as Daddy took the car to the workshop for a quick service. Afterward he still had a meeting and only arrived home as it was still getting dark.

Saturday morning Daddy and I got up really early – before Mommy. It was her birthday so we had some preparations to do. First Daddy and I decorated birthday cards for her. Next we put candles on her red velvet cake. Tea was prepared and all we had to do was then wait for Mommy to wake up. Once we heard her stirring, Daddy lit the candles on the cake which I carried into the bedroom to her. Mommy was thrilled and hugs and kisses were dished out excitedly.

Breakfast comprised red velvet cake! Every day should be Mommy’s birthday. Mommy was super thrilled with our gifts. I got Mommy a Nespresso machine and Daddy had got her a bracelet. Because it was an extra special birthday milestone (I’m not allowed to mention the number, but it starts with a four and ends in a zero) we spoiled Mommy big time!

Mommy had an appointment with some Nikon folk at Sandton City so we were out the house shortly afterward. While Mommy was at her appointment, Dad and I met Granny and Tammy at the Wimpy. We were still full from ‘breakfast cake’ so we all just chatted. Afterward, I managed to convince Granny that we needed to go to Toys-R-Us (Granny, unlike Mommy and Daddy, is still a soft negotiation). At Toys-R-Us I discovered the Whistling Woods Trackmaster set which Granny got for me. I was delighted! Daddy met a friend, Stacy and they chatted for a while, while I walked around with Stacey’s son Connor.

After Mommy found us all at Toys-R-Us it was time to do some shopping and then head home for a team-snooze. We were having a party for Mommy so we all needed a little rest before our guests arrived. Shannon and Blacky arrived first, with platters of food and lots of decorations. I immediately got down to the business of ‘helping’ Shannon and Blacky decorate the house. Mid-afternoon there was a massive power outage, but after a quick fam-con (family convention) we decided the Black Eyed Peas had it right – “Don’t stop the party”! Daddy SMSed everyone to bring their own torches (to go to the loo with) and we scattered about 50 candles throughout the house.

Blacky and I played toot toots with my new Toby in the Whistling Woods while we waited for our guests. As dusk started rolling in the house looked really pretty with candles all over. Daddy and I made a huge fire on the front patio and pretty soon our friends started arriving. Most our friends also had had similar power outages but for some of them the power had already come back on. We were just starting to settle down when Daddy noticed the neighbour’s gate lights were on, but our lights were still off. It was then that we realised that power had come back on, but our power switch had tripped. Apparently the power had been on for close to an hour before we noticed it!

Because it looked so romantic we actually left most of the lights off. Morgan and Kyle arrived and we started the evening watching Ice Age 4. We screeched around the house while the adults partied. It was such fun. Mommy’s guests stayed until at least midnight, with the last guests leaving at about 1am. I was up with Morgan until the bitter end, but I was starting to struggle as by now I was really tired. Mommy was acting in a very peculiar fashion, and I had a good giggle at her when she did something silly.

Needless to say we all slept really late on Sunday, and Mommy was really under the weather. I felt so bad for her, but she told me not to as it was self-inflicted! Sometimes I don’t really understand adults. Dad and I played trains, I made a volcano with my experimentation set and I did a great deal of playing outside. Soon the day started coming to an end and things around the house started normalising.

Happy Birthday Mommy!



Photo 1 Watching the trains roll by

Photo 2 Thomas heads through McColl’s Farm

Photo 3 Salty reaches the end of the line

Photo 4 Mickey LOVES trains too!

Photo 5 DVD time

Photo 6 Mommy’s red valet cake that we ‘smuggled’ into the house from Anica’s

Photo 7 Mommy on her birthday

Photo 8 Trying out Mommy’s birthday badge

Photo 9 Blacky and I shooting poppers

Photo 10 Shooting off another popper

Photo 11 The Whistling Woods

Photo 12 Mommy at her party

Photo 13 Bev and Claire

Photo 14 Paul and Claudi

Photo 15 Robin and Di

Photo 16 Mommy and Daddy

Photo 17 Shannon and Blacky

Photo 18 Shanny cuddles

Photo 19 Tanya

Photo 20 The late night got me confused too

Photo 21 Dad’s biking goggles for volcano safety

Photo 22 Bubbling

Photo 23 Yay! It worked!

Photo 24 Til next week!

Photo 25 My school photo

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  1. mike says:

    Hi Jarrod,
    Firstly happy birthday to your Mom! Secondly thank you for taking the time to write about your week. I really look forward to Sunday evenings, to catch a glimpse of what you have been up to during the week.

    I am certain you must have one of the largest Thomas collections around.


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