Well as a family we tried in vain to get back to the scheme of things in Johannesburg after a stunning 10 days in Paris. Dad managed to get to work on time thank goodness. Mom and I were not so good; we eventually managed to get the day on the go. My hacking cough forced Mom to take me to the doctor. Also the fact that I smacked my head on a stone and Mom woke me every hour during the night; my Mom wanted to see Nicoletta, I decided only doctor Anthony would do – so off we went. Before allowing Mom to leave to see him I made him two pictures!

As an aside….Guess what? I now draw ‘real’ pictures. Of real people and events. Of course I have been drawing abstract art forever but no one seems to appreciate it. Talk about the pressure of getting into the right schools.

Mom decided I was a little too sick to go to playgroup with Ryan, this broke me because I miss Ryan. We dropped off a gift for Alex’s birthday at school and a gift for Teacher B as she is going on maternity leave this week and we won’t see her for a while. Unbeknownst to me however Mom also collected my report.

After explaining to me what was in the envelope Mom said we would discuss with Dad later that evening. Gees the pressure. Mom agreed to go get a video for me and to look at Thomas trains. I have been deprived while in Paris. Well I managed to get a Whiff out of her and she bought more trains for my birthday in case they weren’t available closer to the time. Mom has been really impressed that I haven’t asked for them once.

We headed to Aunty Kim’s place as she asked us to get some paint and get the pool sorted and the cornices painted. We didn’t have keys so we arranged to go buy the paint and equipment. While Mom was busy I just played and played with Buddy. He humoured me with fetching and dropping the ball. Woooo whooooooooo!

During the late afternoon after arriving at home Whiff the train disappeared; we were so confused. I kept telling everyone not to worry he was working at the garbage dump (which is really his job, and hence the name). Also during the late afternoon we received Dr Rodesch’s final report. Mom immediately set about getting copies to our various teams.

I decided to help Aaron and Zione with the house and garden on Tuesday until I was dragged off to Dr Aduc. What an excellent appointment. Dad met us there, and I did everything on cue. EVERYTHING. I am officially neurologically up to speed. My folks were beaming. Admittedly I did throw in the odd comment about our holiday, and when I built a tower I told Tiziana that it was the Eiffel Tower. I then went on to tell her that we actually went up the Eiffel Tower and had chocolate pancakes at the top. She was most impressed.

In the car I asked my Mom if I did well. She gave me only positive affirmations about my actions. She did also say no going back after this now. Bother! Prof Taylor from Cape Town offered to arrange that Dr Rodesch come here for surgery; we are very grateful for his kind offer. We will let you know on that.

We headed to work after going to Aunty Kim’s house on Wednesday. We also visited the dentist for Mom. At Moms work I drew 7 beautiful pictures for Dad including a SpongeBob Squarepants that I am particularly proud of. I however wasn’t feeling well. Mom put it down to antibiotics which my body doesn’t like very much.

We were recently invited to a family reunion by my Oma’s family in Germany and Mom suggested we do our next Paris stint (we will eventually let you know what the outcome is) then hire a campervan and drive to Stuttgart. Dad’s response was simple. I’m scared!

We also finally decided that we would go to the coast without Dad. It was devastating news but he insisted we go enjoy our timeshare at the beach. I was really excited and sad at the same time. How does that work? Dad secured our tickets to fly to ensure we went – I was thrilled that we didn’t have to drive, even though Dad had the car serviced in readiness.

Thursday afternoon Dad arrived home early so that we could take Mom went for dental surgery. 3 extractions and 2 implants and no drugs. Huh?? She is truly amazing. Mom said we didn’t have to wait at the surgery, so Daddy took me to Pappachinos to play for the two hours. It was really lots of fun. I made pizza and I ordered pizza and I ate pizza and I played up storm.

Mom had no front tooth, I asked where it went she said the tooth fairy took it but she kept one to show me. Now remember to brush your teeth so you don’t lose them was the message. Mom’s brother in Cape Town thinks it’s hilarious and I kept asking her ‘wars jou voor tande’?

Friday we went to the dentist at 8am for an impression and then again at 13:00, and voila Mom had new teeth. I was supposed to play with Ryan at 4 in the afternoon but I was so tired I slept right through.

