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What a hectic week it has been. To begin, much to my delight, I must point out that my skills of prediction are brilliant, hence tonight’s title. In my blog of 27.06.2010, called Back Seat Driver, I predicted that vuvuzela would be added to the Oxford English Dictionary, before the end of the year, which it was this week. Wootness, I’m thrilled.

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Monday morning started off with physio with Di. While there I took a major tumble on the slide and achieved a massive scratch on my chin and cut my lip. I howled in pain and Mommy did her best to comfort me. I guess that’s all part of being rehabilitated; there will be some bruises and scratches on the journey. It has also became evident that there is confusion over my asymmetry, or lack of it. Di was unable to identify any asymmetry, yet my previous weeks’ assessment at OT suggested there was asymmetry. Mom was really saddened at this turn of events. After physio the plan was to go to Granny’s place for a snooze. We did go to Granny’s place, but snoozing wasn’t on the cards for me.

At about midday we headed off to see my cardiologist, Dr Janine Mears. You will recall that I still have a hole in my heart, an ASD or atrial septal defect. The main reason for my still having a noteworthy ASD is that the AVM caused a massive shunt of blood into my heart, resulting in the ASD presenting and not closing appropriately.

After waiting in reception for some time, my name was called. However it then became evident that the staff at the rooms had confused my appointment and made it with the wrong doctor at the practice. Needless to say Mom and I were livid. Each time I have a check-up of some kind Mom, Dad and I psych ourselves up for the news and prepare ourselves mentally. The reason for doing this is that the news may not always be good, and may require drastic measures very quickly, as has happened in the past on a few occasions. Subsequently, to then be told the appointment is with the wrong doctor is a major let-down and causes us huge frustration. Dr Janine did apologise, however it didn’t take away our disappointment at having to go through all those emotions again and get ready for another appointment at some point in the future.

I was supposed to go to OT on Tuesday morning, however Lauren cancelled at very short notice, owing to her sinuses flaring up. As Mom and I had nothing else planned for the day, we stayed at home where I got busy playing.

“Music at the Races” was on the cards for my music lesson on Wednesday morning; that meant I had to bring my ride-on Y-Bike to the lesson. Dad made a guest appearance at the lesson and took some photos. Needless to say I regularly ran over to Dad to hand him a maraca or shaker. I also showed Dad the guitar on the window sill that I coveted every week. Mom even took it down for me to play with for a few minutes before class started. It was an awesome lesson and as always I really enjoyed making music.

In the evening Bev and Claire arrived, and pretty soon we were en route to the drive-in to see Inception. We parked our cars side by side and drank champagne and noshed on pizza before the movie started. Despite it being a brilliant movie, I fell asleep before the end.

Thursday was an auspicious day for me, as it marked my 26 month ‘birthday’. From previous blogs you will recall that we do celebrate each month since my birth with a minor celebration, given my rough start to life, and the fact that it could end at very short notice. During the course of the morning Mom went for a back massage at Lisa’s place – she is suffering from a very stiff neck and headaches at the moment, so she felt that a deep massage from Lisa would do the trick. It did make Mom feel much better and we went to Sandton City where we met Granny at the Wimpy. After a snack we headed to Toys-R-Us, where Mom bought me some small new toys, and to my delight, Granny bought me a guitar.

During the afternoon, Mom took me to see Zahn Otto, a dietician, to confirm that my eating is all in order, as the last time I’d been there was when I was just over 6 months old. Our intention was to ensure that my diet was appropriate, given my skeletal look that I sported for the first 12 months of my life, resulting from my medical complications. She was satisfied, and offered Mom and I some additional options for eating.

When Dad arrived home in the afternoon I could hardly wait to play him a tune on my guitar. He was as thrilled as I was. Dad and I also played with some of my new little toys – a Buzz Lightyear wind-up man and Diesel Lego from the Thomas the Tank Engine series. After my bath we were all settling down for the evening when we heard an almighty whining and snapping sound from the laundry room. Dad charged through to the laundry, and Mom, also galvanised into action, tripped the electricity, as we had no idea what was going on. Once everything had settled Dad discovered the belt on the washing machine had snapped during a spin cycle, and the noise was the belt slapping and tearing around inside the washing machine housing. Dad immediately got to the job of retrieving the torn belt, and I headed off to bed.

Granny arrived on Friday morning, and together with Mom and I, we headed to the Lifestyle Centre. At West Pack Mom got some items she needed and then we headed to Cresta from some shopping, Granny in tow. Back home, Mom and I baked two apple pies that were planned for dessert that evening at Robin and Di’s place, to celebrate Di’s birthday. I went for my snooze, and Granny headed home. Later in the day Dad arrived home after visiting the Samsung parts distributor, brandishing a new belt for the washing machine. We played in the garden a while, and while I was having a bath, Dad repaired the washing machine. Mom tested it with some laundry and it worked and sounded perfect. Hurrah for Dad.

