Monday was routine, apart from the continuous soft rain. Tuesday I had speech therapy and then in the afternoon I had an appointment with my neurologist, Tiziana. It was a good appointment, and after the session, as is custom I was offered a sweet for being so good. I told Tiziana that I’m really not into sweets – she was thrilled and gave me a Monsters University book instead. I was thrilled.

By Wednesday the rain had subsided, apart from the odd thunderstorm at night. I had music after school, and I was really missing my Daddy. Although he was around, he was leaving really early in the morning, and in the evening he’d start working as he got home. He’s been on training the whole week. I asked how does he fit into the little tables and chairs at the Business School! He and Mom had a good chuckle about that – me, I still don’t understand why he’s still going to school and how he fits under those little tables we have in our classrooms.

Thursday Mom and Dad took me to school at Fastracks. They were very nervous, as they were going to my new school to see if I’d meet the admission requirements. The good news is that I’m in! I’m so thrilled. It’s a school of gifted children while giving special attention to those areas that need focus. It’s the perfect combination for me, as some stuff I’m doing at an 8 year old level, whilst other things I’m struggling with a little. The class will only have 5 learners in it, and three teachers, so it will be really awesome for learning!

Friday morning I was on midterm break, so no school. Granny came round and together we all went for a walk up to the Morningside Medi Clinic. Granny and I carried Darth Vader swords and the moment I got tired she’d chase me with the sword. I giggled and giggled as she slapped my bum with the sword. Lauren had taken ill, so I didn’t have OT.

In the afternoon we went to the River Café to celebrate Ryan’s birthday from a few weeks ago. It was really awesome. Daddy also came and joined the fun. I played in the foaming slip and slide, and bounced around on the jumping castle. It was almost dark by the time we left.

Saturday morning was traumatic – I had to go into surgery to have my teeth fixed. Because I was on a ventilator for so long, and the heavy drugs, my teeth are basically rotten before they even popped out. So it was time to put new veneers on, and sort out a few holes that were hurting me.

Mom and Dad are real pros at the process already. Dad left about an hour before us, did the paper work and checked me into the ward. When I arrived there was already a bed waiting for me and my wait was not a long one. I shared a ward with my little friend Christian who also needed to have his teeth done, for the same reasons. It was nice seeing him again.

The anaesthetist was awesome, but when it came to going into theatre I did put up a really good fight to not be gassed. Dad rode in the bed with me to theatre. Mom, being a pro at this (having done it 17 times already), is allowed to go into theatre with me, wearing hospital garb, to hold and soothe me.

I was in surgery for about an hour, during which time Mom and Dad meet and chatted with all the doctors that were there that morning, including a long chat with Nicolletta and Enrico. My celebrity status at the hospital hasn’t diminished, and everyone that treated and cared for me over the years wants to hear how I’m doing, and of course see me.

Coming out of theatre was a nightmare. I was totally confused and screamed and screamed. Needless to say Mom quickly donned surgery garb and was at my side soothing me – too much crying can actually kill me, from the intracranial pressure screaming creates. Eventually I was settled and Mom rode with me in the bed to my ward. I slept for a short while, had some food (I was starving because I wasn’t allowed to eat), and pretty soon Dad checked us out.

The interesting news is that I have four molars already coming out, so my adult teeth are well on their way. My baby teeth have been veneered and I have a pearly white smile again!

I drove home with Mommy, while Dad headed to the toy shop where he got me the Disney Infinity starter set for my Nintendo. I was thrilled when he got home and we set it up together. I played with the different characters for the rest of the day, testing them in the different worlds with different powers. It is really an awesome game, known as a sandbox platform, as it is so versatile. It’s called Infinity as the possibilities are infinite.

Saturday night we had another thunderstorm, but by Sunday it was really hot. We went out for some breakfast and I spent my pocket money on another Infinity character – this time Syndrome. Back home we had a snooze and then Granny arrived. I spent the afternoon playing around the pool and on my balcony, building a huge Thomas track.

Well, that’s it for this week!



Photo 1 My school photo

Photo 2 Walking home

Photo 3 Hide and go seek

Photo 4 Giggles

Photo 5 The Naughties

Photo 6 Sandcastles

Photo 7 Foam party!

Photo 8 Loving it

Photo 9 Escaped foam

Photo 10 Mud! Yay!

Photo 11 Going in

Photo 12 No need to bath tonight

Photo 13 Flying Lego car around in my hospital ward

Photo 14 Being brave

Photo 15 I now have a big boy bed with a remote control!

Photo 16 Hold my mouth to stop my being gassed

Photo 17 Acting brave, but feeling really scared

Photo 18 Out of theatre, with sticky tape residue all over my face

Photo 19 Time to put my new teeth to the test

Photo 20 Getting ready!

Photo 21 Chocolate smile

Photo 22 Here goes! Chocolate croissant with extra Belgian chocolate poured on top!

Photo 23 Nice!

Photo 24 Time to swim

Photo 25 Going in

Photo 26 Practicing for Show And Tell with my Infinity characters

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  1. Tom & Di Fincham says:

    Wow! Congrats for being accepted at your new school – well done. With our very best wishes, Tom & Di

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