Monday and Tuesday were an absolute blur. Monday I was at school and when Mommy collected me we whizzed around to pick up a few things. Tuesday I was allowed to stay home from school and while Mommy ran some errands I snoozed at Granny’s place.

In the afternoon we packed our car and drove off to the airport where we met up with Tammy. After a short dinner with the family, Mommy, Daddy, Granny, Tammy and I we checked in our luggage and headed to the premier lounge for our last wait before boarding.

We hopped on our Qatar flight which was a Boeing B777 300 wide body. I was thrilled with the plane and the tech on board. There were hundreds of kids programmes to chose from to watch and I was spoilt for choice. After a quick meal and watching some programmes I curled up to snooze.

I woke up just before landing in Doha for our transfer to Paris. Doha was a little chaotic as they’re transitioning from an old airport to a new one, but we easily found our gate and boarded an Airbus 340 for Paris. As I walked into the plane I got a Spongebob Squarepants backpack with lots of activities in it for me to do.

The flight to Paris wasn’t full so I got to lie across two chairs to sleep. Charles de Gaul airport went really smoothly and passport control was a breeze. We grabbed our luggage and headed off to our hotel transfer.

Our hotel, in the Latin Quarter, is very quaint and our rooms are stunning. We have a view of the streets of Paris and we love watching the daily going ons of Parisian life. In front of our hotel there are rows and rows of bicycles for rent. It’s so cool how people scan their bike cards, grab a bike and ride off and then drop off their bikes at their next destination.

On our first afternoon we explored the neighbourhood and discovered lots of interesting little shops and bistros. We bought some groceries and then had some dinner in a tiny little bistro. Back at our rooms we celebrated the start of our holiday with some champagne.

Thursday we walked to the Notre Dome. En route we explored the back streets and found amazing little restaurants and stores. We stopped and looked into just about every store, amazed at their wares and foods. There was no risk that we would starve while we were here.

Once we’d seen the Notre Dome we hailed a hop-on hop-off bus and toured the city. We gawked at all the sites; incredible buildings and museums along the way. We crossed over the Seine a number of times and eventually hopped off at the Eiffel Tower. It was spectacular. Across the road from the Eiffel Tower we ate yummy Parisian snacks and I rode on the carousel. On the far bank of the Seine we explored the Trocadéro and gasped at how magnificent the Eiffel Tower looked. We took turns taking funny optical illusion pictures with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Next we wandered down Avenue Kléber and stopped into a restaurant for a late lunch and a rest for our tired but happy limbs. Serendipitously we discovered our hop-on hop-off service later in the afternoon and rode back to the Latin Quarter. Wandering back to our hotel we took different back roads and identified a stunning ‘local’ which we’d return to later for dinner.

Once we’d all rested back at our hotel and freshened up we popped out to dinner. It was an amazing experience and our waiter was incredible. We feasted on French cuisine and battled the little hill back to Rue des Escoles where our hotel was located.

On Friday we walked up to the local museum called Cluny. We spent ages wandering around there looking at stained glass windows, medieval sculpture and architecture, tapestries and weapons and mail.

Next we grabbed a bus to the Louvre. Daddy was really good with negotiating the city on the public transport, knowing exactly which bus to get onto and when to get off – so in no time at all we were at the Louvre.

On the way to the Louvre we passed the Pont des Art where thousands of pad locks had been hooked into the railings and banisters. We bought locks nearby and Daddy wrote our names on them and the three of us intertwined the shackles of our locks and placed them through the bridge railings. To seal our family I tossed our keys over the bridge into the Seine below (but not before I hit a barge of tourists floating by underneath)!

As we’d bought priority passes we sailed right into the Louvre, with no queues to contend with. As we had a pram, we were even escorted downstairs to the lobby. We were really loving the service in Paris.

Once in the Louvre we had lunch in a stunning restaurant where we were an absolute hit with the staff once they discovered we were from South Africa. Next on our agenda was the Mona Lisa. It was absolutely swamped with people but we managed to get up close and see it as well as photograph it.

We wandered the floor looking at other Italian painters. I was mesmerised by the size of the gallery and the amount of paintings. We also spent a long time looking at Greek and Roman sculpture and then visited Napoleon’s Apartments which were garishly beautiful. Red carpets and gold adornments were everywhere. It was incredible to think that this had been someone’s residence.

All too soon we had to head home. Daddy found us bus routes again; to keep it interesting he’d try and find alternate routes so that we would see different parts of Paris which was really nice. In the evening we had a early night (9pm)!

Saturday we bussed to the Champs-Élysées to do some shopping and visit the Arc de Triomphe. It was freezing cold, considering it was supposed to be spring. The stores were incredible, and pretty soon we spilt from Tammy and Granny. We headed straight to the Disney store and I walked straight into heaven. Everywhere I looked there was either Buzz Lighthear, or Woody, or Nemo, or Tow Mater, or Lightning McQueen, or Lilo, or Stitch, or……… the list carries on for ever. Some intense shopping followed and all too soon it was time to meet up with Tammy and Granny again.

