I only went to school one day this week as it turned out I had an ear and throat infection, so I spent the rest of the time with Mom while she worked. On Wednesday we went to Unitas in Pretoria to collect copies of all of my angiograms in digital format to send to Paris, as the next step in my journey toward a cure.

The other exciting news this week is that our house was transferred to the new owners, so for us it was full steam ahead with packing. First the upholsterers arrived and collected all the furniture that we’re having covered for our new place.

Poor Daddy had major tooth ache on Saturday so we shipped him off to the dentist – it was really bad timing, as we needed to get packing. It turned out that one of Dad’s root treatments that was done a couple of decades ago failed, and he’d picked up a secondary infection. A script, some meds and a snooze later Dad was in full swing packing boxes.

We packed late into the evening and Sunday morning we carried on in full force. Nina, Jaco, Gene and Kate arrived with Nina’s brother and her nephews. We all played up a massive storm while the big people moved furniture out. We’d arranged for them to take a whole bunch of furniture (basically we only have one bed left in the house) that we didn’t want any more as we were replacing it for our new place. Dad also gave away the lawnmower, edge trimmer, hedge trimmer, blower and heaps of odds and ends that were lurking about in the storeroom. Their trailer was filled to the brim and there were big smiles all round.

Being Mother’s Day we treated Mom to breakfast at Munch, which was really stunning. We also popped in next door to see how our art framing was doing, but it was slow going. Mom and Dad have really minimised the end for moving too many things by either getting rid of it, or having it at a service provider to overhaul!

Our plan is that Tuesday we’re out of the house for good and that we move into a bed and breakfast for a couple of weeks until we can take occupation of our new place in Morningside. It is all super exciting.

Because of it being so hectic, we didn’t get a chance to take very many pics this week, and with Mom and Dad reducing the house to a skeleton of boxes I’m finding it a little distracting writing a long blog tonight. I did however explain to Mom at bedtime how I wanted my new bedroom should look. It went something like this; “Mommy I want a Thomas bed in my new room, with a Thomas light high up there, Thomas curtains and Thomas blinds!”

Wish us luck with our move!



Figure 1 Chatting to Lucy

Figure 2 The upholstery tower I built

Figure 3 Boom!

Figure 4 Our last fire in our fire place

Figure 5 Daddy showing me his Märklin modelling set

Figure 6 They’re really tiny, used to design a track

Figure 7 Its called a ‘game’ – Daddy has had this since he was a teen

Figure 8 As far as Dad is concerned, he’s packed and ready to go with his three bottles of Cardhu

Figure 9 Playing on mattresses before they go

Figure 10 Playing up a storm

Figure 11 Doing the mandatory room trashing when i have friends over, and we unpacked some boxes

Figure 12 Happiness

Figure 13 Looking good!

Figure 14 Another pile of boxes



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