As of Monday I was on mid-term break so I was looking forward to a really awesome week of fun and play dates and activities. To start, Ryan came and spent the day with me at my house. Granny looked after us. We played up a storm; by the time Mommy came to relieve Granny she looked really frazzled! But hey, Grannies are tough, and we she’ll be back tomorrow!

Well, Tuesday I woke up sick as a dog. All play dates were cancelled. Granny popped by to look after me. Wednesday was much of the same, and poor Mom was also showing signs of this fluey, coldey, buggy thingy that’s making the rounds. I went with Mom to work on Wednesday, and I was really useful helping Mom lay floors for her exhibitors. As Mom moved them into place I tightened the bolts with an Allen key.

Thursday Mommy and I couldn’t get out of bed we were so ill. Dad worked from home to help keep an eye on me.

Friday Mom and I practically didn’t move. We stayed in bed motionless.

I was feeling a little stronger on Saturday so Dad took me out for a little play at McDonalds. Afterwards we’d planned to go see Planes but I fell asleep in the car. Instead we headed home. After a little snooze and a play, Dad took me to the early evening show to see Planes in 3D. Armed with popcorn, Slush Puppie and 3D glasses we settled down to for the movie. It was wonderful – I loved it.

Sunday was much of the same, staying home. Mom was still very very sick and we didn’t get to see much of her. I’m feeling a little better and we’re hoping for a better week next week.

Snotty kisses,


Photo 1 Passed out in car coming home from the doctor

Photo 2 This is hard work!

Photo 3 With Dad at the storeroom to get gas – feeling much stronger!

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