Lunch followed at Starbucks and then Mom, Dad, Granny and Tammy stood in a queue forever to use the toilets (apparently the only one on the Champs-Élysées). More shopping followed and then I needed the toilet. I found it very frustrating but the stores in Paris don’t have toilets for their patrons. There was no way I’d make it back to the filthy €0.50 toilets from earlier so Dad asked the doormen at the Warwick Hotel if I could wee there. They said absolutely. As we walked into the hotel I said that it smelt really nice – they were baking bread and confectionary. We found the zhoozsh bathrooms and I used them all the time thinking to myself that I’m the youngest in the party and I get to use the best toilets!

With that done we continued up the Champs-Élysées and to the Arc de Triomphe Again Daddy hauled out our priority passes and we didn’t have to wait a single minute. Sadly I took a major fall right between the arches and head-butted the ground. Instantly a huge egg formed on my forehead but Mommy did her magic and instantly had a cold pack on it and medicine in a syringe at the ready. Once I’d recovered and composed myself it was time to head to the top of the monument; the staff directed us to the elevators as we had a pram, so we didn’t even need to climb to the top.

Once at the top of the Arc de Triomphe we looked over all of Paris as it started drizzling. The panoramic views were stunning. We looked in all directions and money was loaded into the telescopes for me to bring the sites up-close.

Back at ground level Daddy got us on a bus back to the centre of Paris. By now it was pouring with rain. We had one transfer to make via the bus but unfortunately the two stops were a little far apart so we got quite wet – all part of the adventure.

At the hotel in the even we had a little rest and then we walked the Latin Quarter looking for a restaurant. We found a stunning little one pretty close to our hotel after circling back. Once again the service was brilliant and the food excellent. We had a huge deal of fun and once again the waiter and I hit it off really well and we chatted and played. I even went behind the counter to help with L’Addition.

Again we were late to bed after a stunning day.

On Sunday we were up really really early to catch a tour bus to Disneyland Paris. First we had to bus to the Cityrama, and between Mom and Dad we managed to get there in a flash on the transit system and a short walk. Pretty soon we were led to our bus (which was parked a block away under the Louvre) but we managed the stairs through the mall and got on our bus.

Less than an hour later we arrived at Disneyland. I was in heaven and was jumping about, grinning from ear to ear (I noticed all of us couldn’t stop smiling at the thought of being here), running from one character to another.

After a walk about and a FamCon (Family Conference which Dad announces in a very authoritative voice) we all agreed to go to the Walt Disney Studios Park (and not the Disneyland Park). We’d realised early on that one day is not enough to do both parks, so we had to make a choice.

We had some coffees and a mini breakfast and then headed to The Cars Rally Race where we all rode in cars. I also saw Tow Mater and Lighting McQueen as well as other Cars characters. Next we rode on Alladin’s magic carpets which was an absolute thrill.

In CinéMagique we watched in amazement as a whole bunch of movies over the eras were stitched together, with interaction from a man on stage, as well as rain falling on the audience when it rained on screen and gunshot smoke wafting over the theatre.

Unfortunately Tammy hurt her ankle really badly afterward so we shipped her off to the medic station where she got superb treatment. To keep the pressure off her foot she got a wheelchair, which proved very useful at the queues. Even though Tammy could walk we were all ushered to the front of the line and given VIP treatment. Tammy and Dad went on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror; I was too small to go on it, and Mom and Granny opted not to. Once it was their turn to ride I could’ve sworn I heard both Tammy and Daddy screaming. When the emerged from their rode they were white as sheets!

A late lunch was a necessary break and then we hit the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop. I sat between Mommy and Daddy and found it super-cool how we were lifted up really high and then dropped down, and again, and again. I loved it. Unfortunately I was a centimetre too short for Crush’s Coaster from Nemo so I had to sit that ride out. The Disneyland Parade moved its way through the park in the very late afternoon and we watched and waved as they drove past. Shopping for Disney memorabilia ended our day before going back to our bus. The bus lazily wound its way back to the centre of Paris in the evening traffic and as we alighted Daddy immediately hauled a taxi cab to get us back to the hotel so that Tammy didn’t have to put pressure on her foot.

It was very very late by the time we settled into our rooms and ordered pizzas I wrote my blog.

Some very interesting things I must share before I end off this evening. The French are super friendly and helpful – everyone we’ve spoken to and asked for help has been really great. Three times Daddy has been mistaken for a local Frenchman, which has made Daddy fell really proud with his broken French. Lastly, I call our key card for the hotel a ‘memory stick’!

Tomorrow is our big day when we see Dr Roedsch. Whilst we’re all really keen to see him we’re also all quite nervous. Will let you know the outcome soon.





































































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  1. Shaz says:

    Wow, the trip looks amazing!!!! I can see everyone is having a ball. Good luck for the doc today- thinking of you guys!!!

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    Thinking of you All. Much love

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    You’re staying in the latin quarter, one of my favourite places! I’m so glad to see you’re all enjoying yourselves! Good luck for today, I hope The doc will have good news xxxx

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    Wishing you all the best and thinking of you all tomorrow re visit to doc.

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    Thinking and praying for you all.

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    Awesome awesome pics cuzzies!!! Thinking of you and praying for the best possible outcome for tomorrow. Love ya xxxx

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    Beautiful, fun pics!! You’re In my thoughts and prayers. Love you all so much.xxxx

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    Good Luck for Today, thinking of you all so much. Enjoy Paris, Loved seeing all the photo’s, takes me back!!! xxx

  9. Anna says:

    Hope the visit to the doctor was succesfull. Have a great time in Paris!

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