After school on Monday Mommy had to take Lucy to the vet as she’d cut her leg where she was staying at Granny’s place. Once Mommy was home, Mom, Dad and I played Wii Tennis. It was hilarious. Afterward I got creative with a Pooh Bear sand-art and then Mom swung me on the swing for a long time while she Cat in the Hat to me.

On Tuesday morning Daddy took me to school. On the way there I started one of my “Do you remember when ….?” discussions. This time it was about when Daddy took me to his work last year – I wanted to know who was playing hide-and-go-seek with me at his office. Needless to say Daddy couldn’t remember – old folk seem like that, forgetting stuff all the time.

Daddy then asked me “Do I know that I’m at a new work now?” to which I said “Of course!” Next Daddy asked me what the name of my work was and I proudly announced PricewaterhouseCoopers. It’s a really long word for me but I always remember it and say it perfectly.

Dad and I drove on in silence when I asked “Daddy, is there a waterfall at your work?” Chuckling Dad said no. Logically my next question was “So is there a river at your work?” Again Daddy said no. Adults can be so confusing – why put the word ‘water’ in your name if there’s not a waterfall or river there?

In the afternoon I had a brilliant speech session with Nikki. I packed a bunch of trains and discussed each one with her. She was thrilled at how I recalled every locomotive’s name and where they work or what their purpose is. I even pointed out that some are narrow gauge engines.

As if the day wasn’t busy enough already, Mommy took me to neurotherapy. I promptly took the probes off my head. In a high-pitched voice Carol said I shouldn’t do that. In the same high-pitched voice I mimicked back. I’m also getting brilliant at negotiation and pretty soon I said to her “I’ve done something for you, now you do something for me!”

On Wednesday morning Daddy left much earlier than usual to drop off his car for a service. He was back twenty minutes later! I guess that’s the benefit of living less than a kilometre from the dealership. I’ve heard Dad moan about having to travel further than 10 minutes these days, as everything is so close by!

At school I had music and then in the afternoon Mom made heaps of popcorn to take to the bike park where we were going to meet my friends. On the way I fell asleep so we headed home again. Daddy was also in a strange mood, similar to me and all my little friends at school. Turns out the Perseid meteorite shower is taking place and is messing with all our moods.

The three of us wandered around Morningside Shopping Centre in the afternoon, and obviously a mandatory stop into Toys-R-Us was needed. I discovered a Bucky ship for Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I needed it. Mom convinced me I’ll get it for Christmas.

In bed that evening I was struggling to fall asleep so I announced “I’m sad, this is taking a really long time!”

My eyes were barely open on Thursday morning when I announced “I think Santa is here and he’s brought my Bucky.” Mom and Dad told me Christmas was a really long way off. My response? “This is taking a really long time!”

Thursday was my last day of term so I got my report card. It all looked Greek to me but Mom and Dad seemed pretty thrilled. Ryan came home from school with us and we played up a storm. In the afternoon Claudi stayed for a visit and shortly afterward Dad arrived home. It was late in the afternoon so it was agreed we’d meet Paul at Papachinos. There Ryan and I kept playing until I eventually fell asleep! The next thing I remember it was Friday morning!

It was a public holiday – National Women’s Day – so Dad didn’t have to go to work, and I didn’t have to go to work. The amazing thing is that it started raining – our first rain in our new house. It felt so cozy. Dad and I stayed home the whole day. Mom popped out to Aunty Kim to wish her a happy birthday and she stayed out most the afternoon.

During my bath in the evening I showed Mom and Dad a new trick – going underwater! They were thrilled and I kept doing it until I swallowed most of the water in the bath!

Saturday we popped in to Morningside Shopping Centre; I was promised a remote controlled Dusty from Planes for getting such a good report card. When we got there I discovered a Red from Cars which did more than Dusty (i.e. it had a siren, lights, and it sprayed water to put out fires). Well I quickly changed my mind and then I was the proud owner of Red.

We had lunch at Cup Delicious and then headed home where we had a team snooze.

In the evening Dad made fires in the garden for Red to put out. I pretended to phone the fire station from Dad’s cellphone and then Red drove to the fire and sprayed out the fire. It was such fun. Afterward Dad turned on the patio heater and he and I sat under its warmth enjoying the winter evening outside.

By Sunday I had a raging temperature. I spent the day home play and chatting to Mom and Dad. Dad did some errands around the house and got more gas for our heaters as the nights are pretty cold at the moment.

Well, that’s it for this week.

Lots of love,


Photo 1 Chatting to Dad while he’s cuffed to the desk

Photo 2 Dad handcuffed to his desk

Photo 3 Chef Jay-Bee

Photo 4 Having a ‘high-sky’ on my balcony

Photo 5 I need this puppy (at the pet store)

Photo 6 On my rings

Photo 7 Hanging around

Photo 8 Gymnastic rings

Photo 9 Wheeeeeee

Photo 10 This might not go well…

Photo 11 Chilling

Photo 12 Bathing like the kitties do!

Photo 13 Mommy gym

Photo 14 Swapping the rings for a rope ladder

Photo 15 This is hard!

Photo 16 The Dusty I originally wanted

Photo 17 Red from Cars that I chose

Photo 18 Super thrilled

Photo 19 Red arriving to put out the fire

Photo 20 Well done Red

Photo 21 Taking Red for a spin

Photo 22 Hanging around in my hammock in my room

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  1. Real flames? Really Dad – really 😉 wayyyy cool

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