Strange titles always mean strange things, strange weeks and strange emotions.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing is physically wrong with me, but oh boy, I am off to Paris this week. It’s another watershed moment in my life and heralds an exceptional decision making process for my folks and myself.

I understand the concept of travel, and Mom has been ferretting stuff away. Usually because she doesn’t want the cats to know something is up. My father in his own inimitable way has been storing zip lock bags that he uses as a wallet (only he understands this), and my mother has been laying out clothes by the load full. We are travelling to cold, from hot, but just to give us a moment to acclimatise according to our friends, South Africa is just allowing us to get ready.

As with any trip my mother organises, this one was joint, and we did much of it as a family, there is always saga. Tamsin’s passport that was specially requested didn’t arrive. Mom went into project mode and started shouting instructions down telephones at any number of people that would listen. It seems all was sorted as by Friday afternoon; we spent considerable time, back at Capago getting Tamsin’s visa.

All seemed calm, except that during the week we rushed here and there despite my attempts to sleep and pretend I was not interested I was forced to get a passport visa, answer questions and make sure I was on my best behaviour at most times.

During the week we even forgot to go to Neurotherapy this week, sorry Carol, it completely slipped our mind.

Friday I left early to go to OT, and amazed my Mom with drawing squares and circles, rectangles. It seems I’m being left to my own devices at school due to my strong willpower, which seems a little stronger than the teacher, as I have not done any worksheets in ages. Anyway now Mom knows I am not working I’ll have all eyes on me. In actual fact I see a few too many books coming with me to Paris.

One great thing for school this week was that teacher Diana allowed me to bring my Thomas books to school and read some to the class.

Thursday Daddy surprised me with a Nintendo 3DS, he promised me one when he started a new job, and so the time came. Also it came with Mario World, I also got Mario Tennis. I’m in Jay-Bee heaven.

We have an 8 hour trip to Doha and an 8 hour trip to Charles de Gaulle, I think this has contributed to my new acquisition.

The weekend was packed, as I had Joseph and his folks come visit me at home, and we played up a storm, pretending there were fires all over the garden, we had such fun.

Next mom and I quietly sat and told Thomas stories on the swing, and Mom taught me to stand up and swing. I was so excited.

Then we headed to Bambanani to say cheers to our friends the Colliers. We played till about 7pm; we were finished. So much to play with and so much sensory stuff to experience, it was amazing. Ryan and I were forced to come and eat for a bit, but that didn’t last long. Our folks laughed about the concern of us staying in Disneyworld because they are such big kids.

So Tuesday we leave and next week my blog will be from another country. The Monday after we’ll see the specialist who we hope will have some light at our tunnel end or a silver lining to our cloud of decision. Mom has likened this to my true crossing of the Rubicon, what comes next may well be a no way out situation or it may well be positive.

Wish me luck stuck in a confirmed space with my crazy folks for 16 hours, I deserve danger pay for doing this.



Video – Standing Up Swinging (click here)

Photo 1 A gold bunny still lurking about on Easter Monday

Photo 2 Constructing my own dessert at The Spur

Photo 3 Tada!

Photo 4 Mom and I playing Playstation at The Spur

Photo 5 No guesing who won!

Photo 6 Running

Photo 7 Jospeh and I playing

Photo 8 Learning to ‘high-sky’ standing up and on my own

Photo 9 Cherries and Nintendo

Photo 10 Some cold weather gear

Photo 11 Boots for the snow

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  1. Tracy says:

    Bon Voyage Led’s! Travel safely and keep in touch. I hope that the Silver linings are everything they need to be and much much more! Lots of Love from New Zealand.


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