It’s been a pretty quiet and uneventful week. Monday morning I returned to Fastrack Kids after being off for two days from being sick. It seems all my little friends had been sick too. Traffic was a mare getting into Sandton, so I almost ended up being late for school. In the afternoon back home, I once again helped Dad repair the gear selector on his bike. You’ll recall last week he had it welded on but it snapped off after a couple of tries. This time Dad took a high tensile steel bolt through the flange, bolted in place and put the gear level on that – and it worked!

Tuesday, being Valentine’s Day, I took teacher Sashsa a chocolate heart – she was thrilled. At school we got down to making Valentine’s Day cards for our Mommies. It was such fun, and I couldn’t wait to give mine to Mom. She was thrilled with it.

School exhausted me on Wednesday that I didn’t even get a chance to stay for Be Sharp Beetles which is one of my favourite extramural activities. Two blocks from school I was already fast asleep in the car on the way home. In the afternoon, at home Dad and I played with my Lego’s and we built large towers. I also got down to doing some jousting with a broom stick on the patio. What a lot of fun. Mom and Dad were very concerned about the windows I kept hitting.

While I was at school on Thursday Mom was out shopping for some winter clothes for me. I was so excited to see them all when I got home after school, but also sad that summer would soon be over. During the late afternoon there was a huge cloudburst. Mom and I were really worried about Dad riding home on his motorbike, but he opted to wait out the storm and then leave work. Knowing he was safe, I started playing in the rain on the front patio, and got sopping wet. But it was such fun. Eventually, just before dark, Dad arrived home safely, and a little damp.

Friday was bike-Friday and my friends and I zoomed around on our bikes in joy. I had to leave school early to go see Lauren for my weekly OT, and ended up forgetting my bike at school – I’m hoping it’ll still be there safe tomorrow. Daddy wasn’t pleased, as in the biker fraternity, you never leave your bike or let someone else ride it. I told him to chill as this was the new age of biking! After a good OT session I was exhausted and again missed Soccer Starts after school. I have a feeling I’m never going to make it to soccer.

On our way home we got the call that Roxy had once again escaped. We’re really getting confused at her escapades as we thought we’d blocked off all her escape routes. But as Mommy and Daddy say, she’s so terrified of all the thunder we’ve been having that she gets enormous strength to do herculean things. We collected her from a neighbour and brought her home.

Saturday we all chilled at home, enjoying the lovely weather. In the afternoon, after my nap, Mom’s friends arrived for tea. I was thrilled to see little Luke again with Lisle. Jenni-Lynne and I exchanged big hugs and I hadn’t seen Leeanne for an age, so it was great to catch up with her. As it was a ‘girl’s tea’ Dad chilled in the study, and in bed a little as he was suffering from a headache. Occasionally I went to sit with him in between spending time with the girls.

On Sunday morning Dad and I headed to Smudge where I played up a storm, dressing up as a pirate. I am practicing a lot these days to be a pirate, as it’s the theme for my birthday party in June. After being a tough but also sweet pirate for a while I played with dough and then painted. Even Dad got involved with the painting and he covered both his hands in paint and made paint prints for me. I also got the lady at Smudge to draw the outline of Cat-in-the-Hat for me, that Daddy coloured in.

We headed home for my snooze at around midday. When I woke up a little later there was a bustle of activity in the house. We’d been invited to a braai at Nina and Jaco’s place but somehow we got the time wrong, so we ended up being really really really late! Fortunately they’re good friends and all was forgiven. I played really hard with Gené and Emma and little Kate and I had a whale of a time blowing soap bubbles. We even tried to get baby Liya involved. To end off a great afternoon we all had a swim, and Gené and I splashed each other so much that all the adults around the pool even started getting wet.

We left at early evening, exchanging lots of ‘hugs with arms’ and driving home I reminisced about the great day, saying ‘is the day over?’. Once we were home after a quick shower Daddy helped me type up my blog.

Well, that’s it for this week. Daddy is flying to Cape Town on Tuesday for two days to speak at a conference. Mom and I are keeping fingers crossed for him that it all goes well. At the same time we’re sad that he’ll be out of town, as we’ll really miss him. Until next week!



Photo 1 Drawing on my chalk-top table

Photo 2 A rough face

Photo 3 Off to help Dad with his bike repairs

Photo 4 Right, what shall I play with next?

Photo 5 Valentine’s Card for Mom

Photo 6 Lego towers

Photo 7 Jousting

Photo 8 Daddy time

Photo 9 Child labour – cleaning the toilet

Photo 10 Playing in the rain

Photo 11 Sopping wet

Photo 12 Running for cover

Photo 13 Percy, the No 6 Engine, zooms around my track

Photo 14 Heading to Smudge, in my Cbeebies t-shirt

Photo 15 Chilling out on a Sunday afternoon

Photo 16 Loving the water

Photo 17 Getting splashed by Gené

Photo 18 Happiness

Photo 19 Playing in the iPad with Emma and Gené while Kate looks on

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