Monday was pretty uneventful, as Monday’s apparently are! Mom and Dad watched Modern Family Season One in the late afternoon, and giggled hysterically. I didn’t really get it, so I watched Ice Age 4. In the evening Mommy had to check on her exhibitors so Daddy and I played Wii Snowboarding. Afterward Daddy showered me and put me to bed.

On Tuesday both Mommy and Daddy took me to school, and I was only there for a short while, as they then collected me to go to see Dr Tiziana Aduc, my neurologist on this side of the Jukskei River. She was running really late, but we had a very good appointment. She wants me to have an EEG to check my brain activity, but other than that she’s satisfied. Since we were running really late, we headed straight to speech with Vicky after our appointment at Sunninghill Hospital. Vicky had moved to new premises near Sunninghill so it made no sense to go home and back again. I had a really good session with Vicky. As it had been a really long day of waiting and driving we relaxed with pizzas for dinner.

I had a great music session after school on Wednesday, and was covered in Be Sharp Beetles stamps. I was thrilled. Mommy’s work had become quite chaotic so she collected me from school and then took me to her offices. As there seemed no end in sight for her Daddy collected me later in the day.

Thursday I actually attended maths for a change, without bunking. At home I was feeling quite artistic so I got down to the business of painting. It was such stunning weather that I sat on the lawn and painted to my heart’s content.

By Friday I was feeling quite ill, with a runny nose and a cough. It had been brewing for a while, but by Friday it was so bad I stayed home from school. Daddy arrived home from work in the afternoon just in time for us to play trains.

Mommy had an appointment on Saturday morning at Sandton City so Dad and I both went with her. While Mommy was at her appointment Dad and I (Barista Jarrod and Barista Norwin) bought Mommy some more Nespresso pods at the Nespresso Shoppe, and then we went photo shopping for gifts. At Toys-R-Us I showed Dad all the things I ‘needed’ and ‘had to go onto my Christmas list’. As I pointed them out to Dad, he took photos of it ‘for my people’. It was such awesome fun shopping without buying!

Once Mommy was done with her appointment, we met her and Granny at Wimpy for breakfast. Back home we all had a snooze, and my ‘flu’ was getting worse. I generally refuse that anything is wrong as I have a really high pain threshold, and it was only a husky voice that made Mom suspect tonsillitis or something worse. Finally the fact that I refused even to drink my favourite treat, chocolate milk, made Mom suspect something was up.

Sunday morning we went to see the doctors at the casualty. After a short wait we were attended to at the local Medicross (most the roads around our suburb were closed for the Cycle Challenge, so we were confined to a small area around our house). The doctor there confirmed that I had tonsillitis and meds were prescribed. We got our meds at the pharmacy and then headed off to the Brightwater Commons where we shopped up a storm for Christmas.

Back home Mom and Dad tried everything to get me to snooze but I wouldn’t have any of it. Eventually we went for a swim instead. The rest of the afternoon I spent playing with PlayDoh. Every time I headed outside I had to rush back in as it started threatening with rain. But it never really rained, and we really needed it as it was so hot.

Throughout the week Dad and I have been perfecting the impeccable latte for Mommy with her new Nespresso machine that I got her. I’ve become a real barista, knowing exactly which pod she likes and which size to select. I’ve not quite mastered the hearts or fern leaves in the milky froth, but Mommy is fine with that, as apparently the lattes are so good. For Dad I help make cappuccinos to a different recipe. We’re all enjoying Mom’s present!


Barista Jay-Bee

Photo 1 Waiting in Dr Tiziana’s reception room

Photo 2 Dr Tiziana and I having a chat

Photo 3 Skyping with Dad

Photo 4 Mommy got me a new banknote, featuring Madiba

Photo 5 Afternoon catnap. With a cat!

Photo 6 Mickey and I racing cars

Photo 7 Doing ‘maintenance’

Photo 8 Testing riding a bike in-store

Photo 9 Jazz Hands!!!

Photo 10 In the doghouse

Photo 11 Found a huge Christmas Tree

Photo 12 Evil cheesey grin

Photo 13 ‘Til next week


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