In the evening we all dressed up warm and I was bundled into my Traveller; we were taking a walk to Robin and Di’s place for dinner. It was so awesome being able to walk somewhere as opposed to having to drive. Once there I greeted all the their animals; as you know, I love animals. We said hello to Robin and Di, Gert and Brenda, and Caitlin and James. We all chatted and had some drinks. For dinner Caitlin and James made a chicken korma which was to die for, and after dinner we wolfed through Mom’s and mine apple pie. All too soon the wonderful evening started drawing to a close, and despite it being late, I was still awake. As it was very cool outside, I was bundled back into my Traveller, covered in blankets, and off we set for our walk home. It was really quiet in the neighbourhood, and I kept looking at the sky to see the moon and the stars.

Saturday morning was hectic around the house. Mom was starting a BabyGym class, that had been postponed from the previous week. She was barking orders to Dad and I for the final arrangements. Soon Mommies and their babies started arriving. Nina and Kate were also in the class, and Gene had come with for the visit. Gene, Dad and I decided to go out for the morning and we headed off to the Plantpark to see the reptiles. It was awesome! There were snakes, bearded dragons, iguanas, fish, exotic birds and farm birds. Gene and I squealed in excitement as we ran from one animal pen to the next to see what was in it. All too soon we had to head home again. Almost all the BabyGym Mommies had left already. Nina and Kate stayed for a while longer and we all chatted. Once Nina, Gene and Kate had left Mom, Dad and I played in the garden for a while, and then we all had a team snooze. In the evening we went to have dinner at Primi-Piatti.

On Sunday morning some grocery shopping was on the cards. Back home we had lunch in the front garden in the shade of our beautiful trees. The three of us played soccer and then I retired for my nap. In the afternoon there was a flurry of activity around the house. Dad had a list of things he had to get through, so I got down to the business of helping him. First there was the matter of puncture of my Jogger’s wheel. Dad expertly removed the tube and inflated it. He then showed me where the hole was by holding the tube in water and looking for the bubbles. Pretty soon it had been repaired, ready for use next weekend at the Angel Walk at the Zoo. Next my Dad had to dismantle the surround sound DVD player. Someone, and I’d prefer to remain anonymous, had shoved two DVDs into the front loader. Again Dad succeeded in fixing an appliance.

The next big exercise was to clear out everything from the guest bedroom. Mom and Dad had decided that the next few weeks’ BabyGym classes will be held there as opposed to in the lounge. I supervised as Mom and Dad carried the bed, mattress, TV, chairs and other furniture and paraphernalia out of the room and put it into storage. The room looked enormous without furniture, and I felt it would really suit Mom’s classes better.

Well, that’s it for this week. I’m happy to report that summer is very very close to arriving in full force. Everywhere in the garden and park I’ve spotted buds and new growth. I can’t wait till the days and nights are warm.

Lots of love,


Photo 1 Morning hugs with Sonic

Photo 2 Building a tower

Photo 3 Another one; also my handy work

Photo 4 Checking out the new growth on the iceberg roses

Photo 5 Getting busy on my new chalk board

Photo 6 Piano man

Photo 7 Getting artistic

Photo 8 Painting

Photo 9 Being a sweetie-pie

Photo 10 Getting ready for my music lesson

Photo 11 Chatting to my little friends

Photo 12 Yippee!!! Got hold of the guitar

Photo 13 Giggles with Mommy at music is par for the course

Photo 14 Listening to teacher Liesel

Photo 15 Love music class

Photo 16 Taking a rest – music is hard work

Photo 17 Music and ‘gahs’, my best

Photo 18 Trouble finds me

Photo 19 Giggles with Mommy

Photo 20 Playing Felix The Flea

Photo 21 Concentrating

Photo 22 Helping Dad work

Photo 23 Swinging

Photo 24 I love to swing!

Photo 25 And more!

Photo 26 Swing giggles

Photo 27 At the drive-in to watch Inception

Photo 28 Having a party in the boot of the car

Photo 29 Spending some time behind the wheel

Photo 30 Snoozing

Photo 31 Getting ready to strum

Photo 32 Blowing soap bubbles with Dad (note – it’s me blowing the bubbles!)

Photo 33 Dad reading to me

Photo 34 Giggles with Brenda and Di after dinner

Photo 35 Sonic and I at the bathroom window

Photo 36 We spotted this chick at Plantpark

Photo 37 Until next week!

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