Saturday morning we met Andrew and Shannon for breakfast at Tasha’s in Morningside. It was great fun. We then headed to the Gautrain and headed to the airport. We booked in and headed off. We shed a few tears because we were leaving Daddy.

The pro-traveller I have become I helped Mom with boarding passes and finding our seats. It was the first time I sat next to the window. I did up my seat belt myself put my tray table away and patiently sat through the safety stuff. I then told everyone around us not to smoke and sat staring out the window as we took off making all the areas into the island of Sodor. There was Misty Island and the Blue Mountain Quarry and McColl’s farm. It’s was awesome.

When we arrived in Durban I clapped my hands and the asked, Mom are we going to our next plane. “No we are here babe!” she said. “Yay! Let’s go to the beach” I shouted.

We got a taxi and got to our timeshare and then headed straight to the beach. Granny, who had already been at the coast for a week, very kindly bought me a bucket and spade and toys for the beach in preparation. Awesome stuff.

Sunday was even better! We were on the beach from 8 until midday. A quick bath to de-sand followed and then we headed to the Spur to play. I even played with some friends and even gave one little boy R2 to ride a seal. I kept asking for my food and was super specific about what and when I wanted it. Mom just laughed.

I caught a fish on the beach and had some molluscs squirt stuff at me, built roads and generally lived in my own world, sang songs, did some reading, slept a lot and when Tammy and Tyler arrived to download their photos I teased them about being girls and ran away from them and generally had good fun. Dad I did that favour for you in the sea by the way (and it rhymes with see too!).

Bye from a sunny beach. I am really lucky to have these opportunities. (And thanks to Dad back in Joburg who will be publishing this for me with the PhotoStreamed photos – hence the title of Tele-Blogging)

Love to you all,


Photo 1 Working with Tiziana

Photo 2 The tower I built aka The Eiffel Tower

Photo 3 Preparing a pizza base

Photo 4 Dressing my pizza

Photo 5 All done

Photo 6 Yum! That’s good

Photo 7 Onion ring googly eyes at airport

Photo 8 Seasoned traveller Jay-Bee ready with another boarding pass

Photo 9 Hurry! We need to get to the beach!

Photo 10 Yay! Beach

Photo 11 Happiness

Photo 12 Busy

Photo 13 Heading shore side

Photo 14 Love being here

Photo 15 Digging

Photo 16 Rolling about

Photo 17 So awesome on the beach

Photo 18 Granny and I getting our feet wet

Photo 19 Yay! A beach holiday

Photo 20 Chilling out

Photo 21 Running from the waves

Photo 22 FaceTime with Dad

Photo 23 On the beach early in the morning

Photo 24 Heading to the rocks

Photo 25 This will make for good exploring

Photo 26 Climbing

Photo 27 Exploring

Photo 28 Ice cream sea side

Photo 29 Yummy happy

Photo 30 Doing the ice cream sea side shuffle

Photo 31 Time to dig

Photo 32 Looking for fishies

Photo 33 Wow they’re fast

Photo 34 Here fishy

Photo 35 Trying another pool

Photo 36 Determined to catch a fish

Photo 37 Sandy face

Photo 38 Very determined

Photo 39 Got one!

Photo 40 Wishing Dad were here

Photo 41 ‘Old Man’ walking

Photo 42 My SpongeBob Squarepants drawing

Photo 43 The pirate ship from Ice Age

Photo 44 An airplane

Photo 45 An alien

Photo 46 Spider

Photo 47 Old Man aka as Dad

Photo 48 A party balloon snail

Photo 49 Sticker and stamp art

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  1. Aneesa says:

    Lynn and Norwin, it took me 3 years to decide whether I wanted ear reconstruction (although in my case it was more construction), I know you don’t have 3 years, but take your time and decide what’s best for Jarrod.

    My ear surgeon also came to South Africa on request for a few families (she is also in Paris) but unfortunately (well actually fortunately!) we had to go to Paris for my surgeries.

    Jarrod looks like he’s having soooo much fun!! I used to go to Umhlanga all the time when I was his age, and used to love it!!

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