On Monday morning I decided that I wanted to be the Hulk and a Masterchef. At the same time! I made some ‘cookies’ before school with Playdoh. The afternoon was mellow and was highlighted with a delivery from my Godparents (Sharon and Marc) in Australia. The delivery was for Mommy, but included were some Kinder Joy chocolates for me. I was thrilled. In the evening Mommy had to go out so Dad made dinner and us boys ate dinner together chatting.

Tuesday I had speech after school which went well. In the late afternoon I built a tent for myself in the spare room and promptly fell asleep and slept through to Wednesday morning! Daddy, Mommy, Granny and I went for a quick lunch together at the Wimpy where I got two characters from the Khumba movie – Khumba and Mama V. I was thrilled. In the evening Daddy had a team dinner. While he was out we had a horrific thunderstorm which meant I didn’t fall asleep. I was still up when Daddy arrived home.

Thursday Daddy took me to school, and on the way he played the Khumba theme tune for me, off YouTube, about five times! One time was interrupted by Dad and I having a long debate about Bluetooth and wifi and how Daddy’s iPhone gets YouTube in the car and then plays it through the car’s speakers. I was pretty amazed. In the late afternoon there was a huge thunderstorm again and it caused Daddy to be late for his meeting – it was the first traffic jam Daddy had experienced since we moved. In the evening I told my folks about ‘money business’ which was our theme at school and how it will be my ‘new profession’ and that ‘it’s gonna be wicked’! Mom and Dad howled with laughter.

Friday I took Khumba and Mama V with to school for show ‘n tell. It went really well. However, there was a big scare afterwards. I started throwing up and my speech was slurred. It felt very scary for me, and Mom was immediately informed. She rushed through to collect me, but by then I was feeling a little better. Doctors were put on call as it was feared I was having another stroke. Fortunately it turned out not to be a stroke. Nevertheless we all got a major fright! Mom still took me to Lauren where I had cranio on my head and it definitely made me feel better. Afterwards we popped into Toys R Us where I chose a Mickey Mouse Club House Megablok toy. Afterwards we popped by Tasha’s to say hello to Daddy – he was meeting some colleagues there. I greeted them and showed everyone my new toy! For dinner the four of us went to the Walnut Grove at Sandton City – it was such fun.

Saturday morning we popped into the Nicolway Bryanston to take some photos of Mommy’s motor show. While Daddy took pics with his camera, I also took pics with Mommy’s iPhone. Daddy even managed to get a huge stepladder from Food Lover’s Market from which to take photos. We promptly made friends with the manager of the store, showed him all our photos and had sushi there for lunch. I ate salmon and caviar. Two of my favourite things. The rest of the day we all just chilled around the house.

Sunday was the Cycle Challenge so we spent the morning at home. At midday we popped into Montecasino for a walk about (and to get out of the extreme 32C heat). Back home in the afternoon we mellowed again, and I decided on another career – expert climber! But I was still going to be a Masterchef and the Hulk. At the same time! After dinner as I was getting ready for bed, Missy started having her kittens. By the time I was off to bed two black kittens had arrived!

Until next week.



Photo 1 The ‘cookies’ I made before school

Photo 2 A loerie right outside our window

Photo 3 Having an ice lolly before school

Photo 4 Because Dad was putting on a tie, I felt I had to too

Photo 5 Going to school

Photo 6 Waiting for the elevator

Photo 7 Ooooooo Lindt chocolate display at Sandton City

Photo 8 Riding Santa’s sleigh

Photo 9 This is awesome!!!!

Photo 10 Riding the train

Photo 11 Toot toot

Photo 12 Taking photos of cars

Photo 13 Trying an artistic angle

Photo 14 One of Mommy’s cars on show

And these are the photos I took, all by myself:


Photo 15 Mmmmmm sushi

Photo 16 And caviar!

Photo 17 Still not big enough to drive Dad’s car

Photo 18 Being a kitty

Photo 19 The tower I built and using my grapple hook to be an ‘expert climber’

Photo 20 From my balcony, through the trees we spotted this fellow

Photo 21 Some gaming

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