Monday morning I was barely awake and I started playing Wii Skiing on the balance board. It was awesome. When I was tired of working my hips I played Mario Kart. I didn’t even stop playing when Mommy dressed me. On the way to school I ate my entire KFC Chicky Choice meal. The night before I wasn’t feeling great and all I wanted was a KFC drumstick – we dispatched Dad to get me some, but I fell asleep before he got back, so it became breakfast.

During the afternoon Mom bought me a new train – Dunbar from Chuggington, which fits perfectly on my Thomas Trackmaster Set. I like mixing it up. During the afternoon at Sandton City Mom and I met up with Chef Andrew from Sun City whom we made friends with when we were up there for the weekend. I felt like a Million Thrills when he presented me with two new chef’s hats as he knows I love to cook. We all chilled at Café e Vida and had coffee and chatted.

At home with Dad we built a massive train track that stretched from one side of the study right to the other side. It was stunning – I put all my trains on it at the same time and the track was so long we seldom had a toot-toot crash. Mommy had to go to work in the evening at Sandton City – she had a whale of a time moving Lexus cars around for the Motor Show she was arranging. Dad and I got up to our own mischief while Mom was out we made a massive bonfire in the fire basket with all the branches and twigs that were cut out of the oak tree over the weekend. It was awesome.

As I drifted off to sleep with Daddy I told him that I dreamt of lions and monkeys and that we should go to the zoo sometime.

The moment I opened my eyes on Tuesday morning I asked Mommy why God made Mickey the cat a boy. Mommy really struggled with the answer – I’ll mark that down to the fact that she was still half asleep at the time. I’ll spring this question on her at another stage again. I was dropped off at school without even crying or melting down, which was a huge achievement for me. I just resigned myself to the class and sat down at my desk.

I had speech therapy in the afternoon with Vicky, which didn’t go too well, as I did have a bit of a meltdown during the session. In the car on the way home I fell asleep and was left in Dad’s care, as Mom went out for an appointment. When I woke up and Mommy was no longer there I had another meltdown and Daddy tried really hard to console me with no success. I was even given ice-cream, which I ate during my meltdown, but it didn’t console me.

Daddy took leave on Wednesday as we were going to Unitas to meet with Dr Winter to gather some more info from him about what we should do next. We collected Granny en route, and once at Unitas Granny and I hung out in the reception while Mom and Dad chatted to Dr Winter. Granny and I played up a storm, and we made a lot of noise, to the point that we really started becoming a nuisance. We didn’t gather too much additional info from the appointment, so our next stop is to call Dr Roedesch in Paris and then even go have an appointment with him.

We had a team snooze back home and then Morgan and Tanya arrived for a playdate, and then a little later Ryan and Claudi. We played up a storm! We played with my huge train-set that Daddy had built earlier in the week, then we swung on the swings, cooked and even played in the fountains. Afterward we all bathed together. Ryan had to head home but Morgan stayed for dinner and it was just before bedtime when they left.

I bunked SEMAS maths on Thursday by sneaking out the class and going outside to play. I wasn’t caught until the class was over, so my bunking was a reasonable success. At home, when I hoped out the car, I decided to check the mailbox, and there was the letter I had sent Mommy on Saturday – I was thrilled for her!

On Friday morning I again went straight to my desk at school without crying or clutching onto Mommy. This is a huge personal success for me. It was hectic at school as first we had a reptile show where I got to touch a snake. Then it was bike Friday and we all zoomed around. Mommy collected me early and we headed off to see Lauren for my OT. A play at McDonalds followed and then we headed to Sandton City. Daddy met us there as Mom and Dad were going to have a late lunch while Shannon and I went to movies. I lost patience waiting for the afternoon movie to start so I wanted to go home so our plans were changed.

Back home Daddy started feeling fluey again so we dispatched him to the Doctor Anthony, which proved very fortuitous as it gave me a chance to decorate his birthday cake. I had chosen Daddy’s birthday cake all by myself, as well as a card for him and the wrapping paper. I was so proud of myself.

Saturday it was Daddy’s birthday so we had birthday cake for breakfast. I helped Daddy blow out his candles and then he opened his presents. He was thrilled with his gifts. We had planned to go up the tethered balloon at Montecasino but the weather was very overcast and there was drizzle, so the balloon wasn’t operating. Instead we went to OrangoTangos where I played up a storm. Because of the weather it was packed full, but I still had an awesome time. Mommy played soccer with me and then took me on the bumper cars. We had an extra-long team snooze afterward.

We met with ‘My People’ (the family) on Sunday morning at Walnut Grove for birthday breakfast for Daddy. It was so awesome to see my cousins again and we all chatted and played. Shannon even took me to buy some books and I picked a Thomas Misty Island story – my favourite Thomas story. After breakfast we popped into Mom’s office to lock up. While I was there I made a photocopy of my hand, and then, I couldn’t resist, my bare bum!

The rest of the day we chilled at home enjoying the remainder of the weekend.



Photo 1 Early morning balance boarding

Photo 2 Our bonfire

Photo 3 Helping Dad draw money at Unitas

Photo 4 Morgan and I making ‘lunch’

Photo 5 Playdate!

Photo 6 Getting up to mischief

Photo 7 Splashing

Photo 8 Trouble finds us

Photo 9 Lucy Lu is targeted

Photo 10 Ryan rings up

Photo 11 Bathing in the fountain

Photo 12 Busy boys

Photo 13 Decorating Daddy’s cake

Photo 14 Nice

Photo 15 Lighting Dad’s birthday candles

Photo 16 Making a wish

Photo 17 Breakfast with Dad

Photo 18 Breakfast table from above!

Photo 19 Ooooo, photocopier!

Photo 20 Some Art I did

Photo 21 Chef Jay-Bee

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