As Vicky suggested that I take a break from speech I spent Monday afternoon hard at play at home after school. It will be a nice break not having speech for a few weeks. In the evening Mommy had to go to Sandton City to oversee some exhibitor’s setups so Dad did all my evening cares with me.

I was filthy dirty as I’d played really hard during the day. Daddy had to scrub me twice in the shower to get all the mud and grim off of me. Afterwards we lay in bed together and Daddy read some Thomas and Friends books to me. One was about Henry sneezing. I stopped Daddy in mid read saying “Trains aren’t people! They can’t sneeze and cough!” So Daddy explained it was pretend – so I said “Oh yes! Sorry. I forgot!”

Mom and I had a major difference of opinions on Tuesday after school about my going to cooking. I just wanted to go home. Eventually Dad was phoned to arbitrate and fortunately for me he was busy in a meeting so he sided with me! Yay!

I had Be Sharp Beetles on Wednesday after school and because Mommy was really busy at work I was collected a little later than usual. In the evening I was in top form to sing so Daddy whipped out the camera and filmed me singing my current favourite song – Firework by Katy Perry. Reason why I love it so much is that its featured during Madagascar 3. Click on these links to see me singing: Firework 1 and Firework 2.

Thursday was neurotherapy after school where I performed really well. Carol increased the intensity of my activities four times, and each time, despite the increase in intensity, I beat the clock. Mom was so impressed with my performance that we headed to Greenbusters in Greenside for some wooden toys. I chose plastic. A HotWheels track that attaches to the wall.

Afterwards we popped in at Michelle’s place where Emma, Liya and I did some glass paint art. It was huge fun! We then played up a storm in the lounge. Daddy joined us later on and he and Daneel popped out to Doppio Zero to collect pizzas for everyone. What a fun evening. I didn’t even make it home – I was asleep in the car two blocks from Michelle’s house.

Lauren was at lectures on Friday so I didn’t have OT at midday. Because of that I did a full day (ie half day) of school for a change on a Friday. It was bike Friday and we all whizzed around like mad creatures shouting and screaming!

In the afternoon we visited Joseph. Just like I’m obsessed with trains, so is he about rockets, and he told me all about the rockets circling the world and what they do. I was very impressed.

Mommy had to work on Saturday so Dad and I had some daddy-and-boy time. We spent the morning at Yeesh where I played up an absolute storm. I’ve become strong enough to pull myself up on ropes and even hook my feet up on other ropes. I also built a castle from the blocks – what fun!

In the afternoon we went to the Rainbow River Party Place for a birthday party where we played and played. It was enormous fun. In true form, trouble finds me, and I spent more time under the wooden jungle gym, which was barred off, playing in ‘jail’. There was face painting so I became Spiderman and then we got balloon swords. In the dance studio alongside the bathrooms I did another song for Dad – this time Thomas and Friends. See here.

On Sunday morning Dad and I took Mommy to Sandton City for a quick walk around to check on her exhibitors. I fell asleep on the way, so Dad and I waited in the car. Afterward we met Paul, Claudi and Ryan at River Café where we stayed playing until the early afternoon.

Back at home Mom, Dad and I had our infamous team snooze. It was great to just snuggle with them.

The rest of the day was spent playing – you guessed it – trains!



Photo 1 Snowing at Sodor on Thomas and Friends

Photo 2 Watching TV with Liya

Photo 3 Watching Joseph drum

Photo 4 Giving it a bash

Photo 5 Happy Bunny at Yeesh

Photo 6 Taking a break from playing to have an ice-lolly

Photo 7 Castle Building 101 – Start with a good base

Photo 8 Hard at work

Photo 9 Sliding the foundations into place

Photo 10 Planning the next level

Photo 11 A quick structural inspection

Photo 12 Perfect! And I’m even camouflaged

Photo 13 A quick rest

Photo 14 Super strong Jay-Bee

Photo 15 Right, how do I get out of this now?

Photo 16 Soccer time!

Photo 17 Going in to score

Photo 18 Lining up for another goal

Photo 19 Final approach

Photo 20 Shoot!

Photo 21 Running back to my home side triumphant

Photo 22 Jump score

Photo 23 Mischievous Jay-Bee

Photo 24 Sliding

Photo 25 Bubble time

Photo 26 Master climber Jay-Bee

Photo 27 Planning my descent

Photo 28 Almost done

Photo 29 Down we go

Photo 30 Adventure time

Photo 31 Jail time

Photo 32 Facepainting time

Photo 33 Upside-down Spiderman

Photo 34 Spiderman is ready to serve

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  1. Stacey says:

    what a week young man – awesomeness!

  2. Anne says:

    I Love the singing! Do you think Katie will take you on the road with her?

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