Monday was a shell shock for me. Back to school after being ill for an entire week and back to therapy. Oh boy did I object. Tough love was the thing of the day. Gees, when did my folks get like this? Old Dodgers. Serves me right for choosing geriatrics!

Still I was charming and cute and asked for toys as a reward to participating at school but didn’t get them, so put myself to work to pack my toys into boxes. The packing included cats, dogs and everything I thought absolutely necessary to get to the new house. We still don’t know when or where but we have a back-up plan. My folks did however sign their lives away on something this week but it was very hush-hush. When I asked Mom, she said she just signed where Dad told her to.

Mom has been seriously concerned about decorating my room. Her well laid plans were disrupted when trying out the furniture last week, I decided no way! She had thought of an ‘upstairs-downstairs’ type setup, for me to sleep on the bottom bunk and have a play area on the top bunk, but when I tried it out at the furniture store I wasn’t thrilled about going up the ladder. Since then Mom has been searching for a solution, paging through 1000s of photos, as I’ll be going straight into my room and not circumventing it with a tent in Mom’s room or a camp cot, or a spot in the middle where Sunny used to be.

Well after looking through many pictures. We agreed. It’s so exciting so this week we are off to do some shopping.

Colours have also been chosen, things have been given to charity, and as Nina says it’s food for the soul. I’ve even given some of my toys away ‘willingly’ to those in need.

I was fairly unsettled during school this week, however I got a special commendation from teacher Diana when she told Mom I knew what a rainbow was and I was the only one to answer up in class. Yay!

I got a toy for that one. I must remember that.

This week I asked Mom to leave MasterChef on on TV, the Australian one, as I have started my cooking lessons again with Megan. Mom had a good giggle when she asked me why to which my answer was “Well how am I going to be a proper chef when I am older if I don’t learn?” We made the most divine custard hearts for Valentines Day at cooking. We then dipped them in white chocolate and covered them in red, pink and white hearts. Daddy and Granny were thrilled with their hearts.

Wednesday was a tough day. Actually my naughty side snuck up. I had an appointment with Dr Annemie Peché. She is a specialist technician who administers and interprets EEGs. I firstly had a QEEG, which can be reported as an EEG. It was very hard for me, as I had to sit still for an entire hour with probes attached to my head which were hooked up to monitors and computers. Well initial reports show NO seizure activity, which is a relief. However that was not the point of the session. I am starting Neurotherapy next week and this was part of a pre-assessment. It is awesome stuff and pretty ground breaking; I’ll tell you more about it some other time.

The session was quite funny, Buzz Lightyear (from Aunty Gillian) and Bunny (from the cousins) came with for support. So did my PSP and iPad. I was so prepared. Guess what I wasn’t allowed to move at all nor use any of my technology. I’m 4.5 years old that’s really difficult. Anyway, Mom and I sat forehead to forehead with Mom singing softly to me. Although every now and then I would go into fits of giggles. After an hour we had sufficient information.

I was exhausted afterwards. I acknowledged to Mom that I was really scared and that made Mom’s mind up that her and I need to spend the rest of the day together. We went to Checkers for supplies and off we went past the toys. Yay! I got a Bob the Builder construction site. I was thrilled but under her breath all I heard was Mom saying ‘more packing!’

We’re actually doing really well with packing. Our house has now been separated into stuff for reupholstering, stuff for charity, stuff for the farm (not ours) and then boxes and stuff to paint.

And then just when we thought our lives were complete, organised and project planned. Ah ha! We have got an appointment with the charming Dr George Rodesch in Paris. OMW. Emails flew back and forth, I downloaded the Disneyland Paris brochures and apps (I have my priorities right). Now it’s just down to do some more planning. So ultimately we might move and a few days later go overseas or go overseas and a few days later move house. Hectic. Well nothing boring ever happens in our house.

All our teachers were dressed for Valentines and we got red and white balloons. I gave my Teacher B and Teacher D a special little gift and gave all my friends a little heart chocolate. What a fun day.

Dad and I played all day as Mom was working on Saturday, we also ran errands for Mom. This involved more boxes and paint and yah! Builder’s Warehouse. The Wimpy, some groceries, dropping off books at the Library as a donation and then a fat long snooze. After our snooze, we headed to Morgan’s 5th birthday. Great fun there with a slip and slide and a Nemo styled swimming party. Unfortunately poor Morgan had been throwing up during the day and his little sister Shayne was also there, she was really good and I tried to show her some textures and things Mom though were really thoughtful.

Mom worked the weekend and Gran met up with her there. Gran kindly added to my Bob the Builder obsession. I was so excited that Gran was staying over that we celebrated with a visit to the new Spur in Victory Park and loved it. Its play area is stunning!

Sunday after checking up on the Sandton exhibitors, we went for lunch with Nina and Jaco. Thrillingly Kate and Gene were there with Frederick. Kate and I and Bruno (their new doggie) had tons of fun. I also asked for various items to be added to my new bedroom. Poor Mom – back to the drawing board. I enjoyed myself so much that Mom and Dad had to wake me up to write the blog this week.

Lastly the week also had some amazing events and coincidences. Astronomers eagerly awaited the passing of asteroid 2012 DA14. It has a diameter of 50m and weighs 190 000 metric tonnes. On Friday it passed Earth with a gap of 27 000km, which in space terms is really really really close! Coincidentally, 15 hours earlier, a meteor entered the Earth’s atmosphere and streaked across the Russian Ural sky. The sonic boom it created blew out 200 000sqm of glass windows in the city of Chelyabinsk. Dad and I watched people’s dashcams that had captured the meteor streaking across the sky. The 500 tonne meteorite eventually touched down in a frozen lake, which is no longer frozen! After some research Dad and I also discovered that a meteor becomes a meteorite when (if) it reaches Earth. Meteors burn up in the atmosphere. So I learned a little science!

Luv ya all.


Photo 1 Packing myself, just in case Mom and Dad forget!

Photo 2 At my baking station

Photo 3 Batter looking good

Photo 4 Tray ready for baking

Photo 5 Making a puzzle

Photo 6 Ooooooo, paint!

Photo 7 Morgan and I swinging

Photo 8 Giggles

Photo 9 Staying hydrated!

Photo 10 Mommy loves

Photo 11 Mommy kisses

Photo 12 Just Jay-Bee

Photo 13 Naughty Angry Bird

Photo 14 Showing the older kids how to play PlayStation at the Spur!

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  1. Lisle says:

    Ahhhhhh I love photo 10

  2. Aneesa says:

    So happy to hear about Paris!!!!!! Went there twice last year for ear reconstruction (although it was more of a construction in my case!) eurodisney sounds like a good plan…we went there in 2009 after we met my surgeon for the first time…it was awesome 🙂 I hope the appointment goes really well and that the doctor can help… My neurosurgeon says the neurosurgeons there are amazing (we were a little worried about my hydrocephalus when we went for my second op at the end of last year).

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