It seems like I have to dig deep this week to beat the favour of Mom’s last blog.

I think it might have to be the last time I let her at the PC on a Sunday afternoon.

It wasn’t an extremely busy or otherwise engaging week.

At school we started a new theme, called ‘grow with me’ – I have been telling my folks for ages that the plants and seeds need water. I’ve been lucky enough to be gifted with my Dad’s green thumb. I can stick a seed in the ground, give it some water and it grows. Mom loves it as I grow her herbs for her.

Monday we ended up at the office for the latter part of the afternoon. There was a new recruit there and I had her running around after me and had everyone in fits of giggles considering she didn’t know me. When eventually Mom told her that I had her number she eventually sat down and relented to being beat. I promptly proceeded to drink water directly from the water fountain and decided to wash my clothes while I was there. Exhausted I finally made myself comfortable on the reception couch and fell fast asleep with my arm hanging off the couch. I vaguely remember Mom saying she was sure there would be more of those in my first years of university. Thank goodness Mom always carries extra clothes for me. Perhaps I am abusing that little protocol.

I was obviously starting a virus of some sort because my sleep was completely disrupted by my late afternoon snoozes and that was it, I didn’t sleep at night for the rest of the week. There was one night where Dad saw me up and about and decided he didn’t want to get up at 5:00 am, however looking at his watch he realised it was 1:00 am and I was in full force with trains and toys out and about.

Mom proved to be a very miserable individual this week, I wonder why. She used to be such a night person. I got her a badge this week that read “not a morning person doesn’t even begin to cover it”.

We kind of lost Dad this week as he got an iPhone. We have had plenty of fun with him at his expense using his new phone. Of course I am in my element and have asked Dad a number of times to get the right level of games on the iPhone so I can play. On Monday we bought dad a ‘stone’ battery. It stores a charge as his phone is often flat by the time he gets home and he can use it for his iPad too. This brought about a number of instructions to Mom for new Apple equipment. Fortunately we have developed a great relationship with the iStore Manager. Granny also got her new iPad this week and that was fun. We arranged for a training session between her and myself on Tuesday. Mommy had to run out to a meeting. I’ll tell you more about that later.

I had a difficult week at school. I was feeling quite victimised but I don’t tittle tale and Mom couldn’t figure out what the deal was, so she made sure that she spent plenty of time doing sensory work with me. She did suspect as I said a virus but with no symptoms, it was a difficult one.

Mom managed to secure a meeting with Dr Nicoletta to discuss our France trip. Also Dr Roedesch has been contacted by email, but we need the full version of my experience from Dr N.

I am sure we mentioned that Teacher B, our principal is ‘growing’ a baby. To show that I understood the comment, out of nowhere I stuck a cushion under my shirt and told Mom I was growing a baby. I had Mom in stitches.

Ryan and I had a visit on Tuesday afternoon, but I had fallen asleep again and was a grumpy soul when I woke. Mom and Claudi had tea and Ryan and I set up the tent on the bed to watch Cbeebies. Ironically I left the tent and Ryan, tent and yoghurt ended up everywhere. Ryan was so distressed and Mom was so concerned she rushed into the tent to help him and ended up with a yoghurt mask on her hair. She smelled like vanilla till she showered.

By the time the weekend hit, my folks and I were well in bed with colds. Mom got us vitamin C and Zinc vitamin water, tissue salts and all her special remedies. We vegged around the house for most of the weekend. However I just have to let it be said as usual my Mom is an expert at finding things and one thing I had asked for for Christmas which no one could find was Sir Handel with the Rock (aka Runaway Boulder). Mom sourced it and we made a quick trip to the East to get it. Also Mom has managed to find me a spot with a neuro therapist. We are very excited. This particular lady has managed to assist with Kyle (my ICU friend) to talk and walk, and we are hoping that this will give my left brain a little bit of a push in the right (excuse the pun) direction.

I have had my first OT session for the year and Lauren and I were so happy to be reunited. I squealed with delight despite being a little sick. I had my first music session, as usual I skipped a bit of it, but Mom is wise to me. I did however attend my entire class of Semas maths. I love the abacus. I love the Avengers. I love batteries. I love trains. I love my folks and I love all of you.

Well from the coughing, sneezing Led household.

Lotsa love till next week.


Photo 1 Passed out bunny

Photo 2 Bad Piggies – one of my favourite iPad games at the moment


Photo 3 Wii Ski

Photo 4 Testing the iPad mini


Photo 5 Yay! Runaway Boulder. Finally

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