Hello my name is Jarrod Alexander Lederer, and according to my parents I am starting to display more than my fair share of personality.

I ran to my mother on Monday morning and attempted my best cough to try and get out of going to school; the woman laughed and said I was going to school. Off I went to choose my clothes. I chose a FasTracKids T-shirt, Spiderman shoes and denim shorts.

I didn’t put them on, but I did choose them. I clung to my mother in an attempt to make her take pity on me and force her to take an emotional approach and release me from the hell that is school. Oh well that so didn’t work. I am presently looking for a new approach. All littlies out there please advise soonest.

All actually went well at school and I produced an excellent looking Monster Crab. I also managed to fall out of a tree when one of my compatriots pulled the chair from under me. I was much fussed about this and when Mom asked to see it she smiled. Any scratch should get a plaster and really this was a scratch.

Mom and I had to run some errands and getting a script for Dad was one of them. Dr Anthony was amazing, he called me into his office and told me had something for me. He first asked which of his medical equipment I liked most. I said “The magnifying glass”; surely he should know that??? He had honestly kept me a brand new huge magnifying glass. I hugged him hard. I was thrilled. Everything was inspected on the way back to the car resulting in a huge delay getting back to the car, but Mom is really cool about things like that. She slowly walked down the path while I picked up ants, leaves, flowers, stones etc. and inspected them all under my new magnifying glass.

I got timed out for running away at the chemist though, but fortunately I didn’t get a smack. I did however get some bubbles which worked as a good motivator for me to behave.

While in search of more of my personality on Tuesday I announced that I had the opportunity to be “blind”. AND all the kids fell over me. Mildly confused by this, Mom reverted to the weekly newsletter and realised it was Life Goals month and Helen Keller would be part of the subject, so we all got blindfolds to walk around with to see what it feels like to be blind. My parents were more than impressed that I could tell them about Braille and Helen Keller. Also my ability to recall short term is becoming quite quick and accurate. I spent the afternoon asleep as I was exhausted after school.

Wednesday I “escaped” from school (no not quite like that) but I offered in a very gentlemanly fashion to help Teacher Miandi to her car after B-Sharp Beetles, by carry her bag. I did so without any teachers noticing. Obviously Teacher Miandi would have made sure that I got back but Mom arrived and I chose to get into the car with the window open and the doors locked. So with the alarm going off because I was moving about in the car, Mom went into school to gather my belongings. The teachers all greeted Mom and told her I was in the sandpit. “Ha ha ha”, Mom said, “no he’s in my car”. This conversation went on 3 times, before Mom stopped it and explained the long version of the story. My first escape went well!

From music and school we went to collect all my reports from Dr. Nicoletta, then we headed to my make-up cooking class from the day before. Irritated that I had to be there I dug my heels in and made things difficult. Once there I was in full-on chef mode though. I don’t understand myself very well – I often don’t want to do things and then when I do them, I actually enjoy them! We made Banoffi pie, I broke the biscuits, stirred the butter in (Mom made the base) put in the caramel, and then to top the excitement I got a real knife to cut my banana… thrilling stuff. We toped it with cream, “Like the cats get”, I announced; everyone winced! Lastly Flake went on top. We then headed off to Joe’s place for a play and Ryan would be there too. It was great fun. We played inside and outside and Joe and I found that we both like string and step ladders and tying things up. A hedgehog and bunny were enlisted to assist. Unfortunately Joe got hurt while we were climbing the burglar bars (ooops sorry Joe). I did announce to Mom on the way home I really like him and of course Ryan. Ryan was very nice to bring me a birdie. I drowned him in Joe’s pool and had to enlist the support of the adults to get it out. It didn’t end there. I was super energetic in the evening and played with my trains, did a few games on the PlayStation and fell fast asleep.

When Semas arrived on Thursday I sense that Mom had enlisted the support of Thando at school to make me go to class, as there was NO escaping – the net is closing in on my contraband activities while I’m supposed to be in class. I also sensed Mom was watching without me knowing to see that I was having great deals of fun and giggles with Nathi as we threw the ball around. I headed to neurotherapy afterward and built Mr Potato heads, Lego and a great looking bridge for trains, all while I was hooked up to probes on my brain. I was so good and did my work in record time. Today it didn’t give me a headache, and I didn’t ask for my bunny once, however Mom allowed me a small treat and I got a little Mannie the Mammoth from Ice Age. In the evening I asked Mom if Mannie could bath with me, Mom said he would shrink, then she admitted he wouldn’t shrink she was just trying to get me not to do it. I asked why and she said well that Mommies go to special cleaning school to learn how to clean toys and soft toys. When I asked so how do we wash Mannie, she disappeared. I noticed an empty bottle of headache tissue salts lying next to her bed. I wonder why?

I also found a lighter on Thursday and asked Mom why it wouldn’t work, she said it was dead. “That’s ok”, I replied, “I’ll just use Jarrod power!”

I started number bingo to Mom’s great delight; she finally found numbers I am interested in. We also started preparing a full set of documents to send to Dr Rodesch in Paris; we are all excited to see him now. He seems like such a lovely man. We’ll be heading off there in school holidays. Fortunately my Aunty Kim has very kindly funded our flights for this venture for all of us and we are rather grateful to her, cause we couldn’t have done it without her. She made it clear though that it was for me and I should go see Disney Paris. How exciting!? Mom has taught me how to say Bonjour and Bonsoir and we have been giggling a lot about our silly accents.

On Friday we had a teddy bears picnic at school. As my teddy bear I took my brand new Mannie the Mammoth with. Unfortunately tragedy struck! I was spinning my Mannie around and he slipped out my hands and he went over the wall onto Sandton Drive. Some of the staff drove around to Sandton Drive but there was so much undergrowth that they couldn’t find him. When Mommy collected me to go to Lauren for my OT I told her what happened. Mommy said not to worry, she’ll get me another one. After some deep thought in the back of the car I announced that I’d now prefer a Scrat instead of Mannie – Mommy thought it was a good trade-off. After OT I fell into a deep sleep for the rest of the afternoon so there wasn’t an opportunity to buy Scrat.

Early Saturday morning a construction crew arrived to fix something that snapped on the roof. I was thrilled to see the guys arriving with tools and ladders and getting to work. A short while later we popped out to Sandton City so Mommy could check on her exhibitors. We also had breakfast at Wimpy and did some errands, one of which was buying Scrat. At home we had a team snooze and then we spent the afternoon playing up a storm around the house. In the evening I helped Mom pack more boxes, as our date for moving out is looming.

We all headed to Sandton City on Sunday morning again and while Mom walked the floors, Dad and I started breakfast at Walnut Grove. Mom joined us to find Dad and I giggling like mad. We’d built a small train track on the table and Spencer the train kept driving over Scrat’s toes, nose, tooth, tail, etc. It was hilarious! Some rug window-shopping followed breakfast, where Dad found a stunning silk Persian that he really wants but can’t afford! We then all popped into our favourite store, the iStore. This is heaven for me, as there are iPads everywhere, all running interesting apps – I bounce from one to the next to the next trying out the array of things.

The afternoon was spent playing and chilling, and with me doing a little bit of cooking and decorating.

Til next week!



Photo 1 My personally extinct Mammoth watching me bath

Photo 2 Making Banoffi Pie

Photo 3 Building at neurotherapy

Photo 4 Pyjama climbing

Photo 5 Fun at breakfast

Photo 6 Checking out some rugs

Photo 7 Oooooo, comfortable

Photo 8 Cupcake time

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    banoffi pie is my favourite – yummo! looks like you had a fab week! 🙂 as it should be

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