Monday and Tuesday were filled with me going to work with Mom and going to the Doctor. Dad was out of country and our WiFi at home was down. Hence the need for me to publish 2 blogs this week (click here for last week’s blog).

I had 41 degree temperatures up and until Thursday this week. Granny stayed with me during the week because Mom had a new work project setting up an office in a new location.

Tuesday evening we collected Daddy from the airport; he presented me with two new trains for Take-n-Play, a Diesel and Gordon, both of them with Pull ‘n Zoom action. For the uninformed, this means that each had a carriage (or tender in Gordon’s case as he is a steamy) attached with a string to the locomotive. By pulling out the carriage, a small motor is wound-up inside the locomotive and off it zooms.

Dad managed to treat me to a movie on Thursday evening, because I was better and while we were at movies watching Monsters University in 3D, as Mom went out to a birthday party with some girlfriends. We ate popcorn during the movie and afterwards we bought some books for me at Exclusive Books. Dad and I ended the evening off with Haagen-Dazs ice-cream where Daddy read one of my new books to me.

Antibiotics and pain medications were dispensed and thank goodness I was able to function again by Friday because Mom arranged for us to go to Sun City for the weekend. It was the first time we’d gone on holiday since moving, and I must say we all love the lock-up-go feel of our complex – so easy.

We arrived late on Friday and left late on Sunday (we got home just in time to publish this week’s blog before midnight!)

We ‘beached’ in the Valley of Waves and played games; especially air hockey. I had been saving my pocket money for a few weeks and managed to have enough to buy myself a really big Sully from Monsters Inc. / University. He is almost as big as me. One of my most enjoyable activities of the weekend was the Hooked on Books show where we did the Gruffalow, some poetry and a Mr Men book. It was soooooo much fun.

Well, that’s me for this week – I need to quickly finish off and dash off to bed before I turn into a pumpkin!



Photo 1 Playing with Trackmaster at Mommy’s office

Photo 2 SKYPE’ing with Dad in Zimbabwe I showed him my art for the day

Photo 3 I’m so proud of my colouring in

Photo 4 Playing at Nicoletta’s offices

Photo 5 Working on felt trains

Photo 6 Ta-da!

Photo 7 Got my pop-corn – ready for the movie

Photo 8 My Monsters University Student Card

Photo 9 Ice-cream with Dad

Photo 10 3D glasses with Dad’s skull cap

Photo 11 Making breakfast on holiday

Photo 12 Wait a second, I forgot the salt

Photo 13 Hooked on Books with Wiggle and Waggle

Photo 14 Loving the show

Photo 15 Hugging a Minion

Photo 16 Me and, well, Despicable Me 2

Photo 17 Getting brain freeze. On my toes. The water was icy

Photo 18 Being Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Photo 19 Sully, pretending to be on Spring Break

Photo 20 King of the castle ruins

Photo 21 Up to no good with soap bubbles

Photo 22 Chasing soap bubbles

Photo 23 Bbbbrrrrrr

Photo 24 On a mission

Photo 25 Crossing the bridge

Photo 26 Brain freeze. All over my body

Photo 27 Pirate time

Photo 28 Giant Daddy after me

Photo 29 My Dad the clown

Photo 30 Air hockey!

Photo 31 Playing against Dad

Photo 32 Challenging Mom

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  1. fanie says:

    So good to see you and Jarrod playing….this is what he will remember one day.
    God bless

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