It’s been another stunning week living with Ryan just a door away. Sadly this will come to an end this week, but on the upside we’re moving into our new place on Tuesday so there’s feverish excitement all about. Monday after school Ryan came over and we decorated muffins in the garden. I ‘drank’ chocolate sauce directly from the tube. What a rush!

Tuesday I had speech where I did really well, and in the afternoon back home a train was setup in our bedroom. Daddy had a business dinner so Mom and I collected Granny and had dinner at Papachinos in Morningside. It was a great evening.

On Wednesday afternoon Samorey and Joseph came to visit Ryan and I for a play date. Joseph arrived in a tie for his play date – we thought he was super cool. We played up a storm in the garden and had a really wonderful time.

There was a bit of drama at school on Thursday as Ryan and I (yes, I instigated it) escaped from SEMAs maths. This was not the drama. The fact that when Mommy arrived to collect me and no one knew where I was was the issue. Each of us littley’s must be handed over between teachers, and despite the fact that we ‘escaped’ from maths, the teachers should have been notified. It caused a flurry of emails and lots of apologetic phone calls to Mom.

Driving to Lauren on Friday we got a call to say she’d taken ill and couldn’t see us. I was devastated, but it was short lived when we got a call from Dad asking us to join him for lunch at Thyme on Nicol. It was really nice. A long snooze followed and then Ryan and I played into the evening. Just before bedtime I decided to do a ‘show and tell’ for Mom and Dad. I started off by saying ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ and went on to tell them a long story about Thomas and Whiff and Misty Island. They loved it and for my efforts some stars were issued.

Saturday morning Mom, Dad and I went furniture shopping. First my bunk bed was purchased and delivery was arranged for this week. Some scope-creep occurred and a few additional items were added to the invoice. Next we went to get a bed for Mom and Dad. That took a little longer but after a few stores in the design precinct they both settled on one they loved. Some bedside tables were added to the purchase and all of us were thrilled with the day’s efforts.

In the afternoon Paul and Claudi hosted a braai at the park on their road for their neighbours as a ‘get to know each other’. It is part of Paul’s campaign to get the neighbour watch stronger. Ryan was also there and he and I played up a storm chasing around the park. We picked up sticks, peeled a tree (which felt like natural bubble wrap – once you start you cannot stop), we moved chobe logs around and had a generally good time.

Sunday we did some more shopping but not before I bought myself some toys! Yep, I’m buying myself toys now. Mom and Dad instituted a star reward system where I earn pocket money. I bought a Lego car and some building blocks. I was so thrilled. I even got R2 change. We then headed to Sandton City where we had a quick bit to eat and then bought a set of dining room chairs. Opposite the furniture shop is Toys-R-Us and I said, “Hey, let’s go in, I still have some money” and reached into my pocket and took out the R2! Mom and Dad chuckled and said that I’d have to earn some more rewards to be able to buy at Toys-R-Us next weekend.

In the afternoon we had a team snooze and then Ryan came over for a play, and then I went to him for a play! It’s really cool how we can just go from each other’s houses at the moment! In the evening, as a ‘goodbye’ dinner we went to the local Spur, as Tuesday we’re moving into our new house. Ryan and I played like crazy on the jungle gyms and then in the games room. All too soon we had to head home. At home Mom started to pack getting ready for our move. Next week I’ll be writing to you from our new house!

Lots of love,



Photo 1 Chocolate sauce direct from the tube

Photo 2 Ryan decorating cup cakes

Photo 3 Yum

Photo 4 Working hard

Photo 5 Mixing

Photo 6 Playing dress up

Photo 7 Toot toot time

Photo 8 Samorey and I playing swing ball

Photo 9 Giggles

Photo 10 Joseph looking super cool

Photo 11 Tree peeling, the natural alternative to bubble wrap

Photo 12 Wild hair day!

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    Can’t wait to see the new house! Upside down pictures messes with my head.

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