On Monday morning I woke up to discover that my red balloon from my birthday party (6 weeks ago) had finally decided to float down to the floor. It still had a little buoyancy in it, but not enough to keep it afloat. I was truly amazed! Mom explained it contained HIFLOAT, which apparently is goo which seals the inside of the balloon.

In the afternoon Dad and I spent some quality time on the balcony, and this eventually resulted in an hour long high-sky (swinging) while Daddy told me stories. My favourite story by Daddy at the moment is The Lorax, even though he improvises from time to time and I have to correct him to keep him on track!

Mommy needed to go to Sandton City in the evening to check on her exhibitors so naturally Dad and I went with and had dinner at the Wimpy. We had a really good time and we chatted and played games while Mom popped in and out like a jack-in-the-box checking on things. It was a little frenzied when we left the Wimpy, as we left after closing time, so their machines were already off. We got a handwritten bill and were then told we had to go draw cash as the POS machines had been turned off. We did receive an apology from Wimpy the next day.

On Tuesday afternoon Mom and I built a train track on the dining room table, just as we used to at the old house. It was fun, but we both agreed the floor had more space! In the afternoon I was supposed to go to neuro-therapy, but unfortunately Tracker messed things up for me. Mom needed the Tracker removed from her car to have the Discovery Insurance tracking device installed. Tracker arrived two hours late and everything went to pot. It was unfortunate, as neuro-therapy might just have been what I needed given the TIA scare that was coming about.

By Wednesday I was extremely off colour, and although I attended school and even participated in music Mom put the family on DEFCON RED – all bags and toiletries at the front door, doctors on call, cars filled with fuel, Granny on pet alert. The reason? I was starting to show very worrying systems of head rubbing, headaches all the time, eyes not focusing and sitting at half mast, not responding to my name or communicating. Mom and Dad were on tenterhooks out of fear that I might be struck with another TIA (transient ischemic attack) similar to the one I suffered on 19 May 2011, which left me without the ability to speak, the use of my legs and major nystagmus in my eyes. Essentially it is a type of stroke, and Mom and Dad were really stressed that I was heading for another ‘stroke’. My play-dates were cancelled and I was watched like a hawk. I don’t think Mom slept an iota for 72 hours. The funny thing that did happen was that Nina let us know that Kate doesn’t like boys, only girls. And when she came to the realisation that I was a boy she was mortified, and told her Mom to phone my Mommy to ask why I’m a boy!

By Friday it seemed to have settled again and we reverted to DEFCON GREEN.

Friday my day was pretty topsy-turvy, but in a good way. I started the day with OT and then went to school, and was collected at the normal closing time, and as an additional surprise Dad was with Mom (Dad was having the Discovery Insure tracker installed in his car and decided to ride with Mom). Paul and Claudi both arrived to collect Ryan and all six of us decided to go to Munch in Bryanston for lunch. It was such a treat. After we all nattered Ryan and I climbed into bunny enclosure to pet and feed the bunnies. It was a great deal of fun and it was so awesome to touch and feed the bunnies, although if one wasn’t careful they’d nip your fingers.

In the evening Granny popped by to look after me for a little while. Mom and Dad decided to try to the Pilates studio down the road. They came back raving about it – so this will become a regular feature in our schedules now.

Saturday morning Dad and I popped out to Benmore Gardens. At Toy Zone I discovered a TrackMaster Reptile Park set. Daddy was putty in my hands and I scored the set! Afterwards we went to Fournos for lunch. Dad and I had a great lunch, giggling and playing with parts of my new TrackMaster set. Back home he and I played up a storm with my new train and then we did some more high-sky, with ‘astronaut training’ – see the video. In the afternoon we went to Papachinos to catch up with James and Joleen and little Robert. We made pizzas and played up a storm. It was an awesome evening.

Nina, Jaco and little Gené and Kate arrived on Sunday morning for a visit. Gene, Kate and I played up a storm on my balcony, and then we played Wii Tennis, until Jaco and Dad took over. It was really funny watching them try play! We sat outside in the wonderful sun and chatted until midday. What a nice visit. Afterwards Mom, Dad and I went to Sandton City – Mommy wanted Daddy to film an activation for Red Bull/CellC. It was really fun – I was the cameraman assistant to Dad, and for my hard work and good behaviour I was rewarded with Dusty from Planes (the next Pixar instalment to follow on from Cars). In the afternoon Dad and I played a little and then we got into a little bit of DIY – Daddy mounted some more hooks on my balcony for my gymnastic rings. It was really cool.

Well, that’s it for this stressful week that’s ended really nicely!

Love Jay-Bee

Video 1 Swinging on my balcony (and touching the ceiling) – click here

Video 2 Triple Decker Thomas the Tank Engine – click here

Video 3 My Minion singing – click here

Video 4 Being Alex from Madagascar – click here

Video 5 Astronaut Training – click here

Photo 1 My balloon from my birthday party finally floated down from the ceiling

Photo 2 Some drawing before bedtime

Photo 3 Table top train time

Photo 4 Getting into it

Photo 5 Some baking in-between ‘training’

Photo 6 Dad and I building a triple decker train

Photo 7 Oh dear

Photo 8 Second attempt was more successful

Photo 9 But this too eventually collapsed

Photo 10 Hiding and giggling

Photo 11 Maxed out giggles

Photo 12 Getting ready for OT with Lauren

Photo 13 Time to swing

Photo 14 The Luke I coloured in at OT and threaded the outline in wool

Photo 15 Ryan and I checking out the bunnies

Photo 16 Mom holds a bunny for us

Photo 17 Yum

Photo 18 Here bunnies

Photo 19 Such fun

Photo 20 Ok, these bunnies are getting a little hectic

Photo 21 Feed us!

Photo 22 Bunny hugs

Photo 23 Robert and I hanging out at the pizza bar

Photo 24 Heart shaped pizza

Photo 25 Checking the ingredients

Photo 26 Yum yum yum

Photo 27 Kneading dough

Photo 28 Punching dough

Photo 29 Putting my elbow into it, literally

Photo 30 Robert and I iPad’ing

Photo 31 Gene and I Wii while Kate plays chef

Photo 32 Kate as the princess

Photo 33 Jaco and Dad have a go at the tennis – ultra cool with spare hands in pockets

Photo 34 I took this photo of Minion Dave

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