It’s been a very quiet week as Mommy has literally been working 24 hours a day as a lot of staff at her company have been off sick and injured. On top of it, Daddy was in Lusaka for two days too. So on Monday after Mommy and Daddy dropped me off at school Mommy took Daddy to the Gautrain. Apparently Daddy had a hectic time at the airport as he needed a yellow fever injection before departure which made him pretty ill the next day.

On Tuesday I had an awful day at school owing to some bullying, and my retaliating. Mommy fetched me early and all my stars for the week were revoked and I got no pocket money. In the evening Mom and I popped off to the airport to collect Daddy. He was waiting at the drop-off as his flight arrived almost 30 minutes early.

Wednesday I had music after school and in the evening, as Mommy was working, Dad and I met up with her at Sandton City. We all had dinner at Walnut Grove, with Mommy hopping up and down to go and supervise the installation of a GL63 AMG Merc for its local launch. After dinner Dad and I went to look at the car and it was really impressive. It so big that I could set up a whole play room in the back of it. On the way home Mommy told Daddy she really liked the orchids that were supporting the Merc display and that she’d really like that at home. She asked Daddy what he thought, Dad’s response was ‘What orchids, I only saw a Merc!’

Thursday and Friday were quiet days again. Friday I went to further my OT testing with Lauren and I did really well. Unfortunately still lots to work on, especially planning. So to work we go. Fortunately for us Shannon my cousin’s friend Shannon runs a company which fits tutors to kids. I am just awaiting the outcome of my tests to send to Shannon to see if this lady will work with me once or twice a week. Saturday Daddy and I went to Papachinos for pizzas and then we had a marathon snooze in the afternoon.

Being Father’s Day on Sunday Mommy and I woke Daddy up with coffee and a drawing I made of Edward the locomotive. Even more impressive was that Mommy traced “Happy Fathers Day… Love Jarrod” and I didn’t tire or get irritable trying to do it. Then I traced Edward all around and got a little bit of input with the detail. Daddy was thrilled. Mom went off to the office and we met up with her later; some shopping followed and we bought Daddy some Variations Pods for the Nespresso machine. These are a chocolatey collection which Daddy loves.

Well, that’s it for this week. Tomorrow is a Public Holiday so I get to stay home from school, and Daddy doesn’t have to go to work either, we might even go to dinner tomorrow at Sandton as Mom is on duty again. Fortunately she has Wednesday off. I wonder why?



Photo 1 Looking cool for school!

Photo 2 The Merc that distracted Daddy from the orchids

Photo 3 Ready to go to school on bike Friday

Photo 4 Playing at Papachinos

Photo 5 Peekaboo

Photo 6 Giving Daddy his Father’s Day Card

Photo 7 ‘Til next week

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  1. lilonurse says:

    Happy Birthday Beautiful Beautiful Jarrod. You are a Blessing and Inspiration to us all. Love your work 🙂

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